‘The Continental’ Cast And Character Guide: Who Are The New Faces In John Wick’s Prequel Series?


The Continental: From the World of John Wick takes us back in time when the Continental Hotel was still under Cormac, and the disappearance of a priceless artifact triggered a chain of events that ended up changing the entire dynamics. So, let’s take a look at the cast of the show, how they get entangled in the entire conflict, and what impact they could potentially have on the scheme of things.

Winston Scott

Colin Woodell plays the character of Winston Scott, a man who knows his game well and who does not give up on his loved ones. Winston Scott never wanted to return to New York, as he had left that life behind, but the death of his brother changed things for him. Soaked in vengeance, Winston Scott would not stop until he topples the empire of the manager of the Continental Hotel. Cormac, at least till the end of the first episode, didn’t know that he had awakened a beast who not only knew how to retaliate through weapons but also knew what strategic moves he should make to bring the odds in his favor. Winston would eventually become the manager of the Continental Hotel, and it would be interesting to see what deal he strikes with the high table in order to bring it onto his side.

Frankie Scott 

The character of Frankie Scott, Winston’s older brother, has been played by Ben Robson. Frankie might have been a dreaded assassin, and he might not have expressed it explicitly, but he loved his brother, and he could move mountains to protect his family. Frankie was the one who had brought chaos by stealing the prized possession, an ancient coin press, that was in Cormac’s possession and kept safely in a vault in the Continental. It was his death that triggered a chain reaction, which would disturb the delicate balance of underworld society and enable Winston to take charge of the Continental Hotel.

Cormac O’Connor

Mel Gibson portrays the character of Cormac, the antagonist of the series, and will be seen clashing swords with Winston Scott. Cormac clearly underestimated what Winston Scott was capable of doing, and probably, it was this lack of judgment that became the reason for his doom. In the kind of position he was in, every wrong move had the potential to kill him, and it was important for him to assess the situation and act upon it judicially. We would see him trying to get back that ancient artifact and save his position in the series.


Yen, Frankie’s wife, played by Nhung Kate, was a deadly fighter, and to underestimate her potential would be the biggest mistake one could make. She was on her toes at all times, and she wasn’t somebody who feared death, which made her even more lethal. Yen would play a crucial role in waging a war against Cormac’s empire, though she would have to put her faith in Winston and work together with him. Yen and Winston’s motives stemmed from a personal tragedy, and that is why her resolve was much stronger as compared to everybody else. It would be interesting to see how far a hot-headed Yen is able to go and if she is able to keep her emotions under control and be prudent in what is turning out to be a high-stakes battle.


Miles was an arms dealer, and he had served in the Vietnam War alongside Frankie Scott back in the day, which is how he had come to know about him. Miles and Frankie used to work together until the latter left him and went to work for Cormac, which made Miles lose trust in his friend. Miles will play a crucial role in the conflict and will probably become Winston’s ally and provide all the resources he needs to go against Cormac.


Jessica Allain plays the character of Lou, who was Miles’ sister, and she didn’t trust Frankie one bit because of how he had backstabbed them. Lou wanted to run the dojo as it was opened by her father, but of late, after the multiple failed arms deals, the family was not doing well financially. Lou would take some convincing to support Winston in his war against Cormac, but we think that eventually, she would come on board and add a lot of value to Winston’s team.


We know Charon to be the concierge of the Continental Hotel and a trustworthy assistant to Winston Scott from the John Wick franchise. Ayomide Adegun plays Charon in The Continental, and throughout the series, we will get to witness what he does to gain Winston’s trust and what makes him go against his current employer, Cormac. Probably, Charon is that link who would enable Winston to break into Cormanc’s fortress and take advantage of whatever intelligence he ends up getting.

The Adjudicator

The adjudicator was basically an assassin who responded directly to the high table and was sent to take action against those who had violated the laws. Katie Mcgrath plays the character of the adjudicator, and in the entire conflict that is going to arise between Cormac and Winston, she would play a very important role because clearly, things would go out of hand, there would be laws broken, and the high table would want to find the ancient coin press as soon as possible.

Detective KD

Detective Disilva, played by Mishal Prada, was unaware of what the Continental was, what it symbolized, and how there was a parallel authority known as the High Table that had its own set of rules and laws. Detective KD wanted her city clean, and she was not the kind of person who was afraid of taking risks. She believed that nobody was above the law, and it would be interesting to see how she adapts and improvises once she gets to know that there were people who existed and operated from her own city who believed themselves to be outside of the scope of the law.


Mayhew, played by Jeremy Bobb, worked with Detective KD in the police force, and he had a better understanding of how things worked in New York and how the Continental was totally off-limits. Mayhew also had an affair with KD, and that is why he was scared for her because, at times, she acted impulsively and put her life in danger. But as KD wouldn’t let off until she found the perpetrators, Mayhew, by default, had also become a part of the entire ordeal. Mayhew was probably scared, as he knew what people like Cormac were capable of, though we didn’t believe that he would be given much of an option.

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