‘This Little Love of Mine’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did Laura Marry Chip?


Christine Luby’s romantic drama, This Little Love of Mine, thematically explores, “work isn’t everything.” Life happens in those “little moments” we tend to ignore or forget to enjoy. We are too busy in our workaholic culture that we sometimes forget to live. The film underlines a similar notion, there is more to life than “just” work.

Screenwriter Georgia Harrison pens down a “going back to the roots story,” where her protagonist re-discovers her passion. Sometimes we need a break from the busyness and clumsiness of city life to retrospect our real dreams or desires. Corporates have us thinking that there is only one way up to the ladder, and that is crushing your youth for a better portfolio. But fortunate are those who believe in executing their ways. Laura and Chip’s story may influence you to redefine your purpose in life, as well.

Plot Summary

Ambitious Corporate Lawyer Laura Price (Saskia Hampele) works for a big city law firm, Hartley Jackson and Associates. Laura aspires to become a partner in the firm to execute her small-business model to help them get the extra support they can’t afford. But getting a partnership seat isn’t that easy.

The opportunity strikes. CEO Graham Finely approaches Laura’s firm to help convince his grandson, Chip, to sign a contract and become the next CEO of Finley Developments. Laura and Chip were childhood best friends in Sapphire Cove, where Laura grew up. Weighing the strong bond between Laura and Chip, Graham perceives that she will be his best bait to save his company from remaining in the family. According to the Company Retirement Clause, Graham will soon be 85, and he will be obliged to leave the CEO seat. The board will decide on a new CEO until and unless an heir takes over the corporation.

In return for the favor, Graham promises Finely Development will become a permanent Hartley Jackson and Associates client. Laura’s boss, Mrs. Wilde, imagines a big client bringing big money and thus, in enthusiasm, pushes Laura to accept the proposal. Laura is in doubt about going back to her hometown, Sapphire Cove. However, Wilde plays her trump card and pinches Laura’s weakness. She promises prospects of a partnership if Laura cracks the deal with Finely.

Being short of options, Laura lands in Sapphire Cove to deal with stubborn Chip Finley, who refuses to sign the contract. The romantic arguments bring in nostalgic moments Laura and Chip once shared, marking the end and the beginning of everything.

‘This Little Love of Mine’ Ending, Explained

Like all cliche romantic stories with a happy ending, This Little Love of Mine was no different. Chip signed the paper, Laura became the partner, but did they get together?

Laura convinced Chip to find a middle ground with his Grandfather. Chip wanted to be on the island, and Graham wanted Chip to become the CEO. Laura suggested that if the headquarters of Finley Development got shifted to Sapphire Cove, he could do both, and that was all he wanted. A clause was integrated into the contract, and that was it. Chip signed it for Laura.

Laura’s promotion and the partnership were dependent on Chip’s signature. Chip understood how badly she wanted to become a partner, and thus, he didn’t hold himself back. However, Wilde called back Laura as soon as she received the contracts.

Laura was going back, and it meant another separation for the childhood romantics. But then, something stopped Laura.

Over the call, Wilde started discussing partnership politics that prioritized the firm’s commercial projects over Laura’s small business model. Laura realized that corporations were a spiral web. It attracted her because it could be a definite ground where Laura could make her dreams come true. But that’s a double-faced lie. Corporations are only interested in profits and big clients. They aren’t bothered about small businesses or helping people because charity doesn’t bring money.

Laura left the job and decided to start her law firm in Sapphire Cove. If it was Laura’s dream, then she needed to protect it at any cost. She escaped the corporate web when she had the opportunity.

Graham sent Chip to dig up a necklace from a hidden location that only Laura and Chip knew about. He thought nostalgia melted Laura once, and this childhood memory would help Chip to win her heart. When Chip reached the treasure spot, the box was empty. Later, Laura told him that she stole the necklace piece (a Starfish-designed pendant) before leaving the island. This particular memory of Chip acted as the only lucky charm Laura had in life throughout the years. Laura referred to the Lucky Charm at different points in the film, suggesting that she always had feelings for Chip but was afraid to encounter.

Maybe, the two couples lived happily ever after, enjoying their adventurous married life on Sapphire Cove.

This Little Love of Mine is a 2021 Romantic Drama Film directed by Christine Luby. It is streaming on Netflix.

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