‘Truth Be Told’ Season 3, Episode 9: Recap & Ending, Explained – Who Attacked Trini? Is Eva Dead Or Alive?


As “Truth Be Told” Season 3 inches closer to the finale, we are coming to know just how deep the conspiracy runs. Additionally, as much as this season was about uncovering the sex trafficking ring, it was also about the trauma of survivors of all kinds and across generations. We are not going to lie; it was exhausting to watch at times, but there was not a single instance where it felt preachy or blatant, and that meant a lot. Therefore, without wasting more time, let us take a look at what the ninth episode of “Truth Be Told” Season 3 has to offer.

Spoilers Ahead

Did Eva kill Andrew Finney?

Eva has been acting suspiciously since the last two episodes of “Truth Be Told” Season 3, and we still don’t understand her reasons for it. We do not understand her anger at not having her interview broadcast through Poppy’s podcast. Despite her having made up with Poppy, we are not convinced of her forgiveness because we do not understand the reason for her being so hurt, to begin with. Meanwhile, when investigating Finney’s death, as Aames is going through the security tapes in the parking lot, he finds that Eva met Finney minutes before he was killed. She was the last known person to see him alive and was likely the person who killed him. Poppy is surprised at this revelation, but she doesn’t rule her out. She tries to snoop through some of Eva’s things but doesn’t find anything and instead, alerts Eva that something might be wrong.

Later, during the investigation, the police trace the car used to run over Finney to Nico Zebka. When Aames goes to meet him with Markus, Nico tells them that he gets requests on Questeur for sending cars to events. When Markus and Aames look at the screenshots of the messages, they realize that Questeur has a hidden feature that they do not know about. Poppy tries to go through Eva’s phone again, but she is caught this time. Eva and Poppy have a fight where they make it clear that they don’t trust each other. An angry Eva calls up Poppy’s company, Boisterous, and tells them about her interview that Poppy did not use. That puts Poppy in a difficult position since her bosses now want her to cancel the entire deal for the podcast. We still have a hard time understanding why Eva is acting with so much spite. She seems completely oblivious to Poppy’s intentions of protecting her, and that is baffling.

Meanwhile, Markus and Aames ask questions in the area the car was parked in, and one of the witnesses tells them that Eva wasn’t the one driving the car. He also helps draw a sketch of the driver, who turns out to be Rochelle. Eva was not the one who killed Andrew Finney. It was Rochelle, and she was certainly acting on someone’s orders. As for Poppy and Eva, they make up again, and Eva apologizes for what she did. Eva had previously identified the girl in the video with Finney as Nadia, who was someone that Eva brought into her life. Poppy and Eva decide to meet and ask Nadia why she was recording the video. When they go to meet her, Nadia tells Eva that she has done a lot of healing and forgives her now. Later, she revealed that the person who had asked her to record the video was Lee Hackman. Poppy had suspected as much since she knew about the hidden application on Questeur and saw that he had gone to Stanford—clues that set her mind racing. She realizes that he might have been the one blackmailing Finney after all, which means that he is the one running the trafficking ring.

Season 3, Episode 9: Ending Explained – Who Attacked Trini? Is Eva Dead Or Alive?

Trini is struggling to adjust to normal life. It doesn’t help that the people in school are thoughtless bullies, but she is able to deal with them. However, she is not able to deal with the pressure of being normal. Things will never be the same again, and she sees it as some kind of failure. When she sees her dad drinking, she blames it on herself. She even has a panic attack in school due to a trigger from when she was being groomed by Aubrey, and while she is rushing out, she runs into Eva, who tells her that if she makes a choice to testify against Bill Ochoa, she will stand right by her. Trini feels that she must testify whether she is ready or not because only then can she move forward. And it is only when she moves on that her parents will be able to do the same. When Trini breaks down at the dinner table due to the pressure, Zarina assures her that their love for her will never change, regardless of what happens. With some courage and renewed confidence, Trini agrees to testify in court against Bill Ochoa. But before she can do that, a shooter tries to attack her. Eva spots him in time and protects Trini but ends up getting shot in the process. We will only know in the finale of “Truth Be Told” Season 3 whether the wound is fatal or not, but we expect Eva to make it through.

Final Thoughts

We are glad to see Poppy making progress in her personal life by telling her sisters the truth about their mother. Even Shreve’s long standing hurt feelings and the ensuing issues have been resolved due to his finally knowing his wife’s real reason for abandoning their family. The truth really does set everyone free. But what we want to see in “Truth Be Told” Season 3 finale is the mystery of Eva solved. In a season filled with people with “perfect trauma,” Eva’s actions feel deliberate and sketchy. Maybe it is just us, but we believe that her motivations are a lot more complicated than we are able to decipher, and we want to know what they are. The rest of the pieces have pretty much fallen into place, and once this missing piece of the puzzle is solved, it will make for a fitting finale to a wonderful show.

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