‘Vivo’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did Vivo Deliver Andres’ Last Song?


What difference can one song make? It is the exact question Vivo (a kinkajou) asks himself and from his beloved owner. For some, love is just a chemical imbalance, while for others, it is a feeling to live and die for. Love doesn’t give you powers to rectify the past, cure illness, or travel in space or time. Still, it is the one thing that transcends dimensions of time and space. For Vivo, the last song may not hold much importance. But for Andres Hernández, it was a means to fill the void between him and his lover, Marta.

Love may be the core of Kirk DeMicco’s animated musical film. But it is enriched by a much stronger feeling of companionship. The characters written by Quiara Alegría Hudes share a stimulating bond that can either warm one’s heart or flood their eyes with tears. Vivo also marks the first animated musical film produced by Sony Pictures Animation.

‘Vivo’ Plot Summary

Andres Hernández is an old and humble street organ player. He melodiously entertains his audience with his pet kinkajou (rainforest honey bear). The charismatic duo lives a quiet and straightforward life in Havana, Cuba, and plays for the plaza each day. The money collected through their music adventures helps to fill their stomach and their soul.
In music, they found their solace and were in sync until the letter came.

Andres’s ex-singing partner and his secret love, Marta Sandoval, informs him about her retirement and her farewell concert at Mambo Cabana in Miami. Marta requests Andres’ presence to kindle their nostalgia and relive good old times. The town persuades Andres to take the offer and realize his dream to perform with Marta again. Andres walks down memory lane and decides to deliver the last song he wrote for Martha before they parted ways and she left Cuba.

Unfortunately, before Andres can commence his romantic voyage, he leaves the world in his sleep. To fulfill his owner’s last wish, Vivo decides to deliver the previous song to Marta before her farewell concert on 16th June. He sneaks into a box of musical instruments. He travels to Florida with Andres’s niece, Rosa Hernández, and her fiery teenage daughter, Gabriela’ Gabi.’ The new adventures await Vivo with a purpose at his disposal to deliver the song that enveloped Andres’s unexpressed feelings for Marta.

‘Vivo’ Ending Explained

During the wild jungle adventure, Vivo, Gabi, and Sand Dollars trio survived the threats of the python Lutador. Still, Andres’s last song page got drenched in the swamp water in their cut and run. Gabi and Vivo thought it was the low end of their journey. But soon, the duo suddenly realized that the song was still fresh and alive in their memory. Gabi remembered the lyrics, and Vivo knew the melody, and together they revived Andres’ last song.

With the help of Sand Dollars and their luxurious boat, Gabi and Vivo reached Miami shore minutes before Marta’s farewell concert. They triumphantly reached Mambo Cabana, but Gabi’s mother Rosa spotted her and started chasing her at the entrance. In a chase-and-run, Gabi reached a dead end of the stage venue and convinced Vivo to travel further alone. Before parting, they promised to see each other again.

In the end, Vivo fulfilled Andres’ last desire and delivered his last song to his beloved Marta. As soon as Marta left for the show, Vivo chased Gabi and Rosa for a heartwarming reunion. Rosa finally realized that Gabi didn’t lie to her and how important this journey was for Andres and Vivo. Rosa eventually forgave Gabi and accepted Vivo as the new member of the family. In a visually compelling sequence, Vivo, Gabi, and Rosa witnessed Marta’s performance on Andres’ last desire. The much-desired closure came to an end.

A new life began for Gabi, who designed a techno street organ and entertained the audience of the Key West Plaza with Vivo. She befriended Sand Dollars and became sociable as Rosa wanted her to be. All the film’s central characters joined the performance at Key West Plaza, including Marta, thus leading to a cheerful, happy ending.

Vivo is a 2021 Musical Adventure Film directed by Kirk DeMicco. It is based on an original idea by Peter Barsocchini.

A special mention for Lin-Manuel Miranda for writing such catchy soulful songs, especially the “My Own Dream.”

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