‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 2, Part 1 Ending, Explained: Will Lisa Get Convicted?


The first season of The Lincoln Lawyer left us on a cliffhanger where Mickey Haller had yet to find the tattooed guy who had murdered Martha Renteria. After Trevor Elliott’s case, Mickey’s life had completely changed. He was getting a lot of media attention, and every high-profile guy wanted him on their retainer. Around the same time, Mickey met a woman named Lisa Trammell, who happened to get convicted of murdering a businessman in broad daylight. Mickey and Lisa seemed to like each other, and they became quite close even though they had barely met a few times. After Lisa asked Mickey for help, he decided to take her case even when she didn’t have the money to pay his fees. Lorna and Izzy did try to warn Mickey about Lisa, but he was blinded by the love he had for the woman. Though Mickey didn’t have a lot of doubts about her innocence in the beginning, eventually, he found out about some things that made him a little doubtful about his notions. So, let’s find out if Mickey is able to find evidence that proves Lisa’s innocence or if Lisa is actually behind the murder of the businessman. 

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Was Mickey Haller Able To Catch The Tattoo Guy?

At the end of The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, we saw a guy with a tattoo on his left arm looking at Mickey when he went to a beach to spend some downtime. He was the man who killed Martha and then put the blame on Jesus Menendez. After a lot of struggle, Mickey was able to prove in court that Menendez was innocent and had just been framed. Mickey knew that because the tattooed guy was still out there, the chances of the court once again opening the investigation were quite high. In the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer, the inevitable happened, the case was reopened, and Detective Raymond Griggs was given the charge of the investigation. Mickey started looking for Glory Dayton so that she could come once again and give her testimony, which would prove that his client, Menendez, was not a killer.

But before Mickey could do that, he got another case of a man named Russell Lawson being charged with a felony, where he had apparently broken into the window of his neighbor’s house and tried to rob her. Mickey got him acquitted, and after that, he believed that the chapter of Russell Lawson would be over. Russell looked like a very timid guy, and Mickey believed that he was innocent; additionally, he knew that the guy would be traumatized for life and would be extra cautious from now on. But Mickey was wrong, as Russell Lawson was not as timid and meek as he considered him to be. Russell, for no rhyme or reason, paid Lorna some money to keep Mickey on the retainer. He did that when Mickey was not in his office, and when he came back, he didn’t understand why Rusell would do that. Mickey went back home when he found Lawson had somehow managed to break into his house. Russell Lawson was the tattooed guy, and he was the one who had killed Martha. Russell had acted very intelligently. He knew that if Mickey fought his case, then dealing with another case where Russell was technically an accused would be a conflict of interest. Also, Mickey couldn’t use the confidential communications between a lawyer and a client in court because Russell had the right to legally stop him from doing so.

Mickey was stressed, as on one end, he had promised Menendez that his case would be closed once and for all, and here he was forced to act according to the will of the real perpetrator Russell Lawson. Mickey sought advice from David Siegal, and soon after that, he hatched a plan but didn’t reveal anything, even to Lorna and Cisco. Now Glory Dayton, who was supposed to give her testimony, got caught in a drug case, and that spoiled Mickey’s plan. Mickey went to meet her, and she refrained from telling him the name of the guy from whom she had gotten the drug. Mickey asked Cisco to dig up some information, and that’s when it was revealed that Glory was given drugs by Hector Moya, a member of the Tijuana cartel. That’s when Mickey decided to use Glory as bait. Mickey told Maggie that if the DA office agreed to drop all charges against Glory, then he would tell them the whereabouts of Hector Moya.

Maggie took a day’s time, and she told him that they had agreed to close Glory’s case as Hector Moya was undoubtedly the bigger fish whom they wanted in prison more than anybody else. Meanwhile, Russell had unnecessarily given another petty case to Mickey, and Lorna was not able to understand why Mickey was taking such a small case with such seriousness. Mickey left a folder for Russell on his office desk, and he intentionally placed Glory’s “order of release” documents next to it. Mickey then asked Lorna to immediately call Russell and tell him to come and pick up the documents from his office. Mickey knew that once Russell saw that Glory was going to be released, he would definitely attack her as she was the only person who could testify against him. Mickey had made sure that a few agents were keeping an eye on Glory’s apartment round the clock, as he didn’t want her to get harmed in any manner. Russell committed the mistake of coming to attack Glory, and that’s where Mickey got the better of him. The law enforcement officers quickly took him under arrest, and the mystery of the tattooed man was finally solved, and to Jesus Menendez’s respite, his case was shut once and for all.

Why Didn’t The Court Dismiss Lisa Trammell’s Case?

Lisa met Micky for the first time when he came down to her cafe with Maggie. The date with Maggie didn’t turn out as Mickey would have expected, and considering he was a famous man now, the chef came out to have a chat with him. Lisa Tramell owned the cafe, and Mickey showered her with compliments for making such delicious dishes. Lisa was either extremely infatuated with Mickey, or she had some ulterior motive that she was not disclosing, as she was way too hospitable towards him, and it did feel like her actions were premeditated. Mickey didn’t have any doubts about her intention, and surprisingly, they both ended up sharing intimate moments. Mickey was still processing everything that had happened between him and Lisa when she gave him a call and told him that the businessman named Mitchell Bondurant, who owned almost the entire neighborhood, had sent a restraining order to her. Mitchell was buying out the whole area and building high rises, which is why a lot of locals were protesting against him. Lisa often led these protests, and she had vocally spoken against the businessman on national television. Mickey told Lisa that there was nothing to panic about, as the restraining order wasn’t going to curb her freedom in any manner and was just a sort of warning. But soon after that, Lisa gave him a call once again and told him that she was being held in custody for the murder of Mitchell Bondurant.

Obviously, Mickey couldn’t believe that Lisa could ever commit such a crime, but then again, he knew from experience that appearances could often be misleading. There was a coffee mug and a shard of glass found at the crime scene. In addition to that, Margo Schafer, who worked at Mitchell Bondurant’s office, had seen Lisa come out of the building. There was also a hammer missing from Lisa’s toolbox, which nobody had a clue about, and Mickey wanted to find it, as he knew that if the prosecutors got their hands on it, they might use it to their advantage. Mickey believed that Andrea Freemann didn’t have any other evidence, and that’s where he got it wrong. Meanwhile, Andrea asked Mickey if his client was going to plead guilty, then they might not charge her with murder but with voluntary manslaughter. Mickey knew that it was a lucrative offer, as with manslaughter, Lisa could be released in 6 years on good behavior as compared to serving life imprisonment if the charges of murder were proved. Mickey told Lisa about it, and he made her understand the pros and cons, but she stuck to the fact that she was innocent and would want a trial to happen. Mickey presumed that Andrea would have gotten to know about something, which would have made her realize that her case was not strong, and that is why she would have made the offer.

Mickey found out that Mitchell had threatened a guy named Alex Grant, who was the contractor on one of his projects. Alex’s real name was Alex Kazarian, and his father was the head of an Armenian crime family and was currently serving his time in prison. The project that Alex was handling was leaking a lot of money, and Mitchell wanted Alex to bear the losses with him. Mickey had found another person who could have a motive for killing Mitchell, and he believed that it would help them quash all the charges against Lisa. Mickey decided that he would submit a request to conduct a preliminary hearing to decide the merits of the case since he wanted to see what Andrea had up her sleeve. Mickey had probably become way too confident, and it didn’t strike him that his entire theory could be proved wrong by Andrea Freemann. When the judge wasn’t convinced after the testimony of a detective and Margo Schafer, Andrea asked permission for a forensics report to be admitted as evidence. Mickey wasn’t prepared for it, and he told Andrea that he wasn’t informed about it beforehand, but the judge let her present the evidence, and that’s when the tables turned. A pair of gardening gloves found in Lisa’s garage had stains of blood on them, and it came out in the report that it was of the dead businessman. For a moment, Mickey couldn’t process how the odds had suddenly turned against him. Andrea Freemann had proved the merits of her case, and the onus now lay on the Lincoln Lawyer to prove that his client, Lisa Trammell, was innocent.

Will Lisa Be Convicted In Part 2?

Though Lisa, till the very end of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 part 1, sticks to the fact that she is innocent and that she is being framed for the murder of Mitchell, we believe that there is something that she is hiding from Mickey and keeping him in the dark. Also, in the end, two men came and attacked Mickey, and though we cannot say for sure who had sent them, it could be possible that somebody would have wanted to scare Mickey and make sure that he wasn’t able to find the truth. Lorna had been telling Mickey from day one that she did not have a very good feeling about Lisa, but Mickey was infatuated with her, and he held a very prejudiced view toward her. For the longest time, Mickey did believe that Lisa was not a murderer, but the gloves that had been found in her house had changed his perception by a certain degree.

The thing that bothered Mickey was that there was no other explanation for how the gloves had Mitchell’s blood stain on them when Lisa had nothing to do with the murder. We don’t think that Mickey would let Lisa be so easily convicted, but the doubt of whether she was innocent or not would loom over his mind. There could be a possibility where Mickey gets the court to drop all the charges and then comes to know that Lisa was actually the murderer and had played him. It could also happen that Mickey gets to know the truth even before the trial is over, and that might have an impact on the result of the case. We personally don’t believe that Lisa Trammell is telling Mickey everything because it felt that there was this side to her that she hid from everybody. In the second part of Season 2, we will get to know how that glove landed in her house and if Mickey is able to save Lisa Trammell or not. 

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