‘At The Moment’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Wei-hsi And Ting-yu End Up Together?


The 7th episode of At the Moment is titled “The Promise of Karuizawa,” and it reminds us of a Hindi film directed by Karan Johar, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. A lot of times, two people get close to each other because they are experiencing a similar kind of pain in their lives. There is a mutual empathy that they end up having for each other, as a result of which an everlasting bond is created. You know, people often misunderstand such bonds and try to taint them with their narrow perspectives. A similar thing happened with two people in this episode, and the tragedy brought them so close that they actually started to entertain the idea of spending the rest of their lives with each other. So, let’s find out what happened in At the Moment episode 7.

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What did Wei-hsi and Ting-yu find out?

Chang Wei-hsi was sitting in a restaurant in a hotel when she saw her husband arrive there with another woman. Just then, a man named Ting-yu came to the reception area and asked the hotel employees if they could tell him in which room his wife was staying. The hotel staff said that they had a strict policy and that they couldn’t reveal such information to a third person. Meanwhile, Wei-hsi saw her husband leave with that woman in a car, and she ran behind it, shouting frantically like a mad woman. It was raining heavily, and Ting-yu was already in his vehicle by then. He saw Wei-hsi and offered her a ride, since he realized that she was in a miserable state. It was then that Ting-yu and Wei-hsi realized that their spouses were having an affair with each other, and they had kept both of them in the dark for the longest time. Ting-yu had probably already made peace with it, as he had known about it for a very long time. It still hurt him when his wife, Liu Hsiu-yen, lied to him, but he hadn’t confronted her until then, probably because he didn’t have the courage to accept the fact that it was the end of the road for their relationship.

That night, when Wei-hsi saw her husband, she felt like giving him a taste of his own medicine. She made an advance towards Ting-yu, but the latter resisted, as he knew that she was doing so only to take revenge on her husband, and she was not in a stable state to understand what she was doing. It was a very unlikely situation where two people were cheating on their spouses, and accidentally, their spouses had bumped into each other, and now they didn’t know what to do about the situation.

Did Wei-hsi file for divorce?

Chen Che-wei had the audacity to invite Liu Hsiu-yen over to his house for the cocktail party. Che-wei pretended that she was just another person whom he knew, but both Wei-hsi and Ting-yu knew what it was. Ting-yu also accompanied his wife to the party, as he probably wanted to see what was so special about Che-Wei that his wife had fallen for him. It felt like he wanted to get hurt, and he wanted to feel that lump in his throat. He was standing in one corner when Wei-hsi came and had a conversation with him. They both saw their spouses and tried to understand where they had gone wrong and how they had gotten stuck in such a position. It was in that conversation that they both realized that they probably understood each other quite well.

After the party, as expected, both Che-wei and Hsiu-yen made some excuses and said that they had to go to an after-party, though their spouses knew where they were going to end up. Ting-yu had felt a connection that night, and even Wei-hsi reciprocated his feelings. They both also got intimate, and they found solace in each other. Sometimes two people, going through the same ordeal, develop a very close bond with each other, and that day, something similar happened with Wei-hsi and Ting-yu. They started meeting more frequently, and Wei-hsi started working in Ting-yu’s art gallery. One day, Wei-hsi realized that she was pregnant with her husband’s baby, but she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction, so she told him that it was not his baby. Firstly, she went to meet Ting-Yu and told him that she had decided that they would have to stop meeting as she needed to gather herself and decide with a clear mind what she wanted since there was a baby involved now. Then she went to her husband and told him that she knew about his affair and that she wanted a divorce. Che-wei was a hypocrite, and he lost his temper as if he was the most morally upright man one would ever meet. He pinned all the blame on Wei-hsi and told her that he wanted to give her a divorce for a very long time. Wei-hsi felt bad, but she didn’t say anything at that moment and decided to part ways with him. Wei-hsi finally filed for divorce, and after a long time, she had the liberty of prioritizing her life over anybody else’s.

Did Wei-hsi and Ting-yu end up together?

After Chang Wei-hsi finally got a divorce at the end of At the Moment Episode 7, her friend made her realize that she should at least inform Ting-yu about it. Ting-yu was a good man, and Wei-hsi liked him, but still, she was not very sure if she should go ahead or not since she was not alone now and she had the responsibility of the baby, too. Wei-hsi went and met Ting-yu in his art gallery, and the latter was more than happy to find her there. Ting-yu had made plans to close his art gallery, move to Japan, and establish his business there. He always said that it was his dream to settle in Karuizawa and sit beside Kumoba Pond, as he felt that it was the most beautiful place in the world. Now that he had nothing stopping him, he was adamant about making the move. He invited Wei-hsi to come there once he had settled in, and she wanted him to know that if she came, she would have to bring her baby, too. Ting-yu was more than happy to welcome them both, and we realized that there was still a glimmer of hope for them to end up together and find their “happily ever after.” They had gone through a lot in the past few months, and the entire ordeal had made them realize that they needed to be with somebody who understood them. They felt happy in each other’s company, and probably the beautiful time they spent with each other would convince them to take that big step of committing to a relationship.

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