‘Unsuspicious’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Who Killed Jorgihno? Will There Be A Season 2?


Mystery comedy is a strange genre that requires a minimum of compelling mystery and well-written comedy to captivate the audience, none of which is found in the Brazilian comedy series “Unsuspicious.” The thriller comedy “Unsuspicious”, released by Netflix, is packed with some annoying performances along with a forced laugh. The show is a shaky presentation built on the structure of a decent mystery story. So let’s find out how engaging we find this show with the story made in the style of Agatha Christie’s “Whodunit” and the clumsy addition of some humor to it. 

Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Jorgihno Call Everybody? 

“Unsuspicious” Season 1 depicts the murder mystery of a very influential and rich playboy named Jorgihno. He is surrounded by some lovers and wives whom he invites to his home. Each individual arrives with their own family, including girlfriend Thyellen and her brother Raul, current wife Patricia and her brother Mauricio, and numerologist/yoga instructor Xandra and ex-wife Bete and her family with Jorgihno’s child Yara. Jorgihno invites these three families and confesses to them that someone is after him to take his life. But when these people do not want to help him, Jorgihno threatens them by occupying their property, which worries the three families. But before they can decide between themselves, Jorgihno is murdered later that night. Then a crazy detective, Charles Nunes, arrives at the scene to investigate the crime. But a discussion begins between these three families about escaping from the scene, which casts our eye of suspicion on each of them one by one. But it is known that everyone has some purpose of their own. 

A point to be noted is that Bete’s other brother, Darlison, used to work as a cook in her ex-husband Jorghino’s house, which gets ultimately caught by Bete and her brother Aquila. The story moves forward with the families living happily in Jorgihno’s palace, even with the funeral atmosphere. But detective Nunes, stumbling on his way, keeps tracking everybody. But his detection game is so strong that it gets caught in almost everyone’s eyes. But when Nunes starts interrogating everybody one by one, each of them becomes a suspect. 

What Are The Secrets?

The investigation begins in full swing when Yara teams up with Nunes. And it turns out that everyone is concealing some secret. Everyone catches Patricia having an affair with Darlison, and it is also known that Thyellen faked her pregnancy to blackmail Jorgihno to get the property, so Mauricio starts falling for her. But the biggest mystery unfolds when Washington’s game ends. Nunes sees him entering Jorghino’s room and checking on his letters and passports. Nunes discovers that Washington is not Jorghino’s real butler, but his real name is Marconi Goncalves, who made a deal with Jorgihno to hide his identity. 

But Marconi does not share the blame alone but unmasks everyone present at the dinner table by revealing their true selves. Marconi exposes Patricia’s secret lover, Darlison, which is what everyone knows already, but he reveals that Darlison is planning to run off to Paris. He continues, revealing Xandra’s secret love for Patricia. The murder spree has already begun with Patricia’s brother Mauricio’s plan to blast Jorhihno by leaking gas in the shed. Thyellen’s fake church money and her fake pregnancy drama are also caught. Even Yara’s real paternity and Bete’s false property claims are caught in front of everyone. Therefore, it is known that no one is a saint, but everyone had enough reason and motive to kill Jorgihno. After this, when thunder rumbling blows off the lights, Marconi attempts to escape with the money from Jorghino’s chest and his statue but is stopped by Yara. When Yara intercepts him, Marconi points the gun at her, but the bullet is deflected and hits the statue. While Nunes saves Yara, Marconi escapes by the door. On his way to reach the helicopter on the roof, he falls off the flowerbed of the garden and dies. Yara confronts her mother to ask about her real father. Bete hesitates to tell the truth, and she cries. Yara feels her mother’s pain and empathizes with the situation her mother is in. 

‘Unsuspicious’ Ending Explained – Who Killed Jorgihno? 

It is eventually revealed that Marconi is actually Jorgihno’s murderer, who poisoned his tea and killed him. Jorighno dies of Marconi’s tea poisoning, but neither Thyellen nor Bete comes to his aid despite seeing him having a stroke in front of their eyes. Additionally, Jorgihno was already dead when Xandra stabbed him. Therefore, everyone in this scene, including Marconi, was indirectly involved in this murder. Since no evidence is found against these nine people, they are all ruled out as suspects. Nunes dares to romance Bete, and Yara appears with another secret. She gives Nunes Marconi’s phone, which fell in the garden, and there, the call recording catches him being pushed by someone from the roof. That gives a clear hint that someone from these nine people pushed Marconi and is therefore involved in the murder of both Marconi and Jorgihno. So the work of Nunes is going to be more difficult, knowing that one of these nine people has become sinister. So we can speculate that the real killer hasn’t been caught by the end of Season 1 and therefore his or her true identity will be revealed in “Unsuspicious” Season 2.

Final Words: A Cliché Comedy Drama 

This less suspicious show, “Unsuspicious” by Netflix, is nothing but a bigger disaster presentation at the last minute. Extremely cliched comedy and cringe-acting make the series unwatchable from the very first episode. In the remaining 8 episodes, the story has been dragged for no reason, and an attempt has been made to give a bomb-blastic reveal at the end that doesn’t even get a clear shape. The repeated use of lightning as a background score doesn’t even surprise us, but it transforms this so-called Netflix series into a typical television drama. Although “Unsuspicious” Season 1 ends on a cliffhanger, it is questionable whether viewers are willing to watch Season 2 anymore.

“Unsuspicious” is a 2022 Drama Thriller Series created by César Rodrigues and Leandro Soares.

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