‘You’ Season 4, Part 2: Theories: Will Joe And Marienne Reunite? Why Didn’t Joe Report Rhys To The Police?


The first part of the fourth season of the Netflix original “You” left us on a cliffhanger, and once again, we saw our flawed protagonist looking at his current obsession, though this time it was not a girl but a guy named Rhys Montrose. Towards the end of the first part, Joe Goldberg saw Rhys give an interview to a news channel and announce his candidacy for the mayor of London. Rhys said that he had great plans for the city. He wanted to usher in a change and completely revamp the city, quash all redundant policies that were the root cause of all the disparity and class conflict that existed in society, and move towards a future where individuals enjoyed equal rights. 

Joe had gotten a hold of his impulses, and he had told Kate Lockwood that he couldn’t have anything with her as he knew that it would put her life at risk. Kate had no idea what kind of man she had fallen for or what he was capable of. From hating him for being a pile-on to eventually falling for him, Kate knew that it was the most unlikely fling she ever had in her life. Frankly speaking, Joe didn’t fit the bill, and he was completely opposite to the kind of people Kate had spent her life with. But still, for some unknown reason, she felt a pull towards him, and she couldn’t hide her feelings, which was something she had been extremely good at since childhood. 

When Joe met Marienne Bellamy, he realized that though both of them once shared a close bond, they were now in completely different states of mind. It amazed Joe that two people who had gone through similar kinds of experiences could have a mindset that was poles apart. Joe had still not given up on Marienne, and he hoped to walk the road to redemption and get her back. Joe wanted to believe that he was a changed man and that he was in much better control of his obsession as compared to when he was living with Love before. But being around people who intrigued him had a similar impact on him as a glass of single malt would have on a recovering alcoholic. So, let’s see what we can expect from the second part of “You” Season 4, and in what direction Joe’s life will lead him from hereon.

Will Joe And Marienne Reunite?

Joe had still not given up on Marienne, but he didn’t want her to get scared of his presence. Joe had noticed that Marienne felt petrified when she saw Joe in London, and she had run as if she knew that he was going to kill her. Joe was deeply hurt by that reaction, and he decided that he wouldn’t force her to be with him if that was not something that she wished for. We need to understand that Joe wanted to conquer his impulses only because he wanted to prove to Marienne that he could become a better man. We believe that though Joe might want to stalk Marienne, know how she is doing, and try to seize an opportunity to get back into her life, he was too occupied thinking about what Rhys wanted to do with his psychotic project. 

Moreover, the way Marienne begged him to spare her life and the kind of trauma his presence inflicted upon her was very demoralizing and let him down. He didn’t expect that from his beloved librarian. There is no denying that he wanted a happily ever after with Marienne, but we believe that figuring out what Rhys was up to acted as a much-needed distraction for him. But then we know that Joe Goldberg has the potential to surprise people, so we wouldn’t be shocked if he decides to once again try to win her over.

Will Joe End Up With Kate?

We hope that we get to see more of Joe and Kate in the subsequent part, as both characters are crooked in their own unique way, and their sensibilities are such that they are not governed by a stable formula. They are erratic beings who have peculiar behavior patterns that keep you guessing as to what they end up liking or disliking at the very next moment. Also, we might see Tom Lockwood, Kate’s famous father, playing his part in the scheme of things and having an impact on Joe’s life. If he was as influential as Kate told him to be, then it won’t be long until he finds out that Jonathan Moore was, in reality, Joe Goldberg and unmask his dark past. We might also get to witness Kate finally coming face to face with her father, as all that had happened in her life had given him a very strong reason to interfere.

We believe that Joe and Kate’s paths would cross once again, though, if they would carry on with their fling and allow themselves to go beyond the physical relation is something to look out for. If we had to bet, we would probably say that Joe wouldn’t be able to stop himself from indulging for a very long time, though what Kate would do if she got to know about his horrifying past is still a bit tricky to predict. Though Kate was not a sociopath, the kind of people she had lived her life with and the kind of things they did on a day-to-day basis were enough to have declared them maniacs had they not been so high up on the food chain.

Why Didn’t Joe Report Rhys To The Police?

Joe could have caused trouble in Rhys’ life by divulging information to the law enforcement authorities about his dubious acts, but he refrained from doing so. Firstly, he was reluctant to go to the authorities because of his own past, and he wanted to keep a low profile as much as he could. Apart from that fact, he knew that going against an influential person who would probably be London’s next mayor was not an advisable option and that even if he had some incriminating evidence, it would be naive to believe that a fair trial was possible when the entire system was rigged. But then there was a third reason, which was probably the most potent of them all: Rhys had become Joe’s obsession, and he was dying to know what was inside his mind and what he expected him to do.

Rhys had told Joe while leaving the dungeon that if he was able to escape, then they would meet in London once again. So basically, what he meant was that if Joe was not in denial anymore and embraced his killer instincts, then they could form a team and together finish the project that he was on. Joe realized that by announcing his candidacy, he had come under public scrutiny, and even by Joe’s standards, it was an audacious act. Rhys was really serious when he said that he wanted to bring about a change in the way things were done, though people didn’t understand the hidden subtext behind it.

In Part 2 of “You” Season 4, Joe would have some parameters and yardsticks on which he could rely, and he wouldn’t be completely in the dark as he was in the first part, when he didn’t even know who was killing the people. Rhys had not been very truthful in his memoir, and he had told the same to Joe when they had met in the bar. So, Joe knew that he couldn’t take whatever was written in it as the basis for ascertaining his characteristics. Joe would have to play the game according to the rules set by Rhys, and at this point in time, when the odds were not in his favor, it would be foolish to hope that he would outsmart him. Also, Joe knew that he couldn’t bluff in front of Rhys because the last time he did that, he was caught red-handed. We don’t think that Joe would go back to the United States unless and until he had figured out what Rhys had in mind. As far as Rhys is concerned, we know he didn’t mind spilling blood and killing the entitled and privileged who didn’t care to show an ounce of gratitude, so we can expect him to once again go on his cleansing spree and wreak havoc in the elite community.

The best thing about the first part of “You” Season 4 is that it has left us on such cliffhangers that the makers could take the characters in any direction they want to. They have still not fallen into the trap of predictability, so it could be possible that we witness something absolutely contrary to what we are expecting.

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Sushrut Gopesh
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