‘True Lies’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Harry Able To Get The Files From Lisa Hardy?


Harry Taskar, in the past, often used to tell Gib to cover for him while he was on a mission, and his secret got revealed in “True Lies” Episode 8 when Helen caught him red-handed. Harry gave her the same locket on her birthday that he had given her approximately three years earlier, and Helen realized that all those moments that were so precious to her were, in reality, mere fabrications. Harry didn’t understand what the problem was, as according to him, he was the one who had asked Gib to do the needful, but for Helen, the entire dynamics of their relationship had changed because those special moments which she thought came from her husband were in reality an analysis of her likes and dislikes conducted by Gib. Helen was kind of disappointed in him, and she had started realizing that Harry, at times, did things to cover up his mistakes and portrayed them like he actually had a plan in mind. Harry was pretty good at dressing up a lie, and no matter what justification he wanted to give, Helen was in no mood to reconcile.

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What Was Ocularis Venture Up To?

The Omega Sector research team had come up with the information that the Berlin-based hedge fund, Ocularis Ventures, was somehow involved in the recent disasters that had happened in different parts of the world and caused widespread damage and destruction. Ocularis had generated millions of dollars on investments that they had made that depended upon the happening of these accidents. The Omega Sector believed that it was no coincidence that they played their cards perfectly every single time, and somehow, they seemed to never incur losses in the wake of such unprecedented events. Omega Sector’s guess was that these events were made to look unprecedented, but they were neatly orchestrated by the hedge fund organization. The CEO of the hedge fund was a guy named Reed Kessler, who was believed to be the mastermind behind the entire scandal.

Kessler was ex-CIA, and that’s why Gib and the others knew that the threat was even greater because he was not any commoner but an agent of the world’s most coveted spy agency. Ocularis’ latest investment was in the cruise ship industry, and that’s why Gib feared that Kessler’s next target would be a ship, and he would make sure the industry procured huge losses. Gib told the team that they had tried hacking inside the system, but they had been unsuccessful, so it was decided that they would personally send agents and get some evidence that proved that Kessler was intentionally causing these accidents and making them look like mere coincidences. The Omega research team found out that Lisa Hardy, the senior vice president, looked over the charity and other CSR projects undertaken by the company. Lisa was also Kessler’s girlfriend, and that is what made her a very important asset, with whose help Omega Sector aimed to hack the company’s database. 

‘True Lies’ Episode 8 Ending Explained: Did Harry Get The Files From Lisa Hardy?

Harry was given the responsibility of convincing Lisa to give him a sneak peek inside Kessler’s computer so that he could get some evidence to prove that Kessler and his board members were involved in the conspiracy. Gib hacked into Lisa’s system to take a look at her schedule and plan when and where Harry could catch her off guard. Gib got to know that there was a 10-minute window where Harry could meet her and try to reason with her and tell her what her partner was up to. Harry was given the cover identity of an investigative journalist, and he went to meet Lisa, while Luther and Maria made sure that they added as many obstacles as they could in Reed’s way so that he was not able to meet Lisa on time and Harry got more time to convince her. Lisa, obviously, was not ready to believe that her boyfriend could do such a thing, and in the end, Harry gave her his card and told her to call him if she changed her mind.

Meanwhile, Helen got even more mad and disappointed in Harry as he used all sorts of private information in the mission, and she felt that the personal moments that held a special place in her heart were all fake and her privacy being violated. Harry was still not able to comprehend why Helen would get so mad if he used her nickname and told Lisa that it was his cat’s name.

Gib realized that Lisa was not going to call Harry, and he would have to send someone else to brainwash her into believing that what her boyfriend was doing was not right. Gib knew that Lisa had a conscience, and if she was somehow made to believe that she was indirectly responsible for the deaths of so many innocent people, then she might give them a chance to take a look at Kessler’s files. Helen approached Lisa at the charity gala disguised as a well-wisher, and she influenced her to confront her husband and try to know the truth if she felt that he was hiding something. The seed had been sown in Lisa’s mind, and she finally gave a call to Harry and asked him to come and take a look at the files. Lisa was desperate to know the truth, and she hoped that her boyfriend was not involved in any illegitimate activities. The truth left Lisa disheartened, as she came to know that her boyfriend, Reed Kessler, was the one who had planned those disasters and covered his tracks to make them look like accidents. Kessler was keeping track of Lisa’s movements, and he knew what she was up to. Kessler attacked with his men, but the Omega Sector spies were able to get the better of him. Reed Kessler was taken into custody, the ship he was planning to bomb was informed in advance, and all the passengers aboard were safely taken off the ship.

At the end of “True Lies” Episode 8, Maria got to know that Luther and Quinn were secretly dating, though she had doubts about the sustainability of the relationship. Gib also encountered a similar situation to Harry’s, and he understood that there was a difference between love and duty, and if it didn’t come from the heart, then it didn’t make any sense. He realized that there was no point in programming an AI and sending messages to one’s partner at regular intervals just to keep her happy. Harry realized that he was wrong in delegating things that should have actually come from him. He realized that he was asking Gib to create memories on his behalf which he knew that his wife believed came from him, and that is why when she got to know about it, she felt cheated. Harry gave a well-thought-out gift to Helen on her birthday and told her he had realized his mistakes. He knew that he had played with somebody’s emotions and told Helen, and though it was not his intention, he would make sure it didn’t happen again.

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