‘At The Moment’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Joe And Jo-Nan End Up Together?


Relationships are complex, and At the Moment episode 6, titled “Something Old,” makes us privy to the lives of two people who meet, and fall in love but soon realize that they are probably not meant for each other. There are times when there is nothing wrong with a relationship, i.e., there are no red flags; the partner is caring and loving, but still, there is a gap that you can’t seem to fill, and your expectations and approach to life do not match with your partner’s. To decide to part ways in such circumstances is the most difficult thing because it becomes so hard to explain it to others that if there was nothing wrong explicitly, why would you not want to continue with it. Jo-nan was stuck in this dilemma, and after getting out, she decided to give her love another chance, but soon she realized that things hadn’t changed and that she was probably not meant to be with that person. So, let’s find out what Joe and Jo-nan were up to, how they met, and what the reason was behind them parting ways and deciding to end their relationship.

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How did Jo-nan and Joe meet?

Chiao Kuo-sen, aka Joe, didn’t have a very happening social life, which is why he decided to spend his New Year’s Eve in a game arcade, trying to take out a soft toy with the claw crane. Fang Jo-nan was also present there, killing time till she met her friends later that evening. Joe asked Jo-nan to just hold his machine for him till he went and withdrew some more coins since his money had finished. Jo-nan felt very bad for the poor boy when she got to know that he was going to be alone for New Year’s Eve, and she decided to take him with her to the party. Joe met all her friends, and Jo-nan got drunk, so much so that the former had to carry her back to his own apartment. Joe made her sleep on the couch, and he himself went to his bedroom and slept. Jo-nan hadn’t met this kind of guy, as she was used to people making moves on her and trying to get intimate. The guy not only maintained a safe distance but also made an entire breakfast buffet for her the next morning. Joe told her that he was not the kind of man she perceived him to be, though he made it very clear that he was kind of attracted to her. Soon, they fell in love, and Jo-nan moved into his apartment. Everything was going great, but soon Jo-nan started feeling irritated with Joe’s overindulgence in her matters and the sort of perfect behavior he had. She had a couple of breakdowns, after which she came to the conclusion that she should move out of his house and end their relationship.

Why did Jo-nan break up with Joe?

It could be difficult to understand what Jo-nan went through, but she was right in taking a step back, as it had become too much for her to process and handle everything. Joe was a perfect guy, and Jo-nan always felt a sort of pressure to keep up with him. Jo-nan started feeling that she didn’t have a say in her own matters. Joe planned her vacations; he took her mother out for dinner on her birthday, and he made all the future plans, believing that it was the most organic thing to do. Jo-nan had started feeling that her life had been taken over by him and that she didn’t have any say in it. She was a messy and carefree person, and she wanted to do things her way. Jo-nan was scared of the “eternity” Joe expected out of the relationship. He didn’t give her space, and for a lot of time, he made decisions without even telling her. Joe was doing it out of pure intentions, but it was all too much for Jo-nan to handle.

The cherry on the cake was when, out of nowhere, in At the Moment episode 6, Joe proposed to her in a supermarket, and she couldn’t process anything and agreed to get married to him. Later that day, she gave him back the ring and told him that she was not ready to get married as of then. Joe was surprised, and he asked her why she didn’t say anything in the supermarket. Jo-nan didn’t want to make a scene in public, so she decided that she would have a conversation with Joe when they came back home. She told Joe that he was a perfect guy and there was nothing wrong with him, but it was just that she saw her life very differently. She knew that maybe in the future, she would be ready to commit to it but as of then, she didn’t like that the reins of her life were being controlled by someone else. Everything was so proper that she had started feeling claustrophobic. Though it was an extremely tough decision to make, she knew that she had to leave his house and end their relationship.

Did Joe And Jo-Nan End Up Together?

Joe, after his breakup, went on a reality show where people came to find love, which was covered by episode 1 of the anthology. He was doing it just to distract himself, but mentally, he was still stuck with Jo-Nan. The pandemic hit, and the government made it mandatory for a person to be quarantined if they came into contact with anyone who was infected. Jo-nan’s roommate had come in contact with a person who had symptoms of COVID-19, and so she was asked by her society members to stay somewhere else for a few days till her roommate got to know that she was fine. Jo-nan had no place to go, and Joe gave her the offer to stay at his place for the time being. Once again, the entire cycle started, and a few days later, Joe expressed his desire to have her back in his life.

Jo-nan gave in once again, and probably that was the biggest mistake she committed, as she had known in the past that they were not compatible at all. Jo-nan didn’t have a job, and Joe wanted to do everything in his power to make her feel better. Once again, he unintentionally started exercising control over her life, and though he was doing it out of good faith, it was the same mistake that had caused their breakup in the past. He called her friends and told them about her not having a job. He asked all of them to meet Jo-nan for dinner, as he felt that her spirits would be lifted if she went out. Now, Jo-nan was not telling anybody about what was happening in her professional life for a reason. She was not comfortable with it, and she felt violated when, after reaching the restaurant, she saw that it was not Joe who she was meeting. She realized that they were back on the same track. She went back home and told Joe that he had to stop looking out for her and let her deal with her things the way she wanted.

At the end of At the Moment Episode 6, Joe and Jo-nan parted ways, and they realized that though they loved and cared for each other, they were not meant to be together. We hope that Joe is able to move on with his life and find somebody who understands his love language. As for Jo-nan, it was the best decision she could have made, as it was a fact that she wouldn’t have been able to stay happy with Joe no matter how good and kind he was as a person.

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