‘The Idol’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Tedros Physically Abuse Jocelyn?


In the first two episodes of The Idol, we witnessed how Tedros had completely taken over Jocelyn’s life, and her loneliness probably had a huge role to play in the scheme of things. Jocelyn didn’t have a family, and somewhere, Tedros coming with his followers to stay at her place gave her a sense of belonging. Additionally, amidst all the chaos that was happening in her professional and personal lives, Jocelyn had started feeling underconfident about herself, and being with Tedros made her feel validated. Tedros was a parasite who knew the weaknesses of the people he dealt with. He knew how to brainwash people and make them believe that whatever was happening was for their own good. So, let’s find out what happened in The Idol Episode 3 and what Tedros’ next move was, now that he had become an indispensable part of Jocelyn’s life.

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What Did Chaim And Destiny Realize About Tedros?

In the third episode of The Idol, it became quite clear what Tedros was trying to do. He was not only taking over Jocelyn’s life, but he was also brainwashing her to believe that he was probably the only person she should put her trust in and who could help her revive her career. Leia was probably the only person who could see through his intentions and what he was doing. She was restless, as she wanted to save her friend from reaching a point where she would have to regret the decisions she made. But she was not in a position to speak, as at that moment, Tedros’ credibility in Jocelyn’s eyes was above anybody else’s. Tedros would do the most absurd thing, but Jocelyn always found some good in it, and she took a stand even against the people who had been in her life way before Tedros had arrived. Tedros had moved into Jocelyn’s house with his people, and he had a say in each and every matter and had started making all the important decisions.

One morning, Tedros just got up and told Jocelyn that they had to go shopping, even though he was well aware that Jocelyn had everything that she would need in her wardrobe. No matter how unnecessary people found it, they couldn’t question the decision made by Tedros. When Tedros and Jocelyn reached the Valentino store, there was already a huge crowd of fans and paparazzi present there. Tedros was an extremely possessive man, and he reacted badly when he saw a worker in the store staring at Jocelyn. Tedros didn’t know how to be courteous and polite, and he told the man not to look at his girl if he cared for his life. Tedros’ ego was brittle, and at the slightest nudge, he felt compelled to prove himself.

Jocelyn and Tedros indulged in an intimate moment inside the store’s changing room, and meanwhile, Leia found the opportunity to inform Chaim and Destiny about what was happening. It was difficult for Destiny and Chaim to understand how a man who barely knew Jocelyn had become such an integral part of her life. Both Chaim and Destiny stayed back at Jocelyn’s so that they could talk and instill some sense in her. Leia told Chaim that she had started feeling claustrophobic with all that had been happening in the house. Tedros got jealous of the bond that Jocelyn shared with Andres, and he completely lost her temper, slapped the man, and asked him to leave. Leia, Izaak, and others were also sitting there, and by the look on their faces, we could assess that they knew that what had happened was not right. We realized the kind of influence Tedros had on Jocelyn in that short amount of time, when she actually fired Andres and asked him to leave. It felt like Tedros had hypnotized her, and she could no longer differentiate right from wrong.

Chaim and Destiny finally met Tedros, and on the face of it, they pretended that they loved the guy. Tedros told them all about the big plans he had for Jocelyn and how he had contacted the who’s who of Hollywood to get her career back on track. Chaim told Jocelyn to focus on her work and give him at least two new songs in the next two weeks since the people from the music label were getting a bit agitated. Chaim was trying very hard not to let the music label lose trust in Jocelyn, and he had told them that she was still capable of producing good music. Chaim and Destiny left the house, and while they were going, they told Leia that Tedros was a superstar, and they had no doubts that he would be able to bring out the best in Jocelyn. But as soon as they reached their car, their expression changed, and they knew that Tedros was bad news. They pretended to be all fine inside because they knew that there was no point getting angry since Jocelyn was not in a position to understand anything. She was mesmerized by Tedros, and Chaim thought he would be just wasting his energy if he even tried to convince her to stay away from the guy.

Why Did Tedros Physically Abuse Jocelyn?

Tedros always told Izaak and the other artists that they should never say no to an experience, even if it made them feel uncomfortable. Jocelyn couldn’t understand this kind of ideology, but Izaak told her that she could never say no to Tedros, as that was one thing that made him very agitated. Tedros liked having unrestrained control over the lives of his people; they did whatever he asked them to without questioning his authority. In The Idol Episode 3, Tedros had a conversation with Xander, who was the creative director, and he had been with Jocelyn for a very long time. To Tedros’ surprise, Xander agreed with him that the creative direction was not up to par, and he blamed the music label for it. We believe that Tedros would have given him a hard time, probably plotted against him too, and fired him if he hadn’t agreed to what he said.

Xander was of the opinion that the flair that he wanted in a song like “World Class Sinner” was missing because the music label was too scared to let him think outside the box and make bold choices. He said that he would have wanted that leaked picture of Jocelyn as the cover of the album. Tedros liked the guy, and the same day, when they were all having dinner together, he asked him to tell Jocelyn about where he thought she was lagging behind. He wanted to show Jocelyn how she was stuck inside a cocoon and had become too scared to take risks. Jocelyn, probably for the first time, stood up for what she believed in. She told Tedros that using that picture would send a very wrong message to all her young followers since they looked up to her as their idol.

One thing led to another, and Jocelyn ended up telling Tedros that she had a unique relationship with her mother. She revealed that her mother used to hit her with a hairbrush whenever she felt like Jocelyn was not taking her work seriously or was going out of line. People started sympathizing with her situation, but Tedros felt that there was something more to it that Jocelyn was still not telling him. He asked that if she was being abused, then why didn’t she oppose it or walk out of the house? And that’s when a very strange and toxic facet of Jocelyn’s life came to light. Jocelyn derived a lot of motivation from those beatings that she got from her mother, and her mind became so tuned and accustomed to that sort of environment that now she was unable to find any sort of inspiration without feeling that fear. Jocelyn’s situation was problematic, and chances were that if she had seen a therapist, she would have definitely been told that she was suffering from some kind of disorder. Jocelyn needed help from an expert, but Tedros felt as if he had gotten the solution to all her problems, and he told her that he would create a similar environment for her so that she could once again unlock her potential.

The Idol episode 3’s ending made us believe that Jocelyn has gone too far, and it was almost impossible to make her escape from the clutches of this toxic man, who was making sure that she was never able to come out of the swamp she was stuck in. Tedros used the same hairbrush and abused her, and the irony was that Jocelyn was thankful to him for that, as if he were doing her a favor. We know that artists derive inspiration from all sorts of weird places and happenings, but what Tedros was doing with Jocelyn was still not justified. It set a dangerous precedent, and chances were that the girl would lose herself forever. Probably Jocelyn might be able to create a song or two, but it was not a sustainable practice, and additionally, even if she endured everything, the chances of her getting wrecked internally were quite high.

While Jocelyn’s life was being hijacked by Tedros, Nikki found another star in Dyanne. Dyanne was making strides in her career, and probably that had been her intention all along. In The Idol’s upcoming episodes, we will get to know if Jocelyn’s close ones are able to tackle the problem on hand or if, one by one, the starlet loses out on the people who actually care for her.

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