Is Lisa Trammell Deceiving Mickey Haller In ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 2?


Mickey Haller had never expected that somebody would leave his entire legal practice to him and that his life would change overnight. In the first season of The Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey Haller was trying to re-establish himself after the Jesus Menendez case, as he was at a low point in his career. In Trevor Elliot’s case, Mickey saw an opportunity to revive his career, and though things did not happen as he had planned them, fortune favored him since he wasn’t hesitant to take risks. Everything changed after that, and Mickey was accorded the status of a celebrity lawyer by the media and the people, but he knew that his past might come to haunt him once again, and he was mentally ready to face it head-on.

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Mickey often operated in the gray areas of the law, and he had a knack for bending the rules in his favor without really breaking them. He knew that in this profession, you could always win, provided you had something to barter with the other party. He always put his opponents in a tough spot where they were compelled to negotiate their terms with him, and the fascinating thing was that the odds were always against him. Half of the time, the reason he tried entering into an agreement with the opposite party was because he knew that if the case went to trial, he would surely lose. To pull off a victory when defeat was certain was what Mickey was known for, and people knew how competitive he could get with his work. Mickey loved both his ex-wives, Lorna and Maggie, and he had an immense amount of respect for the people they were. Things hadn’t worked out between them, but he never looked down upon them or questioned his judgment of sharing a past with them. In the last season, we saw some sparks light up between Maggie and Mickey, but they mutually decided not to be with each other as they believed it was best for them.

How Did Mickey Get Jesus Menendez’s Case Dismissed?

Mickey had taken the case of a man named Russell Lawson in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, part 1, and after he got him acquitted, he realized that he had committed the biggest mistake by taking him as a client in the first palace. Russell Lawson was the tattooed man who killed Martha in season 1, and it was because of his crimes that Jesus Menendez had landed in such a mess. Russell was a cunning man, and he knew that by making Mickey his lawyer, he could establish a conflict of interest if Mickey ever decided to go against him. Moreover, he knew that his confession wouldn’t be admitted in court as evidence since a lawyer was bound by the rule of attorney-client confidentiality. Mickey didn’t know what to do, and that’s when he told everything to his mentor, Adam Siegel, as he didn’t know who else to ask for advice.

Adam told him that he could lure the perpetrator by using another person as bait, and that’s when Mickey got an idea. He had decided to use Gloria Dayton, aka Glory Days, to lure Lawson in. It was a chance that Mickey was taking, and he didn’t know if he would be successful or not. Meanwhile, Gloria got caught in another case, and Mickey had to find a way to make sure that all charges against her were dropped by the court. Mickey made some deals, contacted Maggie, and made sure that he got what he wanted. Lawson took the bait, and he was caught as soon as he broke into Gloria’s house to attack her.

Lawson thought that he had outplayed Mickey, but little did he know that he was walking into a trap set by Mickey himself. We got to know quite a lot about Mickey through the way he dealt with the entire case. Mickey might have seemed to be the kind of guy who didn’t have any regard for the rule of law, but that was not true. He played in the gray areas because he knew that if he didn’t then the other party surely wouldn’t hesitate to do so. Though he always said that it didn’t matter if he thought that his clients were innocent or guilty, as long as he was able to prove the innocence of the person in court, we believe that deep down, Mickey liked justice being served. He didn’t like it if people, especially clients, tried to deceive him, as he knew that sooner or later, he would come to know the truth, and that’s when he would make sure that they were locked behind bars by hook or crook.

Is Lisa Trammell Deceiving Mickey Haller?

Mickey had sworn to protect Lisa Trammell and he was sure that she couldn’t commit such a grave offense, but after Andrea Freemann presented the blood-stained gloves in court as evidence, he started questioning his judgment. Mickey was the kind of man who didn’t like it if people tried to reap the benefits by deceiving him. He had told Lisa that she had to be truthful to him at all times, but seeing Lisa, it didn’t feel like she was. It was very rare that Mickey got tricked by someone, and this time around, if we get to know that he got played by Lisa, then he will only have himself to blame. Lorna had asked Mickey time and again about Lisa, as she didn’t get a good feeling when she saw her.

Mickey didn’t pay any attention to it, as he knew that Lorna, at times, got overly protective of him. There were a lot of things that made Lisa a very suspicious character. Firstly, her hesitation in making Mickey talk to her husband, Jeff, and secondly, her involvement with Henry Dahl were things that should have made Mickey realize that Lisa was not revealing everything she knew. We believe that Jeff and Henry Dahl, in some way or another, are the missing pieces of the puzzle, and once Mickey gets to know everything about them and their intentions, he will be able to solve his mystery. But our Lincoln lawyer’s personal relationship was getting in the way of his professional judgment.

As stated earlier, we believe that Mickey was the kind of man who didn’t want to have any sort of ethical dilemma in his work. He would have helped Lisa even if she had committed the murder, but then he would have found different merits and fought on the basis of them. He would have tried his level best to make sure that her sentence was reduced, but here he knew that it would come upon his conscience and make him feel guilty if he later got to know that Lisa was not innocent. We believe that Mickey will not let Lisa walk free if he comes to know that she actually tricked him in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 2, and he will find a way to get back at her. Jesus Menendez’s case told us how much being ethical in his practices meant for Mickey, even when he knew that by upholding the rules of legal practice, he would be sending an innocent man to jail. Though he did find a way to put the real perpetrator behind bars, he still made sure that the sanctity of the law and his duties remained intact. We believe that in season 2, part 2, Mickey Haller would eventually get to know the truth about Lisa, and if she was actually deceiving him, then she would have a hard time running from the clutches of the law.

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