‘Willow’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained – What Is Keeping Airk In Immemorial City?


In last week’s episode of “Willow,” the heroes were kidnapped by the Bone Reavers. But they turned out to be Boorman’s old friends. Upon further inspection, it was revealed that Jade and the head of the Bone Reavers, Scorpia, were related because they were the descendants of General Kael. The dude apparently had 15 children, and Jade and Scorpia are the only surviving members of that family. Scorpia even said that Sorsha and Ballantine knew about Jade’s identity all this time but chose to basically kidnap her and turn her against her own clan. Anyway, instead of sulking about it, the Bone Reavers threw a party to celebrate Jade’s return and even freed Willow, Boorman, Elora, Kit, and Graydon from their prisons so that they could join them as one of their own. But this period of merrymaking didn’t last very long, as the trolls of Skellin descended upon them and kidnapped Kit and Willow.

Major Spoilers Ahead

Meet Allagash

While Airk makes the rounds of the Immemorial City (hearing voices of the Crone, I suppose), Willow and Kit are taken to the Dread Mines of Skellin that Boorman was talking about escaping from earlier. By the way, please take a moment to appreciate the production design, practical effects, visual effects, lighting, hair, and make-up here. It has been pretty goddamn good in the last five episodes. And it’s mind-blowing that it only keeps getting better. Okay, coming back to the plot, Kit and Willow meet a prisoner who is actually Allagash but introduces himself as Madmartigan because, of course, he doesn’t know that he’s talking to the real Madmartigan’s daughter. Also, it needs to be mentioned that this is a cool cameo by Christian Slater. One of the trolls enters and refers to himself as Lord Sarris, chief administrator at Skellin. The joke here is obvious: trolls talking in the most sophisticated manner possible. And yet, it’s very funny.

The trolls make it very clear that they’re working for the Crone, and they want to know where Elora Danan is. Meanwhile, Elora, Boorman, Scorpia, Jade, and Graydon enter Skellin to rescue Kit and Willow. Graydon and Elora get into a bit of a discussion about the former’s romantic feelings for her. The trolls find out about them, and Jade, Boorman, and Scorpia tackle them while Graydon and Elora hash out their issues. Soon after that, Elora causes the Mines to shake and tremble by accidentally channeling her magic powers through Willow’s wand. She makes it stop by calming herself down. But Sarris and his brother Falken realize that Kit’s friends have come to liberate her, and that group has Elora. So, they obviously rush out to nab her, leaving Allagash to tell tall tales about how Boorman betrayed him and Madmartigan for the Cuirass. Boorman and the rest find out that the trolls are responsible for creating the poison that was leaking out of those infected by the Gales.

Say Goodbye To Allagash

Scorpia separates from the group to find a way to rescue the captured, while Boorman, Graydon, Jade, and Elora disguise themselves as the workers in the mine to get to Kit and Willow. Kit frees herself and gets Allagash out as well, who goes on to free Willow and tell them about the hidden doorways and passages in the caves of Skellin that can lead them to Madmartigan. Graydon gets separated from the group as a troll mistake him for an actual worker. Sarris and Falken find out that Kit, Willow, and Allagash have escaped. While traversing a very narrow path, Elora loses Willow’s wand. Kit asks Allagash if he was so tight with Madmartigan, then why wasn’t he around when she was growing up. Allagash says that he felt betrayed by Madmartigan when he didn’t call him for his last mission. But he admits that if he knew he’d be captured by the trolls and be forced to spend ten years in a cage, he would’ve done things very differently.

Allagash leads Willow and Kit to the doorway to Wiggelheim’s Tomb because that’s where he claims that Madmartigan is stuck trying to get the Kymerian Cuirass. Boorman leads Jade and Elora to the same place because, according to him, if he gets the Kymerian Cuirass, he’ll essentially become indestructible, and then it’ll be easier to save Kit and Willow from the trolls. Allagash and Boorman get into a fight because Boorman thinks Allagash is the traitor, and Allagash thinks Boorman is the traitor. Kit, Willow, Jade, and Elora update each other about what has happened regarding the wand and the staff (which is with Graydon, FYI). That said, Boorman ends up admitting that he left Madmartigan’s side instead of being with him till the end and that he has the Lux Arcana. Realizing that the trolls are coming, they put their differences aside, and Allagash leads them to Wiggelheim’s Tomb, where they solve a series of puzzles to open it. Inside there, they find the Cuirass and Madmartigan’s swords. Kit hears her father’s voice but is pulled out of the cave by Elora and Jade because of the crumbling cave. Allagash gives the Cuirass and the Arcana to Boorman and apparently sacrifices himself to keep the trolls from getting to the heroes.

‘Willow’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Is Skellin Connected To The Immemorial City In Some Way?

During the concluding moments of “Willow,” Episode 6, Willow, Kit, Jade, Boorman, Graydon, and Elora make their way to a frozen lake. Elora’s chaotic mind causes the Mines to crumble again, and pieces of stalactite drop onto the surface of the lake. But here’s the issue. When the surface of the lake breaks, it regenerates, thereby trapping anything that has fallen into it. And the inevitable happens. While having a verbal fight with Elora, Kit falls into the lake and gets trapped. Everyone tries to break the surface, but it doesn’t work. Elora finds the wand and uses her magical powers for good, apparently rescuing the drowning Kit. Back in Immemorial City, Airk realizes that there’s no way to escape because no matter where he goes, he finds himself back in the place where he started from. That said, he makes a grave mistake. In order to quench his thirst (because he has been going in circles for so long), he drinks from a well that has orange liquid in it. Yes, the orange liquid very much looks like the stuff that the trolls are concocting, thereby hinting that Airk is going to be corrupted and turned into the Gales’ and/or the Crone’s pawn. Soon after that, he comes across a girl named Lili, who asks Airk if he’s going to free her.

In my opinion, the most interesting aspect of this episode, thematically speaking, is the topic of choice that is presented before Scorpia, Jade, Kit, and Elora. In Scorpia and Jade’s case, Jade has to eventually choose between the Bone Reavers and Kit. The Bone Reavers are technically Jade’s family, but she loves Kit and has been taught to be loyal to Queen Sorsha and Tir Asleen. Jade doesn’t have any memory of Kael or Scorpia, and her very existence has been constructed by everything synonymous with Tir Asleen. So, it isn’t an easy pick. But, like Scorpia said, Jade has to eventually choose because the Bone Reavers and Tir Asleen can’t coexist. Or maybe they can. Who knows? In Kit and Elora’s case, it’s a little complicated. Kit thinks that Madmartigan has spent a major chunk of his life ensuring that Elora is safe. And she thinks that her father is trapped in some hell dimension, trying to get a permanent solution for Elora’s safety. Therefore, from Kit’s perspective, Madmartigan has prioritized Elora over Kit every time, and she hates her for that. Elora is obviously not to blame for that because this isn’t a life that she has chosen. However, maybe by saving Kit from the lake, she will be saving her from drowning in the water as well as her doubts about Elora.

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