‘The Mire Millennium’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Is Else Koepke Dead Or Alive?


The Mire Millennium, the third season of the crime thriller franchise, once again takes us back to the Gronty Forest, where we get to witness Anna Jass, Mika, Piotr, and other familial characters once again stuck amidst a murder mystery and dealing with the conflict of their past and present lives. In the previous season of The Mire, we saw that Teresa had decided to end things with Piotr as she had finally found a person with whom she felt fulfilled. Teresa and Anna were in love, and they decided to start a new life together. Witold was still searching for Else Koepke, though he was unable to get any kind of potential lead. So, let’s find out what happened in The Mire Millennium and if the various characters were able to be successful in their quests.

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What happened to Teresa? 

In The Mire Millennium, we came to know that Teresa died in a car accident sometime back. Anna Jass blamed herself for her death, as she was the one who was driving the car at the time. We were not given a lot of information about how their relationship was, but the glimpses of the past made it evident that Anna and Teresa loved each other. Teresa always felt that Anna could see through her, and she understood her more than anybody else. Anna shared a beautiful bond with Wanda, Teresa’s daughter, but after the accident, she was never able to see her eye-to-eye. Wanda needed Anna in her life, but the latter was too ashamed of herself. We got to know how attached Anna was to Wanda when, later in the series, Wanda got kidnapped by Donata Muszynska. Anna was livid, and she was ready to go to any extent to save the girl. Wanda often tried telling Anna that she didn’t blame her for the death of her mother, but Anna could never forgive herself. It was the first time she had loved someone so much, and the loss left a void inside her that she knew could never be filled.

Why did Donata Muszynska kidnap Wanda?

Wanda didn’t get the attention she craved in her household. After the death of her mother, Piotr was not able to handle himself, and he started taking pills to treat his mental health issues. We saw in the previous seasons of The Mire that Joanna Drewicz, daughter of Kazik, felt attracted to Piotr, and she started seeing him. Piotr and Joanna got very close to each other, and the latter moved to his house. That’s why it became even more complicated for Wanda to deal with everything. Piotr and Joanna both loved her, but Wanda was just not able to deal with her own feelings. Wanda was very close to her mother and after she passed away, Wanda didn’t know how she could move on with her life. Moreover, Anna’s absence increased that feeling even more, and it had a deep impact on her behavior. There came a time when Wanda decided that she would look out for a job for herself, and she came in contact with a modeling agent who assured her that she would get her work. But it was all a trap, and Donata Muszynska and Filip, who ran a human trafficking ring, kidnapped her. At the end of The Mire Millennium, Piotr was able to find his daughter, and luckily, she was safe. 

Why was Anna Jass’ father looking for Filip?

We saw in the very first episode of The Mire Millennium that the manager of the Centrium hotel, Kociolek, was brutally murdered by someone, and we got to know that he had a 40-year-old son, Filip, who was missing from the scene. Nobody knew who had murdered Kociolek or what the motive behind it was. Anna Jass’ father, Stefan, arrived unannounced in the city, and he started searching for Filip, though he didn’t share with anyone for the longest time why he was doing so. In a flashback sequence, we got to know how Kociolek became such a business tycoon and how Anna Jass’ father came in contact with him. Back in the day, Kociolek was a small-time pimp, and he also worked as a waiter at a hotel. He was good friends with Grochowiak, who at the time was a swimming instructor. Grochowiak was the same man who was murdered by his wife, Helena, in the first season of The Mire. Grochowiak was a swimming instructor, but we got to know that he used to force them into prostitution. Kociolek got clients, Grochowiak provided the girls, and together, they earned a huge amount of money through their trafficking business. Around that time, Kociolek met Stefan, as the former had saved Anna Jass from drowning in a swamp. Stefan felt indebted to him, and he had no clue what sort of illicit activity he was involved in. Kociolek was a man with very strong intuition, and he knew that there would come a time when he wouldn’t be there for his son, considering the path he decided to walk on. When Stefan was leaving the hotel, Kociolek requested that he look after his son if anything happened to him. Stefan was a man of his words, and he knew how to keep promises. Since he got to know that Kociolek had been murdered, he came back to find Filip. 

Who was the woman with the necklace? 

Kociolek was not a very good man, and he often forced his own wife to sleep with other men. One time, a lecherous customer (who also handed over Witold’s letter to Kociolek) subjected Kociolek’s wife to such brutality that she ended up stabbing him in the eye. The man died on the spot, and Kociolek’s wife ran away with all his money. Kociolek found and killed her, then buried her body. What he didn’t know was that Filip was watching him from the window, and though he was very young, he understood what had happened. We got to know that Kociolek was not Filip’s father, and probably the former’s wife had an affair with another man in the past. Filip met Anna Jass during the time her family was visiting his town, and that’s when both of them struck a chord. Anna’s mother wore an expensive necklace, and the former gave it to Filip, as he told her that his mother liked it way too much. Anna was also young, and she was too naive to understand what she was doing. Years later, Filip’s mother’s body was excavated from the ground, and we saw that the necklace was still on her. That’s when we realized that Kinga Matwiejska was basically right when she said that the woman hadn’t died in 1945, but she was killed at a much later stage. The prosecutor and the politicians were adamant about proving that she was killed during World War II, and they wanted to put the blame on the Nazis. Kinga also knew that the kind of atrocities that the Nazis had committed were unpardonable, but she was not in favor of using a person’s death for the vendetta of political parties. 

Did Donata Muszynska and Filip get caught? 

The Mire Millennium‘s ending revealed that it was Filip who had a grudge against his stepfather since the day he saw her killing his mother. After he grew up, something might have triggered him, and he decided to kill his stepfather. Filip murdered Kociolek in the most brutal manner, and that too in his own hotel. After that, he went missing, and nobody knew where he had gone, and they also didn’t suspect him of the murder for the longest time. Kociolek had married Donata Muszynska, and she shared a very good relationship with Filip. Filip never liked his name, so he changed it to Albert some time ago, which was why Anna, and her father had a hard time finding him. But soon Anna was able to join the dots when she saw the image of the woman, whose body was excavated, in the newspaper. Anna knew that it was Filip’s mother when she saw that necklace on her, which she had stolen from her own mother and given to Filip back in the day. She knew the shed where Filip often took her, and when she went there, she found Filip standing there. Filip had stolen the skeleton of her mother from the mortuary, and he was burying her in his old backyard. Filip told Anna why he killed his father, and he surrendered to the authorities. Later, even Donata was caught by Kinga, who then took her into custody. We got to know that Filip and Donata were just pawns in the game, and the real masterminds were still out there. Nobody knew where they were, but as of then, both Anna and Mika were relieved that they had solved the case at hand and saved Wanda’s life. 

Is Else Koepke Dead Or Alive?

The Mire Millennium‘s ending made a gut-wrenching revelation as we got to know that it was Else Koepke who had sent the letter to Witold many years ago. The letter was given to Kociolek by the same person who was killed by his wife. Kociolek, back in the day, had gone to give the letter to Witold, but for some unknown reason, he held onto it for years and never told him anything about it. Kociolek was a shrewd conspirator, and probably, he would have thought that a day might come when he would coerce Witold to do something for him in exchange for the letter. Had Kociolek given the letter to him back in the day, Witold would have found the love of his life. But fate had other plans for him. Destiny wanted him to experience a sense of bereavement. When Witold reached the address that was mentioned in the letter, Else’s daughter opened the door, and she told the seasoned journalist that her mother had died a couple of years ago. Witold couldn’t make sense of why he had to go through such pain, but then he had no choice but to accept what had happened. He felt something similar to what Kinga felt when she came back to town and met Joanna. She told Joanna at the end that she was one because her sister had died. Kinga and Witold both knew that they couldn’t change the past and would have to make peace with the present.

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