‘The Good Bad Mother’ Episode 12 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Kang Ho Find Cho Young Jae?


While The Good Bad Mother is a near-perfect show, we absolutely hate the fact that the emotional complexity of the relationship between Young Soon and Kang Ho was simply reduced to circumstantial. On the other hand, it was touching to see the different parent-child relationships explored through the other characters. This is how it unfolds through the recap of episode 12.

Spoilers Alert

What Happens When Kang Ho Gets His Memories Back?

There is a lot more to the fire at Happy Pig Farm than what meets the eye of the villagers of Jou Ri, except that Sam Sik knew that Kang Ho must be in trouble. Just as he thought, when he reached the pig farm, he found two men coming out, and it was clear that they had set fire to the place. Mr. Son and Mr. Cha rescue him yet again, and by that time, even the villagers reach there and are able to help Young Soon. Sam Sik tries to get inside the farm to save Kang Ho, but it is the latter who carries him out on his back and passes out.

Kang Ho and Sam Sik are admitted to the hospital, and while the former is seemingly unconscious, Young Soon and Mi Joo have a heart-to-heart. Mi Joo tells Young Soon that Kang Ho always missed her, and he never resented her, as she was thinking. This makes Young Soon realize that Mi Joo was the girl that Kang Ho had been in love with and was forced to leave behind for the sake of his revenge. When Mi Joo admits that Ye Jin and Seo Jin are Kang Ho’s kids, Young Soon tells her the true motives behind her son’s actions. Unknown to the women, Kang Ho is already awake, and he has heard everything that the two spoke about. He is teary-eyed enough at the unexpected sacrifices of the people around him when he is taken away by the police under the suspicion of killing Hwang Soo Hyun, the mother of Oh Tae Soo’s illegitimate son. Oh Tae Soo and Song Woobyeok are trying to frame the entire thing on Kang Ho since the assemblyman has way too much proof against Woobyeok and is threatening him with it unless he cooperates.

At the police station, Kang Ho wants to avoid the answers and the interrogation at all costs and fakes a fit, forcing the inspectors to take the mother and son home. However, Young Soon has sensed that Kang Ho has recovered his memories and is extremely happy. Kang Ho tells her that he must go to Seoul to sort out the matter since they will always be in danger until it is all resolved. Before leaving, Kang Ho meets Mi Joo and asks her to hold onto her anger a while longer till he takes care of things.

While Kang Ho is out on his mission, Mi Joo makes a chilling discovery of her own. She finds a video on her daughter’s cell phone that she recorded when Kang Ho visited his mother with Ha Young. Ye Jin had caught on camera Ha Young spiking Kang Ho’s drink. When Mi Joo shows this to Sam Sik, they both understand that they must help Kang Ho by getting to Ha Young.

In Jou Ri, Young Soon is a new woman now that Kang Ho is alright, and she knows that he does not need a guardian for the rest of his life. The trot singer, Hoon Ah apologizes to her, and she helps him throw a feast for the rest of the villagers as his farewell since he is leaving the next day. It is evident that she is extremely happy, and even gets drunk on a single glass of alcohol. Good days might finally be there for her.

Does Kang Ho Find Cho Young Jae?

When Mi Joo and Sam Sik reach Oh Tae Soo’s house, they find that it is not easy to meet Ha Young. Mi Joo pretends to be her friend, and after some exaggerated melodrama, she gets it out from one of the staff that Ha Young is in a hospital until the presidential election. While they are scratching their heads trying to figure out where Ha Young could be, Mi Joo remembers that she had met her previously. Ha Young was the rude customer that Mi Joo had to deal with in Episode 1 of The Good Bad Mother. She remembers how Ha Young tried to get payback by fabricating a fake medical certificate. The point is that the name of the hospital on the certificate was Woosung Medical Center, and Mi Joo figures out that it is where Ha Young must be kept. She and Sam Sik set off to meet her and understand what exactly happened on the day of Kang Ho’s accident and whether she could help them save his life.

Meanwhile, Kang Ho is being pushed into a corner by Oh Tae Soo and Song Woobyeok, who want to frame him for the murder of Hwang Soo Hyun. The only ace up Kang Ho’s sleeve is that nobody knows that he has regained his memories. He must find proof that he did not kill the woman before he presents the truth of her involvement with Oh Tae Soo. He is looking for the man who was supposed to take Soo Hyun away in his boat, Cho Young Jae. That day, Kang Ho had left the woman with him to be taken to a different country, but something happened that caused her to end up dead in the sea. Kang Ho needs to find Cho Young Jae to investigate that, and at the end of episode 12 of The Good Bad Mother, he finds the man’s boat and the first step of his investigation.

Final Thoughts

We know from the precap of The Good Bad Mother Episode 13 that Sam Sik and Mi Joo are going to find Kang Ho and help him meet Ha Young. Some of the latent tensions and hurt feelings are going to be resolved with these three. On the other hand, Song Woobyeok knows that Kang Ho double-crossed him and might look for him. Obviously, he will go to his village, and upon not finding him there, he might try to harm Young Soon. She is still a vulnerable card that can be used against Kang Ho, and it remains to be seen how that happens.

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