‘Young Royals’ Season 3 Finale Ending, Explained: Do Simon And Wille Get Their Happy Ending?


I’m not going to lie; the final episode of Young Royals felt a little bit underwhelming, considering we had to wait an entire week for it. The show’s always been extremely dramatic, and for the last episode to be so un-melodramatic, it felt a little bit odd. Yes, I did think there would be a time jump, but I suppose that was on the cards for Wille and Simon. Earlier this month, we got the rest of the season, episodes 1–5, which culminated in a penultimate episode where Simon finally reached his threshold and decided to give up on his relationship with Wille. It’s not that he stopped loving Wille; it’s just that he can’t take the pressure or the eyes of the world on him. It’s quite an unfortunate scene because Simon tells Wille that he seems like a completely different person, one he can’t recognize. So, we were left with the question: will Simon and Wille get back together, and will Wille possibly give up on the crown?

Spoiler Alert 

Is Hillerska shutting down? 

I suppose the most shocking thing about the final episode of Young Royals is that Hillerska actually gets the ultimate shutdown bell. The school that was run on the idea of prestige is still loved by its students. Possibly because of the friendships that are forged in such a situation, saying goodbye to Hillerska is quite bitter for most of the students. We do know now that the initiations were much harsher than initially played out to be, and there was never a cap on what the students would do there, with teachers turning a blind eye to them because of the wealthy backgrounds they came from. The students all get really enraged by the idea at first, but as it goes with younglings, they decide to throw a farewell party to the school and their dear friends. Simon decides to stay back at home on this day, but Sara is in attendance when the news is broken. It seems August is the first to feel heartbroken that his school is shutting down, even though he’s from the graduating batch. Even his classmates are quite reactive to the situation and try to find out who created this big mess. In the meantime, Felice gets bombarded by her “friends” as well, and she starts to panic a little bit. Fortunately, August’s outburst shuts everyone down and saves her from telling them what she told the inspector. Simon does show up in school eventually, and Wille tries to speak to him, but they’re interrupted because of an invitation to the party. Initially, both Wille and Simon don’t want to go, but their friends convince them. Felice tells Wille it’s the last time they can have fun together. Rosh and Ayub tell Simon to forget everything that’s happened right now and see Wille one last time before parting ways for good. 

Do August and Sara make up? 

I still find it crazy that the Hillerska students can so openly drink; now, the graduating batch even shares a drink with their teacher. It’s a “white party,” so I suppose while wearing white and drinking a lot, everyone also has the urge to spill the truth and forgive and forget almost anything. First, Felice and Sara have a little talk, and Felice confronts Sara regarding August. Sara firmly tells her ex-best friend that even though she had feelings for August, she has more important and stronger feelings for Felice (love that for her!). Felice does feel a sense of relief that she’s been chosen over August, I suppose. Though she goes to join her other friends, it seems she’s finally forgiven Sara for real this time around. 

Well, for the August-Sara shippers, I hate to burst your bubble (and, for some reason, mine as well), but they don’t actually end up together. Sara puts herself first (yes, girl!) and tells August that whatever they had is over. At this point, he’s very intoxicated, so he feels the need to argue with her and make a case for himself, but she promises him that he’ll eventually get over her and things will be okay. 

What about Simon and Wille? 

Simon decides to take the leap and spend the night with Wille. He tells Wille to put aside everything about them and just become Wille and Simon, the two boys who fell in love with each other (yes, this is what we’re here for). They watch the sunrise, talking and skinny-dipping in the lake, going over what went wrong. Simon reminds Wille that it’s not him that he’s leaving, but his family that Simon is giving up on. Simon still loves Wille very much, so it’s really only about the crown. Eventually, it’s graduation day, and everyone has their bittersweet moment with the school. August graduates and the royal family even comes to witness this special day, knowing there won’t be more. 

Finally, Wille’s mother, not the queen, but simply his mother, apologizes to him for not getting help and being stuck on Eric. Wille and Simon say goodbye to each other, though after the apology, it seems Wille is not satisfied and decides to speak up to his parents. He tells them that it’s evident nobody is happy in the position they are in. I guess Simon’s words did affect Wille. He tells his parents that he thought Eric was happy, but he was probably wrong about that too. There’s no joy in what they’re doing, and there’s no need for it either. It seems the prince will be renouncing his crown, and for once, his parents are okay with his decision. The queen lets him go find Simon, the love of his life. On the other hand, Felice tells Sara that there’s more healing in real talk with a true friend than throwing money on a trip to New York with the fake ones. I suppose Felice doesn’t quite hate her friends; it’s just that they don’t actually understand her (we feel you, girl!). So she decides to stay back and spend the summer with Sara; what happens later will be figured out later. 

At the end of Young Royals Season 3, Wille runs behind the car that Sara is driving with Simon and Felice in it. At first, they don’t stop, but after a bit, Simon steps out, and Wille rushes to him. He tells Simon that he doesn’t want to be king or crown prince, and Simon wonders if it’s because of him that Wille is saying these things. Wille says it’s a selfish decision and proceeds to tell Simon that he wants to be with him. They do their flirty little thing and kiss as we see a montage of their moments together through three whole seasons play out. The show ends with Sara, Felice, Wille and Simon driving into the distance with no idea what the future holds for them.

Young Royals’ ending was nothing like I’d imagined it to play out. What if Wille and Simon get bored of each other? Would Wille blame Simon for the loss of his crown? I suppose now August might take over, or there won’t be such a thing as a royal family anymore. Maybe the four of them will go to the same school together again, soon graduate, and pursue whatever interests them with no pressure from family, blood, or the public. Maybe Simon will get blamed for Wille losing the crown, and then later, the news will die down, and everything will be alright. As positive thinkers, we can hope that Simon and Wilhelm will be together until the end of time. The end. 

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