‘The Boss Baby 2: Family Business’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did They Save The Parents?


Adorable Boss Baby Ted and his brother Tim have become adults in the second installment of the animated film, The Boss Baby 2: Family Business. The adventurous plot shows Ted and Tim on an espionage mission to save the parents and rebuild their relationship on the journey. Over the years, the brothers have grown apart, and Tim faces the same tragedy with his growing daughter. Through a fun quest ride, the film lays down, “Just because you grow up, that doesn’t mean you have to grow apart.” Buckle your seat for the adventurous because BabyCorp hits again.

Plot Summary

Stay-at-home dad Tim Templeton looks after his 7-year-old daughter Tabitha and baby Tina. At the same time, his wife Carol earns bread for the family. His boss’s baby brother, Ted, has actually become a boss and runs his hedge fund company, Ted Templeton Financial. Tim’s life is perfect until he realizes that his daughter is growing apart. Tim resonated the feeling with his brother Ted who doesn’t talk to him much, and Tabitha is going towards the same lane.

Before Tim can scrutinize the situation, BabyCorp hits his life again. Tina, his infant, turns into a baby boss, following the family business (in the first part, Ted became the baby boss).

Tina informs Tim about a super-secret mission for which she requires Tim to contact his Uncle Ted immediately. Tim isn’t very comfortable calling his younger sibling and tries to avoid conversation. However, Tina manages to bring Ted to their house in her own ways. She later rides adults Tim and Ted to the BabyCorp.

At the Crisis Center, Tina briefs the siblings about The Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood, managed by Dr. Erwin Armstrong. Erwin is pushing infants to develop faster and harder, robbing kids of their playful childhood. Tine believes in the “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” philosophy and thus wants Tim and Ted to turn back into babies and infiltrate the school to find out Erwin’s real motives.

‘The Boss Baby 2: Family Business’ Ending Explained

Dr. Erwin Armstrong was a baby himself hidden inside a mechanized operated suit of an adult. Erwin hated authority, especially the parents who dominated their kids. He wanted to get rid of parents and bring about a Baby Revolution (B-Day). Armstrong programmed the babies at his daycare to code an app called QT Snap to fuel his devilish intentions. The app emitted hypnotizing rays that turned parents into controllable zombies.

Primarily, BabyCorp only needed information about Armstrong’s mission. However, Tina lied to the Corp because she thought that the espionage mission was, in a way, bridging the gap between the brothers. In turn, she turned the BabyCorp assignment into a family business. A journey to mend Tim and Ted’s relationship.

At the holiday pageant, Armstrong hypnotized the parents. Tina and Tabitha flooded his server room with a fizzed soda explosion with the help of Mentos mint candies (quite memic). QT Snap failed to go global, and Armstrong’s planes were soda-spilled. The hypnotized parents came back to their senses and regrown Tim and Ted saved the world from global parental destruction.

The two brothers embraced each other and accepted their mistakes. A workaholic, Ted confessed that he might have made a lot of money, but he felt lonely at the top. Tim understood that as a father the whole time, he was worried about what he wanted and not what Tabitha needed. The same morals applied in his relationship with Ted. The two siblings welcomed the fact that just because you grow up doesn’t mean you have to grow apart through the film. The theme blends into the character’s skin, therefore transforming them into better adults, fathers, and brothers.

On Christmas eve, Ted took out time from his busy schedule and visited Tim and his family. Tina missed her Babycorp call, but her mother Carol received it, thereby figuring out the family secret. The conflict will be further explored in the sequel, The Boss Baby 3, with new adventures and an entertaining ride.

The film got a happy ending as Erwin Armstrong returned to his parent’s home, who welcomed him with love and warmth.

“Childhood doesn’t last forever, but family sure does.”

The Boss Baby 2: Family Business is a 2021 Animated Adventure Film directed by Tom McGrath. It is the second installment in The Boss Baby franchise.

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