‘Trapped In The Farmhouse’ Ending, Explained: Is Jack Dead?


Directed by Peter Sullivan, Trapped in the Farmhouse does not bring anything unique or spectacular to the table and ends up being an underwhelming affair. The director is never able to create any kind of suspense, and at the end, you just can’t understand what the motive behind making the film is. The characters are not explored properly, the screenplay has many loose ends, the revelations do not surprise you at all, and the performances are also ineffective. There is a lack of passion in the film, and it seems to be a lazy and half-hearted attempt. So, let’s find out what happened at the farmhouse and if our protagonist is able to come out of there alive.

Spoilers Alert

‘Trapped In The Farmhouse’ Plot Summary: What Is The Story?

Emma was on the road when the warning for a storm was issued, and the entire region went on high alert. Emma was going to her sister Elena’s place, and she thought that she would reach there before the storm hit, but her tire got punctured, and she had to make a pit stop at a house she found near the highway itself. The huge house stood in the middle of nowhere, and Emma was a bit skeptical about going inside the place as she didn’t have a good feeling about it. But she had no other option, as she could literally see the tornado coming her way. She knocked on the door multiple times, but nobody opened it, and suddenly a man came out of nowhere and took her inside a basement, telling her that they would be safe there. The man introduced himself as Jack and told Emma to be calm, as they were safe in the basement. The storm passed, and once again, both Emma and Jack came out in the open. Jack asked Emma if she wanted to have coffee, and for courtesy’s sake, Emma agreed to come inside the house and spend a little more time there before hitting the road again. The hesitation that Emma felt when Jack asked her to come inside his house was evidently visible on her face, but since he had helped her in a time of need, she wasn’t able to say no.

Jack told Emma that his wife had passed away a year ago and that his daughter Kylie was at her grandmother’s in Florida. There was something very strange about Jack, and Emma had her guard up at all times since she didn’t feel safe in his presence. It felt like he was hiding something, or maybe he had something on his mind that he was not telling. Jack, in a very awkward moment, told Emma that she looked like his late wife and then asked her to stay inside while he changed the tires of her car. Emma told him she would come out and help him, but it seemed like Jack was overly concerned about her well-being and told her she should stay indoors as the storm could come any time. Jack repaired the puncture, and for some reason, he was trying to find ways to make Emma stop. But Emma told him that she had to be at her sister’s as she would be getting worried, and she left the house. But as soon as Emma stepped out, she saw another tornado coming her way, and inevitably, she had to once again go back to Jack’s house. Emma had heard some weird noises coming from the room upstairs, and it felt like somebody, apart from Jack, was also in the house. She asked Jack about it but he completely negated her claims and told her that it was probably the creaking sound made by the wood.

The storm passed, and Emma once again got up to leave. Jack tried to convince her not to go outside, but Emma didn’t agree. She was getting mixed signals from Jack, and she was not able to ascertain whether he was actually trying to protect her or if there was some sinister plan in his mind. It did feel like, at times, that he was a bit mentally unstable since he became quite persistent about not letting Emma leave. Jack asked Emma to just stay for a bit longer until he repaired the generator. He went outside, leaving Emma in the house, and she intuitively felt that something bad was going to happen to her. She immediately grabbed her keys and went outside, but before she got inside her car, Jack hit her on the head. Emma fell unconscious, and she woke up to find that her hands and legs were tied to a chair.

Was Jack Suffering From A Savior’s Complex?

Emma found herself trapped in the farmhouse, and she had no clue what Jack was up to. Jack told Emma that she had hurt herself, and that is why he had tied her hands to protect her. Emma asked him if she could go to the washroom, and he agreed to take her there. Emma didn’t open the door for a long time, and Jack got paranoid, thinking that she must be trying to escape. Jack broke open the door, and he assumed that she would have escaped from the window, but Emma was still hiding in the washroom. Jack went down to find her, and Emma came down behind him, and once again tried to escape. She sat in her car, but it didn’t start, leaving no option for her but to hide on the property itself. Emma tried contacting her sister Elena, and fortunately, she was able to get some network. She was just able to tell Elena that she was stuck at some house that was near Highway 55 before the call once again disconnected. Jack found her at last and took her inside the basement this time, as he suspected that the police might arrive searching for her. Jack was right in his assumption, as moments later, Deputy Schultz arrived at his house as Elena had informed the local police station about her sister being in danger. The deputy could feel that Jack was up to something, but just as she was about to enter the basement, Jack shot her down.

Jack wanted Emma to accept him as family and stay with him in that house forever. He repeatedly told that he wanted to look out for her, and we believe that he must have been suffering from the Savior’s complex. Emma realized that she was not the first one with whom he had tried to force himself, and probably the family who stayed in that house had met a similar fate. Jack didn’t realize that he was scaring Emma, and he wanted her to accept that whatever he was doing was in her best interests. He wanted her to be grateful that he saved her life and, moreover, wanted her to stay with him forever. Emma had realized that this man was not of sound mind, and she was trying to find an opportunity to escape. She knew that she would have to make him feel like family, win his trust, and beat him at his own game. 

‘Trapped In The Farmhouse’ Ending Explained: Is Jack Dead?

Emma was drugged by Jack, and when she regained consciousness, she opened her handcuffs using a pen and went inside the room on the upper floor, where she had heard the noises coming from. A girl named Kylie was caged there, and Emma got to know that she was not Jack’s daughter, as he had told her earlier. Kylie used to live with her mother, and Jack used to deliver groceries to them from a local store. Jack had been eyeing the house for quite some time, and one day, finding the opportunity, he came inside and made both the mother and the daughter captives in their own house. Jack probably killed the mother, and he put Kylie in the room. He often used to go up there and play games with her. He pretended as if Kylie and her mother needed saving, and he had done them a favor by coming into their lives. Emma and Kylie were able to escape from that room upstairs, and hide in the basement before the storm came once again. Emma managed to lock the door of the basement before Jack could come inside.

The next morning, the police came, and they presumed that Jack had died in the storm, though his body could never be found. Kylie had been locked up for months, and she had never expected that she would come out of it alive. She didn’t even have any hope when Emma arrived, as she had presumed that Jack would eventually catch them. But Emma told her that she would not leave her behind, no matter what. At the end of Trapped in the Farmhouse, Kylie asks Emma if she could stay with her for the time being, and Emma gladly accepts her request. Emma would probably take Kylie to Austin and give her the life she deserves. They both didn’t have a lot of people in their lives, and they would cherish this bond that had been created out of a tragedy in their lives.

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