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Love is a complicated affair. For some, it is being in the moment and for some, it is planning to spend the rest of your future with someone. The best and worst part of love is subjectivity. It hits differently to individuals differently and people have different meanings of it. It is a tragedy when these two different sets of people, with different love in mind and heart, fall in love with each other. We Broke Up directed by Jeff Rosenberg showcases one such tragedy but tries to keep it light and humorous as much as it can. However, matters of love can’t be ignored with a chuckle, isn’t it?

‘We Broke Up’ Summary

Lori (Aya Cash) and Doug (William Jackson Harper) are a happy go couple in a relationship. They are perfect for the world, just not perfect for each other. That is why they decide to break up. Doug wanted to take the next big step in their relationship, that is to get married. But Lori isn’t ready. She doesn’t know when the right time will come, she just knows that “now” is not that moment. That’s the difference between these two individuals, one is planning for the future while the other can’t leave the present.

Things get complicated when a separated Lori and Doug are invited to Lori’s younger sibling (Bea) wedding. Bea, an overenthusiastic and firm believer in love has arranged a colorful wedding ceremony in the countryside, “ArrowHead Pines Lodge.” The couple decides to spend the weekend without letting the family know that they have broken up.

However, a couple of events and interesting games at the ceremony stirs the forgotten emotions they had for each other. They want to be with each other but they are still very confused. The story further explores the confusion. Will they decide to be together again or part their ways giving each other a chance to retrospect?

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘We Broke Up’ Ending Explained

Seeing Doug with someone else during one of the nights at the lodge makes Lori jealous. In the heat of the moment, she decides to say yes to Doug’s marriage proposal. The couple gets engaged. But does Lori really want to get married?

Doug could see Lori’s confusion. He can foresee what was coming but he felt that Lori isn’t brave enough to face it for the second time. In a heated argument, Doug digs out Lori’s confusion. He makes her own up, that she might have said yes to the marriage but she isn’t ready for the wedding.

“You don’t actually want to get married.”


For a brief moment, Lori tries to defend her impulsive decision to marry Doug. But finally, she spells out the confusions and beliefs of her worried heart.

“I don’t care about the wedding because I actually like our life.”


Doug wants to label the relationship, make it more real, seal it with the emblem of marriage but Lori doesn’t want these things. She feels that marriage would ruin their love for each other. When Doug finally asks about the future, Lori is numb. It is quite evident that these two people who passionately love each other have no future together.

Bea who adored Lori and Doug and thought their relationship was the epitome of love is devastated when she learns about their breakup. The next day, she goes missing and her fiance Jayson tries tooth-n-nail to find her out. When Bea asks Lori why can’t she and Doug be together again, she just avoids the question.

“We can’t. But you guys can.”


Lori convinces Bea to marry Jayson. But the original love birds of the story, Lori and Doug decide to end their relationship.

“People change, feelings change, but that doesn’t mean that the love once shared wasn’t true and real. It simply means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart.”

Lori and Doug leave their relationship at a riveting point. Maybe, in the future, they might realize the void and come back together. Or maybe they find someone else who shares their idea of love and spends their lives with them. In matters of love, the possibility is vast and often random.

We Broke Up is a subtle romantic film. Anyone who has been in love and faced tragedy or confusion will resonate with the film or at least with a few scenes. It is not entirely a well-written film but it’s cute. I mean, it gives you something to think and ponder upon. It doesn’t give a sudden impact but when the movie ends, the weariness of Lori and Doug keeps repeating in your mind.

Aya Cash and William Jackson Harper are incredibly charming as the couple. While the film isn’t a heavy material to showcase one’s acting talent, the film is an adorable ride that reaps their bewitching cuteness.

We Broke Up is a 2021 Romantic Comedy directed by Jeff Rosenberg. The film is available for Video On Demand.

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