‘The Paramedic’ Summary & Review – A Superficial Hue of Suspicions


The Paramedic, a 2020 Spanish thriller, talks about a mortiferous weapon called suspicion that often serves a fatal blow on any relationship. Sometimes when people experience certain emotions, it tells a great deal about their sensibilities and personality. The Paramedic revolves around a complex personality and his tinted vision due to certain aggravated emotions. The film is directed by Carlos Torras and stars Mario Casas and Deborah Francois in the lead roles.

‘The Paramedic’ Summary

Angel Hernandez (Carlos Torras) is a paramedic working with the emergency medical services. He shares his living space with his girlfriend Venesa. There is a mystery that enwraps Angel and his obscure means from the starting itself. He has an apathetic sort of personality seldom showing any sympathy towards the patients whom he provides first aid. The story hints at him being a kleptomaniac, when he is seen stealing from the patients. There is an atmosphere of dominance amalgamated with a layer of fear that Angel has created in his living space. Venesa is subdued and often succumbs to the abuse she is put through. Angel meets an accident and as a result both his legs become dysfunctional. He becomes bound to his wheelchair. Amidst her dream to study animal psychology and intern under a vet she finds it difficult to maintain the finances of the house. Angel starts showing flares of PTSD with his aggravated suspicion towards Venesa. Venesa feels sympathetic towards his situation and gets guilt ridden from entertaining the very idea of leaving him. All kinds of thoughts start storming Angel’s mind and finally he decides to hack his girlfriend’s mobile phone. Vanesa finds out about this obsessive behavior and leaves him immediately. Determined to make her come back, Angel starts stalking her. Love takes the mould of an egoistic obsession as Angel is ready to go to any extent.

The story triggers certain interesting plot points but never harnesses them properly. It leaves a lot of loose ends. The kleptomaniac angle which could have been an interesting character curve is never properly dwelled into. There are scenes that particularly put our attention towards the cringe activities of the character when he steals from the pockets of unconscious patients but it doesn’t contribute to the story in any manner. It seems like the director didn’t feel like pursuing that angle so left it mid way. The characters are one dimensional and the script never gives an opportunity to the performers to flourish properly. The narrative suffers from a lot of banalities. They follow the predefined recipe of a predictable and stereotype thriller. Even after such loopholes, and a plot lacking novelty, the film is surprisingly watchable. You are almost certain of the events that are going to happen, but still the film is not dull and stodgy. Mario Casas playing Angel is in good form and makes optimum usage of whatever content is provided to him. Deborah Francois ably supports the protagonist, bringing out the sober nuances of a subdued girlfriend in a abusive household.

The Paramedic is a tepid affair that fails to properly reap the fertile ideas. Though not at all dull or weary the film ultimately becomes futile as it resorts to a stagnated narrative.

The film is streaming on Netflix.

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Sushrut Gopesh
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