‘Will Trent’ Episode 10: Recap & Ending, Explained – Who Kills The Family In The Trailer Park?


In this 10th episode of ABC’s detective drama series “Will Trent,” we are finally given an answer to a question that had been raised very early in the show—what had happened between Will Trent and Evelyn Mitchell, Faith’s mother? Along with this, there is also a new case for the GBI agent to look into, as an entire family living in trailers in the woods is killed by a group of assailants. On the other side, Angie is still unable to rest easy with her rapist, Lenny, roaming free on the streets.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Kills The Family In The Trailer Park?

GBI Special Agent Will Trent arrives at a trailer park at the beginning of the episode, much to the frustration of the APD officers already present on the scene. The trailer park has been very recently rampaged by what seems to be a single shooter who killed all four members of the Elmsway family who lived in the trailers. The shooter had then been killed by the shots of the family members, who were armed and tried fighting back. Will Trent always has a very sharp eye for details, and soon enough, the frustration of the APD officers turns into gratitude when Will spots a second shooter hiding behind the bushes. A short gunfight ensues as the shooter tries to escape the place, but the GBI agent knocks him down with a precise shot to the leg. Will then also goes through the trailers in order to look for more evidence or clues as to why this attack had taken place. It is now that he finds a living witness who had managed to stay hidden from everyone’s attention for all this while—a little boy hiding at the back in one of the trailers. Will tries to befriend the boy and brings him out to safety, but the boy does not immediately talk to the man, even though he cooperates. Taking him along, Will returns to the GBI office to continue the investigation.

Although Faith had been away for some time following her having shot police officer Tate Grillo dead in “Will Trent” Episode 9, she keeps helping Will in this case. The identities of the two shooters were found out, and both had drug charges in their names from earlier cases. This immediately springs up a connection and a possible motive for this shootout at the trailer park, for one of the Elmsway members, Sean, was known to be a drug dealer. Will and Faith suspect that the two sides must have clashed over some drug deal gone wrong, which resulted in the horrific massacre. However, in the case of such a scenario, drugs would have been found somewhere in the trailer park, at least in some small quantity. But no drugs at all were found in the place, making it impossible to prove such a motive since there was no evidence to support it. Convinced that there must have been some other matter, Will starts to calmly and indirectly interrogate the young boy. Gradually, the boy opens up and mentions that there was also a third shooter present at the scene and that he had hidden in the trailer when the attackers drove in. Soon, more investigation is done by the GBI, and the real identity of the boy is revealed. A cousin of the Elmsways lived with the family at their trailer park for some time earlier, and she was seen to be pregnant. The boy, whose real name was Theo Davis, was actually the son of this cousin, Kylie.

Will strikes up a heartwarming bond with young Theo, managing to win the boy’s trust and also keeping him safe. At one point, the two discuss a common point in their lives—both had been left behind by their mothers, who had promised that they would soon return. Kylie had left Theo to stay with his relatives at the trailer park for some time, saying that she would soon come back and take him along. This was the reason for the boy’s presence at the place during the shootout. On the other hand, Will’s mother, too, had left him in a similar manner in his childhood, with the same promise of returning soon, only to never come back. Will consoles Theo by saying that Kylie will surely return for him, knowing very well that this would be a slim possibility. This bond is shaken up very slightly when Child Protective Services want to keep Theo in a foster home, and Will vehemently refuses to let this happen, recalling the time when his foster mother would physically hurt him. Will instead keeps Theo at his house with the help of Nico. The next day, a woman comes in at the GBI office, identifying herself as Kathleen Marigold, the mother of Theo’s biological father, Joey. Although Joey and Kylie had dated for a short while and were no longer together, Kathleen is willing to adopt the child and raise him as her grandson. Will is careful with this, too, knowing well that there could be something dangerous about it too. Instead, he decides to hand the kid over by himself, going to Kathleen’s hardware shop so that he can assess the situation better. On the other side, the shooter who had been knocked down now regains consciousness and confirms that there had indeed been a third shooter, who had hired the two of them but had never given them his real identity.

It is only when Will takes Theo to Kathleen’s hardware store that the real motive behind the entire attack is revealed. Kathleen introduces the pair to her two sons, Deacon and Aaron, and Theo immediately recognizes Deacon as the third attacker. He tells this to Will in private, and the detective informs the GBI immediately. It was Kathleen who always wanted custody of young Theo by hook or by crook, but the boy’s mother, Kylie, was against it. Kathleen got to know that Theo had been kept with the Elmsways at the trailer park, and she planned the attack only in order to kidnap the boy from there. Her son Deacon led the attack along with two hired gunmen, but Deacon escaped the place when he heard police sirens. Will manages to keep Theo and Betty safe while he brings down Deacon, Aaron, and Kathleen Marigold. As they are arrested for the murders and attempted kidnapping, Theo’s mother, Kylie, comes to the GBI office. Although the woman was earlier described as a drug addict by Kathleen, this is not the case. Kylie had kept Theo at her cousins’ trailer park because she had to work hard and long shifts at a temporary nursing job and not because she was an addict. However, Kathleen has wanted custody of Theo for quite some time now, and the woman has falsely informed authorities multiple times that Kylie is a drug addict. In the end, the mother wants to take Theo away, just as she had promised him, but this also means a sad farewell for Will. The two promise to keep in touch, and Theo thanks Will with a warm hug before going away.

What Had Happened Between Will And Evelyn Mitchell?

The animosity between GBI Special Agent Will Trent and ex-APD high-ranking police officer Evelyn Mitchell, Faith’s mother, has been mentioned quite early in “Will Trent.” It is only now that Evelyn appears on screen in order to help her daughter Faith through the recent trauma. Deep inside, Faith keeps blaming herself for having shot a police officer dead, even though he was a highly corrupt and evil one. But what is perhaps more concerning is the fact that Faith refuses to acknowledge or talk about this guilt of hers and instead becomes more of a recluse inside her own house. This is primarily why Evelyn comes into the scene, but her presence also clears up her past, if slightly. Evelyn’s department at the APD was filled with corruption and malpractice at the individual level, and being the department head, she knew about this too. She had therefore approached her best friend, GBI’s Amanda Wagner, to help her clean up the mess. However, Amanda started a GBI investigation, led by Will Trent, without informing Evelyn that something like this was about to happen. Evelyn was therefore caught up in this mess too, and she herself was also found guilty of corruption, which led to her losing the high-ranking job. At present, Evelyn holds more grudge and ill-feeling against Amanda than against Will because she trusted her best friend to have saved her back. While all this makes it seem like Evelyn was actually innocent, it could also very well be that the woman was severely involved in corruption or at least malpractice. After all, Evelyn does mention that she used to mix Valium in the drinks of witnesses in order to make them talk more. Hopefully, more about this past will be revealed in the upcoming episodes. “Will Trent” Episode 10 ends with Evelyn restoring Faith’s belief in herself as a Black police detective and helping her daughter recover from her trauma.

How Does Angie Still Struggle With The Memories Of Her Past?

Episode 9 of “Will Trent” showed Angie Polaski coming across a man from her past, Lenny Broussard. It was soon revealed that Lenny used to be the foster parent of Angie and Will during their teenage years, and the man would regularly molest and rape Angie, also getting her pregnant at one time. Although Lenny had been arrested much later on charges of drug possession, he was now released from prison and was out on the streets again. Angie had picked up the man and interrogated him earlier, but she had also chosen to believe his claim that he was now a changed man. However, a brief moment at the very end made it seem like Lenny was still on with his perverted acts, as he clearly made his teenage stepdaughter uncomfortable with his touch. At present, in “Will Trent” Episode 10, Angie remains involved in this very thought and is trying to come up with some plan to incriminate Lenny once again. She now finally shares with her partner Michael Ormewood the whole matter and what she had seen with the stepdaughter. Along with Ormewood, Angie drops by the stepdaughter’s school and approaches her to find out something about Lenny. The girl obviously does not say anything, as is more common in such cases, and Angie reveals her identity to the girl by handing her an APD card.

Soon enough, Lenny’s girlfriend, who reveals herself to be his fiancée as well, rushes into the APD office and wants to confront Angie. It becomes immediately clear that the woman is gullible enough to believe everything that Lenny says to her, and she is willing to support the vile man even if that means exposing her daughter to some danger. For some time, it even seemed like Angie might be wrong with her evaluation of Lenny, but in the end, she is seen as very much in the right. Despite the warnings and advice of her close ones, Angie decides to put all her time and effort into putting Lenny back in jail, and in order to find something, she starts keeping an eye on the man. On one such occasion, Lenny spots Angie at a bus stop opposite his house and goes to talk to her. The terrible character of Lenny is now exposed, as he still believes he did nothing wrong with Angie and that it was all because of how she dressed and acted during her teenage years. Angie now promises to kill the man, or maybe get him behind bars, by hook or by crook, making it clear that Angie will continue fighting this personal fight against Lenny. She had also earlier mentioned that the trauma from her past is pushing her towards drug abuse, and at the end of the episode, she is seen driving up to two men and paying them, seemingly for drugs. She ignores phone calls from Will, who still has no idea about the struggle that Angie is going through.

What Is To Be Expected Next In ‘Will Trent’?

With the character of Evelyn Mitchell finally brought onto the scene, the GBI case against her APD department, which ended the woman’s long and celebrated career, might be revealed to some degree. In this process, some hidden truths about Amanda Wagner might also get revealed. On the other side, Angie is on a personal mission to punish her molester, Lenny, and to what extent she would go would be something to see. She is also presumably getting involved with drugs, and what effect that might have and if Will can make her stop in time would be things to look forward to further in “Will Trent.”

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