‘The Killing of Two Lovers’ Summary & Review – Falls Prey To An Inactive Protagonist


When marriages break, the most affected are the kids who never really recover from the tragedy. In the film, The Killing of Two Lovers, the father, David hustles to be a good father and a good husband. He tries to protect his kids from the repercussion of his failed marriage but jealousy from his wife’s new lover ruins his sanity. The story is a portrayal of David’s internal as well as External conflict.

‘The Killing of Two Lovers’ Summary

David (Clayne Crawford) and Nikki (Sepideh Moafi) were once a happy couple. Together, they nurtured three kids (a daughter named Jess, and twin boys). When David met Nikki in high school and married her, he thought it was going to be a “happily ever after.” But life isn’t a fairy tale. In life, Love is a feeling, and feelings move out as they once moved in. Just before the storm, David and Nikki face a “move out” situation and therefore mutually decide to see other people.

Nikki started seeing a new guy named Derek (Chris Coy) but David couldn’t accept the new relationship his wife had encountered. For a time David tries to be a progressive husband, but when his jealousy clouds his judgment, David decides to kill his wife and her lover. The film explores his dilemma and his decision to take the big step, which will eventually decide the fate of his own kids.

The Review

With a slow-moving drama surrounding the story, the film indulges in some really interesting conversations. These dialogues try to explore and pacify David’s confusion. But when all the talk fails to convince his possessiveness, the action takes place. However, even with the arrival of an action checkpoint, the film doesn’t pick up the pace. It runs at the same tempo that brings dullness in it’s storytelling.

While the film majorly focuses on David’s dilemma, it totally neglects Nikki’s part of the story. An unbalanced structure highlights a one-sided story. The story lacks an appealing conflict, a threatening antagonist, and most importantly, an active protagonist. For most parts, the film feels like a collection of scenes where someone pushes his pep talk to David and he nods his head in agreement. To be honest, there aren’t many events happening in the film. It is just two people talking to each other, and they could have been placed in a theatre stage or a room, and it would have hardly made any difference. Visually, the film fails to engage.

Shooting a film at a silent film ratio (4:3) isn’t a benchmark of artistry. One needs enough substance to call it so. If one is devoid of sleep and needs something to yawn upon, The Killing of Two Lovers perfectly fits in.

The Killing of Two Lovers is a 2020 family drama film, written and directed by Robert Machoian.

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Shikhar Agrawal
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