‘The Forever Purge’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Will There Be A Sequel?


James DeMonaco’s The Purge Franchise Universe presents a dystopian America where the citizens celebrate an annual Purge Day. All crimes, including slaughter, become legal in the name of America’s purification. The dictionary meaning of Purge defines it as removing undesirable groups of people from society through violent ways. Hence, if one plus one equals two and White Supremacy still exists, one can easily deduce the conflict upon which The Purge Franchise is based.

The Everardo Valerio Gout directorial film, The Forever Purge, is the fifth installment in the franchise. The film deals with the surge of migrants in the U.S. Due to increasing racial tension, The New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) gets into power again. They reinstate the Purge, and the narrative follows a Mexican married migrant couple in America’s heartland who faces the wrath of racial hatred.

Plot Summary

Set in a dystopian America in the year 2048, the film follows a Mexican couple Juan (Tenoch Huerta) and Adela (Ana de la Reguera), who illegally cross the American Border. They flee from the Mexican drug cartel and start a new life in Texas under the hood of the Tucker family. Juan works on Tucker’s farmland and looks after their horses while his wife works in Adela and tries to adjust to the new society.

In the meantime, NFFA gets re-elected due to increasing White Supremacy. In power, the newly elected government reinstate the annual purge day where all crimes, including murder, would deem legal for 12-hours. Ten months after Juan and Adela arrive, the Purge is announced.

Tucker’s family eldest son, Dylan Tucker, is a proud American and never welcomed Juan employment on his farm. However, his father is an idealistic man who believes that the meaning of a community is to live in peace and harmony rather than in hatred. Unfortunately, few good men believe in such euphony. On Purge Day, a new Purge Purification Force (PPF) starts killing the migrants, even after the Purge is over. They declare a Forever Purge.

The extremists from both sides fuel a total annihilation. Their employees take Tucker’s family hostage. Juan and T.T. intercept and save Dylan and his family except for his father, Caleb. Juan and others pick Adela on their way to El Paso to flee to Mexico amidst political chaos.

‘The Forever Purge’ Ending Explained

On their way to El Paso, Juan and Dylan embarked on a new friendship that underlined the possibility of a peaceful America. The city was in chaos, and the government announced Martial law to contain the destruction by PPF. The new Purification Force declared “Ever After Purge” in all major American cities, which meant that the white supremacists were free to murder anyone and everyone legally.

PPF attacked the U.S. army military base at El Paso, resulting in which NFFA pulled out all military troops from the city. Consequently, army withdrawal led to the closing of crossing borders, and all the migrants were deserted in the burning city. When a Red Indian Tribe leader, Chiago Harjo, took them under his wings and promised them to help cross the Mexican Border.

Chiago’s Tribe had lived on the Border of the U.S. and Mexico for centuries, and thus they were legally authorized to cross it. The wall split America and Mexico, but there were parts of the terrain Los pendejos where the wall wasn’t built. The passage was their only outlet.

The PPF Alpha leader Elijah tried to stop the migrants, but Juan and Dylan successfully terminated the threat. PPF was neutralized, and Elijah was shot dead. Dylan’s wife Cassie gave birth to their daughter in the refugee camp. Even with the arrival of a new life, the ongoing butchery and violence were still rising. NFFA tried their best to control the Forever Purge, but Karma Struck them at their heart. Their creation destroyed their authority as they failed to contain the spreading wildfire of hatred. The film ends with a silver lining where large groups of people picked up arms against The Purgers to end the horrors. 

Americans rise against the White Supremacy, and the sixth installment of The Purge will follow their lead. Hopefully, it will be the last film in the franchise and titled “Ever After Purge.

The Forever Purge is a 2021 Action Thriller film directed by Everardo Valerio Gout. It is the fifth film in The Purge Franchise Universe.

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