‘Batman The Long Halloween’ Part Two: Ending, Explained – Who was the Holiday Killer?


Batman The Long Halloween Part One ended on a cliffhanger with the identity of Holiday Killer still haunting Gotham City. In Part Two, the mysterious killer continues his quest and shoots Mob Men on Valentine’s day and St. Patrick’s. The hooded vigilante Batman is missing from the scenes as in the previous movie. Poison Ivy seduced Bruce under the command of mafia chieftain Carmine “The Roman” Falcone.

‘Batman The Long Halloween’ Part Two Summary

Under the spell, Bruce starts laundering money for Roman and transfers his assets over to him. Fortunately, Catwoman saves Bruce and Alfred and breaks Ivy’s spell. She informs Bruce that it has been three months since his absence as Batman, and in between the period, Holiday has committed more murders and is still at large.

Roman gets police protection to safeguard him against the dubious slayer. However, even under tight security and scrutiny, Roman runs his business. He arranges the escape of Arkham Asylum prisoners, Scarecrow and the Mad Hatter, who robs banks for the mafia lord.

On father’s day, Holiday shoots Sal Maroni’s father, Roman’s rival in the mafia business. After his father’s death, Maroni decides to testify against Roman and help Harvey Dent clean the city. However, Dent has been struggling with his inner demons and conflicted marriage.

Amidst investigation, Bruce is interrogated by Gordon and Dent for having ties with Roman and funding his business. Bruce pleads his innocence, suggesting he was under a spell. Dent takes a toll on his father, who in the past joined hands with Roman to build hospitals in Gotham. The story sways between Bruce’s past life and Dent’s married life while keeping a powerful spotlight on the Holiday Killer.

Bruce and his ties with Roman

Bruce’s father, Thomas Wayne, was a gifted surgeon and philanthropist. When Bruce was still a kid, Carmine was shot by a rival mafia gang headed by Luigi Maroni. Carmine’s father trusted Thomas and brought his son to his house. Thomas saved Carmine’s life, and they soon became friends who had a similar motive, to protect the city and help the needy. Thomas had an overwhelming desire to save innocent lives and entered into business with the Roman family to build hospitals around Gotham’s city.

Other than that, Thomas had nothing to do with the mafia mob or his family. Even Bruce’s parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed by a mobster’s hand, and thus, it defies any link between them. Yet, Carmine still considered Wayne’s family part of his inner circle and kept Bruce in high regard.

In his childhood, Bruce received a coin from bruised Carmine. He gave him a coin with two heads, which ultimately reached Harvey Dent, who would turn into Two-face, symbolically, a man with two heads. Carmine might not have imagined that his insurance policy, his coin, would someday decide his fate based on a coin flip.

Dent’s transformation into Two-Face

Harvey’s obsession with criminal justice and dissociative identity disorder became a significant reason for his transformation into Two-Face. In ‘Batman The Long Halloween’ Part Two, Harvey was attacked by Carmine’s hitman on the Fourth of July. In a fistfight, Harvey was punched down and fell unconscious. When he woke up, he found the hitman’s dead body near him, which suggested Harvey killed the man and was the real Holiday killer. The murder sows the seeds of doubt in Harvey’s mind that fueled his bipolar disorder. Soon after the incident, Harvey started hearing his Two-Face’s “voice.”

A disarranged Harvey was interrogating Sal Maroni, who was testifying against Carmine Falcone. However, in the end, Maroni backed off and made Harvey a laughing stock in the courtroom. Harvey was on the verge of a transformation when Maroni threw acid on his face. Harvey got hideously scarred on the left side of his face and became Gotham’s adversary, Two-Face.

'Batman The Long Halloween' Part Two: Ending, Explained - Who was the Holiday Killer?
P.C. Warner Bros.

Selina Kyle/ Catwoman and her obsession with Carmine Falcone

Selina was Carmine’s daughter who had her identity crisis. Carmine never accepted Selina’s mother, Louisa, and thus she was inclined to bring down Carmine’s empire. The act of revenge filled her void and gave her a motive in life.

Catwoman and Batman lost their parents under different circumstances. They understood each other’s pain of absent parents in childhood and thus resonated with each other emotionally.

‘Batman The Long Halloween’ Part Two Ending Explained

Batman found Holliday’s guns in Dent’s house basement. The evidence hinted that Harvey (now Two-Face) was the mysterious serial killer. But when Gordon and Batman confronted Two-Face, who was trailing Maroni, Holiday killer appeared and shot Maroni from a distance. The presence of both Two-Face and Holiday at the same spot defied Batman’s suspicions and his theory.

Later, Batman inquired from Gordon whether Harvey went to Oxford for further studies, which was the second piece of evidence he picked from Dent’s basement. However, Gordon revealed that Harvey was a Gotham University man, and hence Batman finally solved the identity of Holiday Killer.

In the final battle, Two-Face and his team of supervillains raided Carmine Falcone. They killed Carmine on judgment day. Batman and Catwoman failed to save the mafia boss. Two-Face surrendered after the mafia family was cleansed from Gotham city. In his testimony, Harvey confessed to being the Holiday killer and declared that the long Halloween was finally over. He was ready to face the judgment and was imprisoned in Arkham Asylum.

The Real Holiday Killer

Batman considered Harvey a friend, and his consciousness failed to accept him as the Holiday killer. Something was amiss. Batman reached Harvey’s house basement, where his wife Gilda was burning off the evidence. The sequence suggested that she was the Holiday Killer.

'Batman The Long Halloween' Part Two: Ending, Explained - Who was the Holiday Killer?
P.C. Warner Bros.

Gilda and Carmine’s son Alberto went to Oxford together. They were in love, and Gilda got pregnant with Alberto’s child. Alberto was in high spirits, and he married Gilda the following day. However, Carmine Falcone, a man of high principles, didn’t accept Gilda and her child conceived out of wedlock. The Godfather of Gotham annulled their marriage, and their child was ripped out of Gilda’s womb. Alberto was too afraid to stand against his father, and hence Gilda took matters into her hand. In revenge, she came to Gotham, married the server of Justice, Harvey Dent, and took down the Mafia empire all by herself.

After the final revelations,  Batman convinced Gilda that she shouldn’t give up on Harvey. Slightly, he hinted that Harvey knows about Gilda’s true identity. During Maroni’s assassination, Dent tried to protect Holiday/Gilda in the alley, and thus, their love was still kindling in low flames. When Gilda asked Batman to reveal her identity to Gordon to save Harvey, Batman left in silence. Batman once loved Harvey Dent, but he was not in agreement with the man (Two-Face) he had turned into. Arkham Asylum was the only safe place to contain Harvey’s monster, and thus, Batman concealed Gilda’s secret.

Batman The Long Halloween’ Part Two: Post Credit Sequence

In the post-credit scene, The Flash and Green Arrow visit Wayne’s manor. Their arrival suggests a Halloween meet-up with Batman that may lead to further adventures together. Or they have arrived with a new crisis to be solved. Speculatively, one can weave millions of theories around it, or it could just shun it by perceiving it as a simple, casual Halloween hangout.

Batman The Long Halloween, is a 2021 Action Thriller Animated film directed by Chris Palmer. The film is divided into two parts. It is based on the DC Comics storyline written by Jeph Loeb and picturized by Tim Sale.

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