‘Black Cake’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Does Covey Get In Front Of The Bus?


We were not expecting Black Cake to take the turn it did in episode 3. Perhaps it was too much to hope that Covey would be able to lead a decent life with no one trying to take advantage of her secrets, considering the disadvantage they placed her in. This episode has us struggling to understand whether Black Cake is a love story at its heart, but perhaps only time will tell. Let us see what the recap says.

Spoiler Alert

Is Lin alive?

Lin manages to survive his suicide attempt because Pearl happened to come to the beach at the right time, and she pulled him out of the water. Pearl gives Lin a much-deserved talking-down and tells him to clean up his act if he hopes to set things right even a little bit. Some boy had been arrested for the murder of Covey’s husband, and it is better for Lin to go with that story if he hopes for Covey’s safety. Pearl tells Lin that she started at the job because of her best friend, and when she left, Pearl had stayed back for Covey. But with all of them gone, Pearl did not feel any need to continue with the job and wanted to leave. She did not want to stay back to take care of Lin, as he should be doing that himself. With that, Lin walks out of the house, but we suppose that the danger is far from over. The cronies of the Henry brothers are convinced that Covey is the real culprit, and that Pearl and Lin must know where she is. They wouldn’t accept that someone else had simply taken the blame for it, and they are tailing Pearl to find out more. We just hope that she makes it out safe and sound.

How did Covey and Gibbs fall in love?

Gibbs was the new kid who was taking swimming lessons at the same place that Covey used to train at. Covey had seen him looking at her quite a few times, so one day, she went up to him and started talking, since she also found him cute. Covey and Gibbs start going out almost instantly, and on their first date, Covey tells him that she could only date after high school. Meanwhile, Gibbs is going to London to study law, so they both don’t have much time together. Before Covey found herself forced to hide from the world, she was as bright and rebellious as they come, and she told Gibbs that she wanted to get to know him before they lost the chance.

After the date, Covey is already in love, and she is happy to tell Bunny that the latter was wrong about Gibbs. But what Covey doesn’t know is that Bunny has been in love with her best friend for years. When Covey was young, society was still largely homophobic, and Covey advised her friend to keep her thoughts to herself so that they could protect their lives.

After Covey disappeared, rumors were rife about their relationship being more than friends, and that is what made Bunny’s father so desperate to see his daughter married. But Bunny was facing different difficulties since she hadn’t been able to swim since Covey had left. She knew that her friend was alive, but she may as well not have been. Also, Covey was completely in love with Gibbs, and she couldn’t think about anyone else. Even in Scotland, where she was trying to build her new life, it was Gibbs and his voice that kept pulling her back to her past.

How Does Covey Build Her Life In Scotland?

Eleanor had trained to be a nurse, and since Covey had taken her identity, the hospital staff thought that she was a nurse, and they helped her by arranging some temporary accommodation. Covey was more than happy with that, and once she moved in, she started looking for jobs, but that proved to be very difficult in a racist country. The few jobs that she could get were hampered by her inability to understand the Scottish accent. Eventually, she agrees to work as a janitor, but her boss hires her as an accountant instead, after seeing that she is more than qualified. Covey is determined to make the most of the opportunity, but she finds that the girls she works with, especially Beatrice, are very unwelcoming and unfriendly. But Covey does not want to attract attention, so she quietly endures it all. But one day, she finds that there are a lot of discrepancies in one account, and when she takes it to Beatrice, she gets told that she is just a ‘pity hire,’ so she should not try to overreach. Covey is initially silenced, but she still takes the matter to her boss, who promises to look into it. Also, he has understood that Covey is lying about being a nurse, and when asked about it, Covey cries and asks for a second chance, which she gets. The next day, the boss gives Beatrice a talking-down for the mistakes and invites Covey for dinner at his place. It may have looked like a good thing, but that was just a warning in disguise.

Why Does Covey Get In Front Of The Bus?

Covey goes to her boss’ house despite it feeling inappropriate because he knows her secret. However, once she gets there, she finds that his wife is also present, so it was a safe setting. His wife wants to host an event in honor of Covey, who has survived the accident, but Covey doesn’t want to be the center of attention. Instead, the women come up with the idea of hosting the event in the memory of the people who have died, one of whom is supposedly Covey. That sounds like a better idea, but the next day, Covey’s boss has once again figured out that his employee is lying again. He had understood her behavior and figured out that she must be running from something. He already knew about the lies on the resume, so this wasn’t hard to understand. Covey starts crying and asks to be able to continue her job. While her boss pretends to comfort her, he simply catches her in a moment of vulnerability and sexually assaults her. Covey is terrified, and when she walks out of the room, it is obvious that the other women know what has happened. Beatrice meets Covey and tells her that the same thing happened to her because she was just as vulnerable as Covey and needed to fend for her son, which made her stay on the job. Even now, she has to come back every day because she needs the money to take care of her son.

Covey is devastated, and she desperately seeks some connection to her past life, which she gets for a second during her jump into the sea. She cannot help thinking of Gibbs, because, in her mind, he was the only man who ever understood her. At the end of Black Cake Episode 3, Covey returns to London. It wasn’t going to be easier than Scotland, but she simply carved its familiarity. She spent many months silently living her life in London, and in the end, she finally saw Gibbs once again at a protest. Covey had longed to meet him, and when he was finally in front of her, she did not know whether he would like this new version of her that kept hiding, unlike her old self. That is probably why she walked in front of the bus so recklessly, to see if they were still meant to be together beyond everything.

Final Thoughts

Something about Black Cake feels extremely realistic, and that is why it comes across as extra thrilling. We can tell this is going to be a tough watch going forward, but we have to know the rest of Covey’s story.

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