‘Bros’ Ending Explained & 2024 Series Summary: Will Nisso Live?


The Israeli comedy-drama series Bros revolves around the friendship of childhood best friends Pini and Nisso and how they overcame one of the most challenging phases of their lives. Pini and Nisso were inseparable, and as an ode to their friendship, they started a bar together in Jerusalem. Their dynamics started to shift when Pini learned that he was about to become a father and Nisso discovered that he had a tumor that could be a sign of cancer. While Pini went out of his way to become a responsible adult, Nisso became reckless and stopped caring about the consequences of his actions. This resulted in conflict between the two, and throughout the eight episodes we witness how even through the toughest times, they end up always having each other’s back.

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Why did Pini accompany Nisso to Krakow?

Pini desperately wanted to prove himself to his wife, Alma. She did not think he was responsible enough to become a father, and Pini made up his mind to change his ways. Running a bar with his best friend was quite the adventure, but getting drunk on a daily basis was its consequence. Pini realized that he had to change his lifestyle for the sake of his child, and he made up his mind to discuss selling the bar with Nisso. Pini had already had a preliminary discussion with the owner of the bar across the street, Adir, and he showed interest in buying the place. The bar was of sentimental value, and Pini struggled to find the right time to discuss it with Nisso.

After stealing money from an illegal garage owner, Nisso bought tickets to watch the final match of Beitar Jerusalem in Krakow. While Pini initially showed hesitation, he eventually agreed to accompany Nisso. Alma did not stop Pini when she realized that the match would give the best friends the perfect opportunity to discuss the prospect of selling their establishment. Even though Nisso did not check the test report, he assumed that, just like his father, he would succumb to the terminal illness. The bar was his pride, and he was not ready to let go of it. He stole money only to save the bar because it was the only thing that he assumed would last after his death.

After landing in Krakow, Pini struggled to find the right time to discuss the issue with Nisso. They were already in trouble after Nisso stole drugs from a street dealer. Pini was disappointed in him, but for Nisso it was all just a way to have fun. The minute he accepted that he was going to die, he was no longer afraid of anything. Pini and Nisso eventually ended up at a Neo-Nazi bar. Nisso came across a text from Adir on Pini’s phone, and he figured out that Pini wanted to sell the place. While he chose not to confront Pini yet, after leaving the bar, Pini questioned Nisso about burning down Tsameret, adding that he ended up being the one questioned by the insurance investigator. Before they could argue any further, all of a sudden, they were attacked by the neo-Nazis. The duo jumped into the river to protect their lives, and after returning to their hotel room, Nisso revealed that he was well aware of Pini’s plan. He was disappointed in Pini for going behind his back and making a deal with their rival, Adir. They were the best of friends, but lately the secrets they had been keeping from each other created a distance between them that they found challenging to get over.

Why was Nisso kidnapped?

Pini and Nisso stopped talking to each other after their altercation about the bar. Pini had lost his phone during the brawl, and Alma was left extremely worried after she learned about the trouble her husband had gotten into. She doubted that he was still in trouble when he called her from Yaffit’s number. Once again, Alma was left worrying about her husband’s safety. Meanwhile, Nisso figured out that his ex-girlfriend, Rotem, had spent the night with her neighbor, Avi. Nisso was still deeply in love with her, but he broke up with her because of his condition. He did not wish for Rotem to suffer. Of course, the sudden breakup was hard on Rotem, and even though they were not together, they continued to care about each other.

Nisso had lost his lover and his best friend, and he was incredibly lonely when he was having a drink at the hotel bar. A stranger approached him, and she took a sudden interest in him. Nisso was a little hesitant at first, but he realized that he was simply being rude to a polite stranger. He offered to buy her a drink, and she happily accepted it. The stranger, who introduced herself as Ola, drugged Nisso’s drink when he was not paying attention. Pini was a little suspicious when he saw Nisso at the bar with the stranger, and he tried to intervene. But Nisso refused to entertain him and asked him to stay away. Pini noticed how drunk Nisso was, even though he claimed to have had only one drink. He followed Nisso and Ola out of the hotel and realized that his friend had been kidnapped.

Pini continued to follow the car on a bicycle and managed to enter the building where Nisso was taken. As it turned out in Bros episode 7, Ola and her partner were involved in the illegal organ trade, and Nisso was one of their many victims. Thankfully, Nisso was not completely knocked out, and he kept making noise, which helped Pini find him. Pini kicked open the door to the operation room, and he managed to tackle the doctor and Ola. Pini successfully carried Nisso out of the building, punched the security guard, and drove away in his car. Pini was distracted trying to wake Nisso up, and the car hit the curb, and they met with an accident. Thankfully, the duo survived the crash, and all they had to do was figure their way out of the woods.

Did Pini and Nisso reconcile?

Nisso realized how far his best friend would go for his well being and that there was no point in keeping his secret from him. While walking through the woods, Nisso confessed that he was probably going to die. Pini did not take the statement seriously, but he soon realized that Nisso was not joking. Nisso explained that the doctors detected a tumor, and he was quite confident that it was cancerous. He believed this situation was quite like that of his father, who died at the age of 37. But the only thing that bothered him was that his father left behind a legacy, but all he had was Pini and the bar. Pini finally realized why saving the bar was so important for Nisso, and he could not argue with his logic anymore. This was the very least he could do for his best friend. Pini was a little disappointed in Nisso for not sharing the news with him sooner, and he was also surprised to find out that Nisso had already assumed the worst before checking the test result. Pini insisted that they open the envelope, but Nisso was not yet ready to face the truth. Pini agreed that after the series of bad luck, it might not be the best decision to open it, and he proposed that only if Beitar qualified for the Champions League would they open the envelope. As scary as it was, Nisso agreed to the proposition.

Is Nisso going to live?

Alma ended up traveling to Krakow, fearing for her husband’s life. She was glad to see Pini alive and well. Nisso, Alma, Pini, and their friends arrived at the stadium to cheer for their favorite team. It was during the match that Rotem found out the actual reason why Nisso broke up with her. When Alma realized how heartbroken Rotem was, she decided to confess the truth to her. Rotem was disappointed in Nisso because she believed she deserved to know the truth. They were supposed to be together in good and bad times, yet Nisso did not show trust in her and chose to keep her in the dark. Even though she disapproved of his decision, she was still in love with him, and she chose to be by his side through sickness. The lovers united, and Nisso admitted that he missed her and apologized for making her feel terrible the past few days. Nisso explained how devastating it was for him when his father passed away all of a sudden, and he did not wish for Rotem to go through the same experience. Rotem admired him for his consideration, but she was willing to be there for him no matter what.

Going by the fact that their team was not in their best form, Nisso decided not to open the envelope. Pini pointed out that instead of focusing on the negatives, he must also notice the positives that were unfolding—such as him getting back with Rotem. But that was not enough reason for Nisso to consider. To make matters better, Pini got back his phone thanks to Yeffit’s lost-and-found suggestion. All of a sudden, Adir contacted Pini and offered to pay 300 grand for the bar, and while Nisso agreed that it was the best offer they could get, Pini decided against it. He had realized how important the bar was to Nisso and that the emotion attached to the place was worth more than money. Nisso was moved by the support of his loved ones.

The soccer team almost acted as binding glue for Pini and Nisso’s friendship; they shared too many memories around their love for their team, and it was quite expected that the final scene of Bros would unfold during the Beitar match. It was because of the support of his loved ones that Nisso decided to check the test result. Even though Beitar lost the match, it was a win for Nisso and his friends. 

During Bros‘ ending, Nisso, Pini, and their friends erupted in celebration, suggesting that the test result was negative. The best friends will continue to run their little bar in Jerusalem with more enthusiasm. After living with the thought of losing everything the very next minute, Nisso will learn to value his loved ones now more than ever.

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Srijoni Rudra
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