‘The Perfect Find’ Ending, Explained: Did Jenna And Eric Get Back Together?


The Perfect Find revolves around the life of Jenna after she decides to make a comeback. Jenna stayed away from public scrutiny for a year after her publicized breakup with her long-term beau, Brian. She also lost her reputable job and decided to hide away at her mother’s apartment. A push from her mother prompted Jenna to travel back to New York and find a way to get back on her feet. Even though she had been away for a year, she continued to be an important figure in the fashion industry. Jenna met with her longtime nemesis, Darcy. An equally talented and celebrated media mogul, Darcy always assumed that Jenna was responsible for taking away all that she deserved. She enjoyed the fact that Jenna came begging for a job, and she offered her 90 days to prove her worth.

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‘The Perfect Find’ Plot Summary: What Happens In The Film?

Jenna and her friends attended a party in the hopes of finding a rebound for Jenna. It was awkward for Jenna, considering how most of the people at the party knew about the lowest point of her life. She chose a corner to calm her nerves, and that was where she met Eric. As young as he was, Eric was mature in the way he complimented Jenna, and she could not resist his adorable charm. They shared a passionate kiss, but soon Jenna regretted her decision. She was admittedly a little high, and the thought of making out with someone younger freaked her out. She rushed back home that night, and the next morning she was taken by surprise. As it turns out, Eric was Darcy’s son, and she had assigned him to work with Jenna. Jenna was shocked, to say the least. What she assumed was a forgettable instance turned into something extremely awkward. Eric could see the horror on Jenna’s face, and he admitted that they were both drunk and had made out at the party, but that was not the end of the world. As a photographer and a creative director, they had to work together to create content, which was what Eric and Jenna decided to focus on. But were they able to stick to just business?

Why Did Jenna And Eric Hide Their Relationship?

Jenna and Eric agreed to strictly stick to business, but there was a connection between the two, and they could not deny it. She could pour her heart out to Eric, and he could discuss his troubles with her. Even though Jenna was initially bothered by the age difference, she realized that it did not affect their relationship. Their mutual love for the yesteryear actress, Nina Mae McKinney and Hollywood star, Greta Garbo, eventually brought them together. They were not just perfect in bed, but they also made a great team at work. Eric brought Jenna’s vision to life with his videography skills.

Jenna tried to date men her age, but Eric was simply irresistible. Their project together was a success, and Jenna brought in thousands of subscribers, as promised to Darcy. But deep down, she knew that Darcy would never approve of her relationship with her son. She wanted to keep her relationship with Eric a secret, but everyone around them could pretty much guess what was going on. Darcy called Jenna to her office to congratulate her on her new project and also to find out if anything was truly going on between Jenna and Eric. She assumed that Eric had a crush on Jenna, and that motivated him to deliver. But Darcy made it quite clear that she did not wish for her son to be distracted. Jenna promised that Eric would not have any distractions in his life and  thus trouble begins in the The Perfect Find.

Eric wanted to make their relationship official, but Jenna knew that she would lose her job and reputation once again if they confirmed their relationship. But it was not easy for them to keep their relationship a secret. At a birthday party, Jenna was introduced to Eric’s ex-girlfriend, Madison. She could not stand Eric and Madison’s proximity and accused him of showing affection. She felt cheated when he introduced her as his colleague. She wanted the world to know that they were together, but when Eric asked her to kiss him in front of the crowd, she did not find the courage to do it. 

Jenna tried contacting Eric, but he did not respond. As she returned to her Brooklyn apartment, she saw Brian waiting for her. He was drunk. He had recently lost his mother, and he needed company. He tried contacting Jenna, but she did not show any interest in him. Eric noticed Jenna comforting Brian, and he assumed that he no longer stood a chance. Jenna dropped Brian off at his house. He invited her upstairs, but she was strict about not showing any weakness to the man who did not care to check on her after breaking up. He assumed that Jenna was acting cold because of her relationship with Eric. He ridiculed her for dating a man younger than her, but she was not ready to be shamed, and she left. The next morning, when Jenna found out that Eric was working from home, she managed to find a way to his penthouse. The two reconciled, but a disaster awaited them.

‘The Perfect Find’ Ending Explained: Did Jenna And Eric Get Back Together?

As Jenna and Eric were making out, Darcy entered the apartment. She was furious and fired Jenna. Jenna tried to explain how she and Eric fell in love, but Darcy could care less about it. Eric was disappointed when he found out that Jenna had made a promise to Darcy without his knowledge. He wanted to quit as well, but Darcy stopped him. Months passed after their embarrassing breakup, and Jenna finally contacted Eric. Eric had stopped working at Darzin and had moved out of his mother’s penthouse. He lived in Harlem and was working on a documentary film revolving around the life of his father; he had recently received a grant for it. Jenna had taken up a teaching position at Columbia University. Life was going well, but they missed each other. He met Jenna after receiving her message. He assumed she wanted to meet him to discuss their relationship, but as it turns out, Jenna was pregnant. Eric was surprised, and he did not know how he felt about the information. He did not come prepared for something as big as becoming a father, and he decided to take time to process it.

During The Perfect Find‘s ending, Darcy met Jenna at her apartment. Darcy was not pleased with the documentary Eric was making. All her life, she protected him from his father’s past. He worked on the streets and was murdered when Eric was a little boy. Darcy had to raise him all by herself; her parents did not approve of her partner, and they thought she was too young to become a mother. They did not care to show up at his funeral, and from then on, Darcy had been on her own with her little boy. Darcy extended her support to Jenna, even though she initially did not approve of her relationship with Eric. She remembered how lonely she felt when her parents abandoned her, and now that it was her chance to become a grandparent, she did not intend to make the same mistake. She encouraged Eric to be there for Jenna, and he gradually started to fit into his new role as the father. The couple finally named their son Otis, the name that he now shares with his late grandfather. The Perfect Find ends with Darcy inviting them to her gala and Eric and Jenna officially announcing their relationship and pregnancy to the world. After hitting several bumps in the road, Jenna and Eric were finally happy and together in the end.

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