‘The Night Agent’ – Did Peter And Rose Save President Travers? Was Peter’s Father A Traitor?


From the start of the series, “The Night Agent,” there was a sense of longing and desire in FBI agent Peter Sutherland Jr.’s eyes. He wanted to prove to the world what he was capable of, but until then, he hadn’t been given the desired opportunity and was mostly kept on the sidelines by his superiors. Peter had been stationed at the night action desk by Diane Farr, the chief of staff, and he felt indebted to her for whatever she had done for him. In the first episode of “The Night Agent” itself, we realize that Diane really vouched for Peter and took a stand for him whenever Deputy Director Hawkins tried to bash him. Diane knew that manning a phone that never rings at the night desk could be quite boring, but she had told Peter to put in the hours without thinking much about the results, and he would be promoted sooner rather than later.

Not even in his wildest dream would Peter have imagined that such a huge case would fall into his lap accidentally where the security of the country would be at stake. The call he got that day was from a girl named Rose Larkin, who was asked by her uncle and aunt, Henry and Emma Campbell, to call on that number if the need arose. Somebody had attacked Emma and Henry’s house, and Rose had no clue what was happening. When Peter picked up the call, according to protocol, he asked her the codenames, but Rose had no clue what he was saying or where she had called. Rose believed her uncle and aunt to be normal people, but they were working for the counterintelligence program of the FBI. 

Diane Farr told Peter to take Rose, who was now a witness to the incident, to some secure location without even telling his boss, Deputy Director Hawkins. Peter found it a bit weird that Diane was adamant about breaking the chain of command and making Peter do something that was so much above his pay grade. But he didn’t ask her anything at that moment, as he trusted Diane more than his life. Rose was still in a state of shock, and her whole world had turned upside down. She was trying to cope with everything when once again, there was a breach in security, and someone tried to take her down at the hotel where she was staying. Peter came at the right moment and saved her, but it made them realize that they couldn’t trust anybody at the White House. The night when the Campbells were killed, Rose had heard them talking about a traitor in the White House, and they wanted to inform somebody about it who went by the codename Osprey. Rose and Peter figured out that the Campbells had kept a hard drive, which contained information pertaining to the mission that they had undertaken, in their outhouse, situated amidst the woods.

Traitors Within The White House

Peter still had complete faith in Diane Farr till halfway through the series, “The Night Agent” but Rose knew she wasn’t who she pretended to be. Rose knew that to decrypt the hard disc, she needed some powerful tools and software that were only available in the White House. So Peter went to the White House and hacked Diane’s computer in order to give Rose access. Rose decrypts the drive and learns about a lady named Lorna, who worked as an engineer and was connected to the metro bombing case. When Peter and Rose went to meet Lorna, they learned that the metro blast was orchestrated with the intention of blowing something above the ground and that killing people on the metro was not the intention per se. With each new revelation, things became more complicated, and Peter and Rose had no idea where their investigation was taking them. 

Up until then, Deputy Director Hawkins, who had been killed in mysterious circumstances, was the prime suspect, but Peter got to know a very different narrative when he visited his wife Cynthia Hawkins. Cynthia told him that her husband had found some inconsistencies in the investigation of the metro bombings, and he had reason to believe that someone from the White House was helping the perpetrators. Hawkins also believed that Omar Zadar was just a scapegoat, and he had nothing to do with the bombings. The day Hawkins was killed, he was supposed to meet the CEO of Turn Lake Industries, Gordon Wick. Rose also found out that Turn Lake Industries was conducting a lot of shadow operations in the Balkans region and had been the biggest contributor in almost every electoral campaign of the sitting Vice President, Ashley Redfield. 

In “The Night Agent” Episode 6, it dawned on Peter that Diane Farr was involved in the meteor bombing case, and it took him a minute to gulp down that realization. Diane knew that Peter had left Rose at his friend’s house, though he had not divulged that information to her. Peter escaped from the White House, and his entire belief system was shaken. He was alone in this chaotic web of treachery, greed, and politics because the person he had trusted with his life was deceiving him. He was grateful that at least Rose was with him in this hour of need, and that led to them becoming even closer.

How Did Peter And Rose Save President Travers? Was Peter’s Father A Traitor?

Vice President Ashley Redfield named Peter the prime suspect in the kidnapping of his daughter Maddie Redfield, knowing that catching both Rose and Peter was critical if he wanted to avoid prison. The vice president, together with Gordan Wick, had hired a guy named Colin Worley to bomb the metro line, not because they wanted to kill the people inside the train but because he wanted to kill Omar Zadar, leader of the People’s Independent Front. The VP knew that there would be a lot of hue and cry if a foreign minister was killed on American soil, so he planned to make it look like his death was a casualty. The problem arose when Colin failed in his mission because Peter had seen him keeping the bomb in the train. Gordan Rick and Redfield knew that they would have to kill Colin as he had become a potential threat, but instead of killing him, they ended up killing his twin brother, Matteo. That is why Colin kidnapped Maddie in order to force the VP to admit to his crimes and tell the nation that he was involved in the bombings.

Even after everything that had happened, Redfield still wanted to kill Omar Zadar, and he and his men had planted a bomb in Camp David, where the President was supposed to meet Zadar. When Peter and Rose learned about it, they realized that if they didn’t take action immediately, the nation might lose its leader. They went to meet Diane Farr, as she was the only one who could make them enter the heavily guarded premises of Camp David. Diane Farr might have committed a lot of mistakes and been responsible for putting the lives of innocent people, but she could never go against President Travers. She took them inside Camp David, but the problem was that the FBI, the Secret Service, and even the Army considered Peter and Rose as potential threats who had kidnapped the Vice President’s daughter. So, it was impossible for them to get to the President and tell her that she was at risk. Peter almost got killed, but he was able to prove to the security personnel that there were two bombs that had been planted in the facility to kill the President.

The President owed Peter her life, and she told him he could ask for anything he desired. Peter said that he wanted to know the truth behind the death of his father and whether he was actually a traitor or not. Travers gave him the secret files, and Peter realized the truth contradicted his intuition and beliefs. Peter Sutherland Sr. said in his recorded testimony that the first time he was contacted by a foreign agent was in 2004, and he had given them information about private contractors as he was being offered a good payment and in addition to that, he believed that the information was inconsequential in nature and wouldn’t lead them anywhere. But to his horror, the information that he gave led to the Pentagon Breach, and at that moment, he knew that he would be branded as a traitor throughout his life. President Travers told Peter that his father had decided to be a double agent, but before he could be deployed, he was killed by a foreign assassin. The car accident was just a cover-up, as the government didn’t want the people to know what had happened. Peter got the much-needed closure after learning everything about his father.

Peter and Rose had fallen in love and knew that no distance could ever separate them. Rose had decided to once again try to build her company back up because going through so much in the last few months had given her the confidence that she could do anything in life. President Travers wanted Peter to become a Night Agent and send him on a mission to an unnamed location, which Peter gladly accepted. He always wanted an opportunity to prove his worth and fight for the cause of his nation, and now, finally, he had one, and in season 2 of “The Night Agent” (if there is one), we would get to know what life had in store for him and if he would be able to live up to the challenges of his new life.

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