‘Werewolves Within’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did They Kill The Lycanthrope?


In Werewolves Within, Josh Ruben sets up an Agatha Christie kind-of mystery, filled with Scooby-Doo kind-of fun. Based on the video game of the same name, screenplay writer Mishna Wolff has plotted an isolated world filled with bizarre characters. In the small Vermont town, the closest living neighbors suspect each other for gruesome killings. It is perceived that there is a werewolf hiding among them, and most of the thrill is spent in figuring out the sinner.

However, with a slight comedy touch and tickling performance, Sam Richardson garnishes the narrative. Enough said, Werewolves Within is both intriguing and amusing.

Plot Summary

Beaverfield’s resident, Dave Sherman, who is running away from his married life, is grisly murdered in the snow-covered forest in a prologue sequence. 29.5 days later, a new ranger, Finn Wheeler (Sam Richardson), arrives in the small snow town. And the narrative kicks in, satisfying the words of Leo Tolstoy, ‘All stories begin a man goes on a journey, or a stranger comes to town.

Mailwoman Cecily Moore (Milana Vayntrub) gives a tour to the new ranger, who lodges his luggage in Jeanine’s lodge (Dave Sherman’s wife). She tells Finn that everything in town is questionable, whether it is the weather or the residents. With a statutory warning, she introduces Finn to the bizarre characters. The takeaway from Cecily’s long funny tour is, the residents are divided over the idea of a gas pipeline proposed by a business Sam Parker, staying at the same lodge as Finn.

The differences get intensified when Trish Anderson’s dog is killed. With two killings in a row, the residents freak out. To add blackout horror to their lives, the electric generator gets destroyed. Finn buckles up to unravel the mystery when he spots Dave Sherman’s body underneath the lodge’s porch. An Environmentalist staying at Jeanine’s lodge, Dr. Ellis, scrutinizes the body and concludes it to be a work of a lycanthrope, a werewolf. The residents lock themselves inside Jeanine’s lodge, only to discover later that the werewolf is one of them. But who is it?

‘Werewolves Within’ Ending Explained

After an engaging chase-and-run and kicking and shooting sequence, Cecily brought a stabbed Finn to the town’s bar, Kitch Kingdom. At the bar, Finn discovered Dave Sherman’s Identity card. It revealed that Dave was the previous mailman of Beaverfield before Cecily replaced him. Other items in Cecily’s secret storeroom concluded that Cecily didn’t want the residents to contact the outer world. She wanted to trap them in a snow-hit town. But why?

Cecily was the werewolf everyone was looking out for. She killed Dave to take his place and get familiar with the residents. Later, taking advantage of their ongoing pipeline conflict, she plotted a spicier drama in the town. Her little lies rolled down the mountain, piling up into a big snow rock and hitting the town with a tragedy. And what did she get in the end? Well, she said, “Girl’s gotta eat, and I got dinner on ice till spring.” Basic dog-eat-dog pursuit.

However, Cecily didn’t want to kill Finn. She liked him because he was a nice guy in a town filled with two-face pricks. When her secret werewolf identity got unraveled, Cecily had no option but to kill Finn as well.

In the last action sequence, Emerson Flint and Jeanine Sherman saved Finn’s life. Jeanine killed werewolf Cecily with Sam Parker’s crossbow, thereby saving the town (actually not the town, but the three left in Beaverfield).

Werewolves Within is a 2021 Horror Comedy Film directed by Josh Ruben. The film is produced by Ubisoft Motion Pictures, based on the video game created by Red Storm Entertainment.

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