‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 1 Summary & Ending, Explained – Unfolding The Past


A major portion of the Who Killed Sara? runs in the past. It is in the past where lies the deepest darkest secrets. The plot explores the murder mystery of a young girl named Sara Guzmán (Ximena Lamadrid). While Parasailing, the supportive belt rips out and Sara falls into the pond killing her instantly. The passengers of the boat to which the parachute was tied included her brother, Alex Guzmán (Manolo Cardona), Lazcano Brothers – Rodolfo and Chema, a house help Elroy, and their friend, Nicandro.

As the opening sequence ends, we see Sara’s brother Alex Guzmán (Manolo Cardona) come out of prison after 18 years. Alex recalls the events of the past and that’s how the mystery unfolds.

‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 1 Summary

Alex and Sara were connected to a rich but notorious Lazcano family. Sara was dating the eldest son, Rodolfo when she died. To save his son from legalities, Rodolfo’s father and the head of the family, César Lazcano pressurizes Alex to take the blame. César promises a month or two imprisonment and medical facilities for his mother in exchange for a sacrifice made for the Lazcano family. However,  César cheats Alex and in the court of law, he is charged with homicide of plotting murder against Rodolfo, the trap that caused Sara’s death. Alex is sentenced to 30 years.

When Alex comes out early from the prison for his good behavior, his conscious is burning with a vengeance for his dead mother and sister. 

Why Watch ‘Who Killed Sara’?

For anyone looking for a catchy thriller filled with mysterious element, Who Killed Sara? is the perfect choice.

Who Killed Sara? hooks you with the pursuit of revenge. Alex, a pioneer in coding and hacking, becomes a pain for the Lazcano family. Through his skills, he leaks out the secrets of the family, which are many. These mysterious elements in the plot engage the attention and fortunately, it never runs out of stock. Each character holds a dark truth and slowly the narrative spotlights everyone. The unspotted characters like, Caesar’s henchman Sergio, house help Elroy and Sara’s best friend aka Diana the huntress (who helps Alex with major evidence through dark-web) — these play a lethal and prominent part in changing the course of the mystery.

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Summary Review 2021 Netflix Television Series

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Who Killed Sara’ Season 1 Ending Explained

Alex had been thinking throughout that the mastermind César Lazcano killed his sister because she was carrying César’s child. However, Alex is totally appalled by a mysterious diary hidden inside his house. The diary belonged to Sara and the drawings on it were gothic and scary. It leads Alex to his own backyard where he digs out a skull, with a bullet hole on its temple. A quick montage reveals that it was Caesar who shot the bullet, and maybe it was to save Sara from an attempted rape or murder.

Season 2 will lead Alex to plunge further into Sara’s dark past which had caused her death. Sara had mental issues and Alex will find out what the real truth is. For speculation, the series hints that Elory damaged the parachute as ordered by Rodolfo’s mother Mariana Lazcano. Even Mariana thinks that Elroy killed Sara and she is the sinner of this killing but neither Elroy nor the narrative accepts it. Mariana kills Elroy before he can suggest any solid proof related to Sara’s death.


Who Killed Sara? is narratively engaging. It starts with an Agatha Christie quote, “Very few of us are what we seem.” In the series, except for Alex, everyone else is pretending to be something. The thriller spreads its charm but what the narrative lacks is character development. Mostly, to make a thriller commercially viable, the character arcs are compromised to trick the audience rather than to make an emotional impact. In simple words, the characters of a mystery or a thriller don’t have a structure or a spine. They are swayed or modified as per the convenience of the plot to create “cheap thrills.” In a thriller film, it is easy to trace character arc but in series, the programming network is going to ask for more seasons and you can simply throw character development into the bin.

While the series establishes many grave threats and cliffhangers, but I am still not able to understand why it made things so easy for its protagonist. Alex is the most white or dormant character. César, Elroy, and many others had a plethora of chances to kill Alex but they didn’t for pathetic seasons and situations. It looked like there was a tag attached to him, “he is the hero, don’t kill him.” That’s a major flaw structurally. 

Nevertheless, Who Killed Sara? is intriguing for a binge. Keep the expectations lower, it ain’t the best thriller, neither is Money Heist. It’s just “okay I watched it too” but nothing “wow.” I hope Season 2 will bring more to the table.

Who Killed Sara? Season 1 directed by David Ruiz is a Spanish Crime Mystery Drama streaming on Netflix.

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