‘The Green Glove Gang’ Ending, Explained: Did Gujska Find The Robbers’s Real Idenity? Will There Be A Season 2?


There are very few people within the capitalist establishment who strongly detest it. They don’t want to be a part of this exploitation, but they are never given an option. In their revolt, they challenge the very roots of capitalism by stealing from the rich and giving the same to the underprivileged. “The Green Glove Gang,” tells us the story of one such group who had an anti-capitalist sentiment deeply rooted in their core. The story revolves around a mysterious gang composed of three elderly women named Kinga, Zuza, and Alicja, who don’t have much to care about in life and thus dedicate their time to stealing from the wealthy and giving it to the poor. After their attempted robbery at Brykalski’s house, one of the women leaves a significant clue behind that can sabotage their secret identity; hence, as a safety measure, the three old women take refuge in an old-age facility known as “Second Home.” The trio’s situation worsens as Marzena, the owner of the old age home, becomes their worst enemy. Additionally, the police also started hunting them rigorously, thereby adding to the conflict. So, let’s find out how the Green Glove Gang would evade the police and their investigation and accomplish their goals.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Did The Green Glove Gang Take Shelter In A “Second Home”?

The story begins with a robbery at businessman Brykalski’s house. He had a large industry where plaster statues were mostly created and shipped to the eastern coast. In his factory, laborers never had insurance or sick leave and thus were ruthlessly exploited. This Green Glove Gang broke into his opulent mansion and took a substantial sum of money. Even though the gang left no other traces, the CCTV camera caught a tattoo on Kinga’s wrist. Since Zuza and Alicja, the other members of the group were pretty much safe from leaving any traces, they criticized Kinga for her recklessness. Kinga was possibly just a little bit younger than the other two. Even though she was aging, she still had a youthful spirit. She did not even consider the social norms and lived her life like a young person. Just like Kinga, Alicja, and Zuza didn’t care about social convention either, but they were concerned for their safety. The Green Glove Gang decided to hide after Kinga’s wrist tattoo was seen on the news channel. They needed a location where no police or media personnel would have reason to suspect them. An old-age home named “Second Home” was discovered by Zuza. It wasn’t Kinga and Alicja’s first pick, but Zuza didn’t think there could be a better location. Zuza decided to appear to be handicapped so that no one would even suspect the three elderly women of robbing her. Zuza presented herself as an amnesiac, Alicja as blind, and Kinga as disabled to the owner of the “Second Home,” Marzena.

Marzena initially had doubts about them, but after receiving a hefty payment, she was compelled to grant them the room. On the other hand, the responsibility of locating the Green Glove fell to the aged and baffled officer Alfred and his glum-faced and solemn assistant Gujska. When police started to collect evidence one by one, Green Glove kept destroying all of them from one side. Zuza, Kinga, and Alicja started to socialize with the old inhabitants of Second Home. Within a few days, the other residents of the “Second Home” began to get intrigued by the vivacity and independence of these three women.

Adults sometimes consider their elderly parents a burden, so they give them up by placing them in an old-age home. They never come to meet them, and even if they did, it was only for formality. In “Second Home,” too, elderly people were deprived of the love and respect of their children. Even some have a fading memory because of which they have difficulty recalling the faces of those who were close to them. Among these helpless people, Green Glove stood out as a beacon of light. They started to consider helping the elderly people there. They organized Krystina’s art exhibition in “Second Home” and honored Teresha, a cancer survivor, on her birthday. Even though they were aware that a nearby pawn shop had taken Zofia’s watch, they broke into the shop to take the watch and give it to its actual owner. They eventually grew to become the main attraction of “Second Home.”

How Was Marzena Involved With Eden? Who Stole The Meteorite?

Zuza thought “Second Home” would be the perfect place to hide, but it turned out that Marzena, the owner, was a mastermind behind several crimes. She had a direct connection to Eden, a suburban cemetery. Mr. Rawski, the proprietor of Eden, and his two stepsons used to carry out crimes under the pretense of burial services. They used to refer to Marzena as the “sister.” She advised and guided them. She taught them how to enter into foreign contracts under which Eden could perform illegitimate transportation of valuable products. This proves that Marzena was the gang’s boss and that Rawski was only a pawn. The two lads of Rawski took the meteorite from a geological museum and hid it in the basement of Second Home.

Since Green Glove was a famous and wanted criminal group, Marzena instructed Rawski’s crew to commit this heist under their name. As a result, the Green Gang was once more under suspicion by the authorities. Marzena had a good idea of who the Green Glove Gang might be. In actuality, Igor, Kinga’s ex-husband, had previously dated Marzena. Therefore, it could not have been difficult for Marzena to be aware of Kinga’s background. She, therefore, sought to catch Green Glove out of an old vendetta. Marzena often failed in her attempts to apprehend the Green Glove Gang. But Gujska’s brilliantly sketched plan managed to get the meteorite back from the Rawskis’ stepsons. Therefore, Marzena’s private smuggling business was eventually discovered, and she was arrested.

Why Did Igor Want to Help Kinga?

Kinga worked as a museum curator before deciding to become a robber. Kinga and her ex-husband Igor shared their formative years together. Igor was subsequently caught stealing the painting from Kinga’s museum. Kinga was compelled to divorce Igor after discovering this fact. Igor was sentenced to prison for stealing. When he was released many years later, his mentality had not developed in the slightest. He repeatedly pursued Kinga and told her that he wanted to help. Igor had a carefully thought-out scheme in place for framing his ex-wife because it was Kinga who first uncovered Igor’s theft and got him arrested. To ensure the success of his idea, he made baby steps. Igor was actually a perfect criminal. He got out of jail but was intrigued by Marzena’s smuggling business. So, he wanted to become partners with her and grab the profit out of it. However, it wouldn’t be that simple to do it. For that, he had to put Marzena in danger. He asked Kinga to partner with him after continuously following her. He was aware that Kinga and his companions would accuse Marzena of the crime in order to escape the law. Igor assisted Kinga when she eventually called him to request his assistance in framing Marzena. Igor gave a false alibi to the police that Marzena was behind everything.

When Igor visited Marzena in jail, his actual motivation became clear. He asked for Marzena’s hand in partnership, but she demanded his support in taking down the Green Glove Gang in return. Igor promised to help in the Green Glove Gang’s entrapment so that he could get the French party’s number from Marzena. In the last scene, Igor is seen attempting to locate Kinga by calling Maria and asking about their location. Maybe Igor will free Marzena from prison and turn her into the Green Glove’s nemesis in the upcoming season.

What Was The Motive Of The Green-Glove Gang?

Unlike Kinga, the other two women had entirely different lives before becoming thieves. Zuza, who was a pilot in her past life, was also a wife and a mother, but she was forced to live apart from her kids following her divorce. Finally, Zuza took in her son when he came to visit her at Second Home. Alicja wasn’t married, but she wasn’t really a regular person either. She possessed the sixth sense gift, which allowed her to foresee impending events. She has always been this way, which was a gift on the one hand and a curse on the other. Like Kinga, Alicja had many tumultuous relationships, but she did not go ahead with them since she already knew how they would end. As a result, Kinga, Alicja, and Zuza made it the entire purpose of their lives to aid humanity.

All three of these individuals have amazing abilities in one way or another, which they all employ for the good of society. They created the “Green Glove Gang,” which robbed wealthy people and gave their money to others in need. They concentrate on the illegitimately rich upper-class individuals who frequently defraud people and steal their money. As we can see, Green Gang spent a sizable sum of money on Brykalski’s staff without him having any idea.

After that, the Green Gang also broke into Eden’s factory and took the cash, which they forced Eden to spend on the cemetery construction. These three also sneaked into the neighboring pawn shop, where various belongings of the elderly residents of Second Home were taken. The gang stole all the valuables and then returned them to their rightful owners at the second home. This “robin hood-ish” gang never stole money to enjoy it. Instead, they returned the wealth and rights that common folks rightfully deserved. Thus, they decided to create an equilibrium in society’s financial status. Although I believe that the details of Kinga, Zuza, and Alicja’s former lives could have been made clearer to show precisely why they made this decision. However, it can be inferred that these three desired to forge their own paths and live their lives on their own terms rather than unwittingly becoming a burden in their loved ones’ lives. Although in a weird and illegal way, they made little contribution to society before they passed away.

‘The Green Glove Gang’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Did Officer Gujska Find The Real Identity Of The Female Robbers?

When Marzena discovered a suitcase from Zuza, Kinga, and Alicja’s room with a green glove inside, she quickly reported the three women to the police, soon after which they were taken to police custody at the end of episode 7. But Alfred was a stupid investigator, and thus these three were able to trick him easily. Kinga, concealing her tattoo, deceived Alfred and left with the other two while he was baffled by the situation. When they arrived at “Second Home,” the other elderly residents assisted them in escaping. They managed to render Marzena briefly unconscious. While she was unconscious, Krystina from Second Home drew a tattoo on her hand that was similar to Kinga’s. Marzena wakes up but is arrested by the police, who suspect her of being the mastermind behind the gang because of her tattoo. While the Green Glove gang eventually manages to escape amid everything,

Officer Gujska was able to pinpoint the true smuggling business of Marzena. She finally caught Rsawski’s sons red-handed with the meteorite and understood who had actually stolen it. Moreover, Igor also gave a false alibi about Marzena. So, on the basis of this evidence, the police assumed that Marzena was the Green Glove Gang. However, the actual robbers were able to flee, and they were met by the Second Home people on their way. The elderly residents of Second Home had grown quite attached to them. The romance was finally rekindled with the man she had been looking for, but the happiness was short-lived. Officer Gujska eventually identified the true source of the issue. She pointed out how fresh Marzena’s tattoo was. Marzena was quite selfish, and she had made it apparent that she had never helped anyone in her life. From all these alibis, Gujska deduced that the Green Glove Gang was not Marzena but actually Kinga, Zuza, and Alicja, who had recently escaped from Second Home before Marzena was arrested.

Will There Be A Season 2 Of ‘The Green Glove Gang’?

The Green Glove Gang had remained undetected until the end of this season, but due to Gujska’s research and Igor’s slyness, it is a possibility that they could soon be located. Igor might emerge in the upcoming season as a more evil character who wants to wipe out the Green Gang. In addition, Alfred and Gujska’s presence would always pose a danger to the Green Gang’s ability to thrive on their journey. Therefore, we will have to wait until the next season to find out if the Green Glove Gang will be arrested or whether they will once more manage to elude the investigators.

“The Green Glove Gang” is a 2022 Drama Comedy series created by Joanna Hartwig-Skalska and Anna Novák-Zemplinska.

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