‘Bad Sisters’ Episodes 1 And 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – Do Eva And Bibi Kill John Paul?


Why are the sisters “bad” was our first question when we watched the first two episodes of “Bad Sisters.” It delivers on the ‘dark comedy’ front better than we anticipated, but we were unsure whether the plot was predictable. Not to worry; by the end of the second episode, we knew that there would be sufficient surprises for us to stay engaged with the narrative. Like they say, the devil is in the details, and that holds true for the comedy of the show. Also, for the first two episodes, it seems like a tight script, making it a promising start. “Bad Sisters” Episode 1 lays out the plotlines, and the second one gives each of them just enough ammunition to hook us into them for future episodes. Let us take a look at the events that have happened so far. 

Spoilers Ahead

John Paul’s Funeral And The Present Day Storyline

The first episode of “Bad Sisters” starts with the five sisters: Grace, Eva, Bibi, Ursula, and Becka, getting ready to attend John Paul’s funeral. He has met with a violent death, though the exact circumstances of it are not elaborated upon. Let’s refer to John Paul as “JP ” for the rest of the article. He had taken an enormous insurance policy, and his death entitled his family to a huge payout. The company, Claffin & Sons, is currently being led by Tom Claffin, who is expecting a baby in a few weeks. His wife is completely bedridden, and the insurance payout would bankrupt them. Therefore, he is determined to investigate the case of JP’s death to know for sure if foul play was involved, so that he can avoid giving the insurance. In his words, “murder is a fraud,” and he is convinced that the sisters came together to kill JP for the money. 

On this mission, he is accompanied by his half-brother, Matt. He had returned from London the previous year after his music group disbanded. On the day of JP’s funeral, he has a slight accident as he tries to avoid Becka. They later run into each other again, and Becka is undoubtedly interested in him, as is he. But due to being unable to pick up her calls on a few occasions, Becka thinks that he might not be into her. Luckily, they run into each other at a bar again and start talking. We will probably see their relationship develop over the next few episodes. 

Back to the case, Tom decides to get JP’s body exhumed for any proof. But since they are just insurance agents and not the police, they have to get Grace’s permission, which they are skeptical about getting. Therefore, Tom, on the pretext of getting her to sign some documents, slips in the permission form and distracts her as he gets her to sign it. Matt sees this and tells him that even their father would not cross this line. Tom retorts that lying is a form of deception, which leaves Matt confused as to what he means by that. Both the brothers seem to have some issues of their own. As mentioned by one of them, they met when Tom was 5 years old. It looks like they both grew up like normal siblings, but we are guessing from something that Tom said that Matt must have bailed on their father, probably for his music career. We will know for sure going forward. During the investigation, Grace tells Tom and Matt that she was with her sisters the night JP died. She confesses to Eva that she said that in a state of exhaustion and panic and asks her to corroborate it if required, which Eva does. But when leaving Eva’s house after the interrogation, she notices that the agents have picked up her trash, presumably to investigate. Looking at the present state of things, it does not look like the sisters are to blame for anything, though there are signs that they hate JP. It still remains to be seen why the sisters are supposedly “bad,” so it is going to be a mystery for the coming episodes of “Bad Sisters.”

The Flashback And Why Do The Sisters Hate John Paul?

It is a glimpse into the past that gives us the motives the sisters could have had for killing John Paul. He was a culprit to each one of them in different ways . Other than being obviously abusive to Grace, he seems to have hurt Bibi in some way. He also taunts Eva about her not being able to have children, Becka for being ‘promiscuous,’ and is probably aware of Ursula’s affair with her photography teacher. He holds it against Eva that she is not selling their parental home and distributing the money among the sisters. Coincidentally, both of them are colleagues, and when Eva puts up her name as the financial director, JP does the same, either to spite her or out of jealousy.

When it comes to Grace and his daughter, Blanaid, JP is extremely conservative and abusive. He controls how Grace looks and where she can go and whom she can talk to. He seems to be jealous of Roger, their neighbor, as he doesn’t like his wife having friends, be it her sisters or anybody else. He forces his right-wing views on his daughter and constantly belittles Grace in front of others. During one such incident, when Grace is forced to break her family tradition with her sisters and skip out on going swimming with them, the sisters jokingly talk about killing JP, as they all hate him and can see how he is so harmful to their sister. But later, Bibi confesses to Eva that she thinks about that a lot and asks if Eva would help her in her plan. Initially reluctant, after a particularly nasty confrontation where JP mocks Eva for not being able to have children and openly insults Grace, Eva decides to join Bibi.

‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 2: Ending – Did Eva And Bibi Kill John Paul?

The sisters come up with a plan to kill JP at a cabin when he would have gone for a trek in the mountains. Eva gives tickets to Grace and Blanaid for a Lizzo concert and asks them to go for it when JP is out of town. However, Grace gets a call from him while there, and she tells him about their whereabouts. JP is angry, and he tells Grace that they will talk about it when he gets back.

Tired and hurt after a whole day, he is unable to sleep due to his injuries. Meanwhile, Bibi and Eva are setting their plan in motion. They light the candle, starting the process of the cabin’s combustion, and run out of there. The cabin blows up, and as they are coming to terms with what they have done, they see JP. He is outside the cabin and is screaming due to the loss of the property. Therefore, Eva and Bibi, despite their best efforts, were unable to kill John Paul. In the coming episodes of “Bad Sisters,” we will see how the rest of the sisters join this scheme to murder their brother-in-law, but it’s our guess that we won’t know how John Paul died till the finale itself. And we wait with bated breath for that.

Final Thoughts: What Can We Expect From The ‘Bad Sisters’ Series?

“Bad Sisters” is a fast-paced show, and the dark humor is on point, so we can definitely expect to be entertained throughout it. Each one of the plotlines looks interesting, so we also expect well-fleshed-out characters. It has been a while since something from the ‘dark-comedy’ genre has really hit the mark, so ‘Bad Sisters’ might just be the show that sets the standard. Honestly, we expect a fresh and inventive storyline—one that surprises us and lures us in with its unpredictability. And we pray to the Gods of each and every realm that this expectation is fulfilled.

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