‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 11 & 12: Recap/Ending – Is Eul-tae Not The Root Of All Evil?


In the previous episodes of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls, Eul Tae tries to kill Do Yun, whom Hwal recognizes as his son from the past life. Do Yun manages to survive and tells Hwal the truth. Eul Tae has indeed killed Hwal’s family and turned him into a Bulgasal. Hwal does not trust Eul Tae anymore, and Sang Un is free from suspicion for now. Hwal is going to get his revenge on Eul Tae, but a shocking surprise awaits him. What could it be? Let’s find out.

Hwal Goes After Eul-tae

After Do Yun gains consciousness and reveals Eul Tae’s real face, Hwal moves everyone to a safer place as it becomes clear that the real war is about to begin now. Eul Tae knows where they live, and he can become violent now that his truth is out. After moving to their hideout, Sang Un urges Hwal to let her help him catch Eul Tae because she also wants to get revenge for her dead family. Hwal agrees with her, but when the time comes, he locks her in the storeroom and leaves her to fight Eul Tae alone.

Hwal and Eul Tae meet at the well that Hwal has built to capture Bulgasal. Eul Tae already knows about Hwal’s plan to capture him in a well, but he is more powerful than him. He wants to defend himself and also needs Hwal by his side. Eul Tae is playing safe, but Hwal stabs him in his dark hole and Eul Tae screams in pain. He is bleeding and starts running away as Hwal chases him. Eul Tae is becoming weaker, but he is still telling Hwal to not trust Sang Un. He spurts out why he killed Hwal’s family and turned him into a Bulgasal and accuses Sang Un of making both of them fight and kill each other. Is Eul Tae telling the truth or deceiving Hwal?

What Is The Only Way To Kill Bulgasal?

Hwal goes without Sang Un to fight with Eul Tae. In this do-or-die situation, Sang Un and Si Ho want to help Hwal in any way possible. Even though she is pregnant, Si Ho tries to see Sang Un’s past as Kim Hwa Young to find a way to kill Eul Tae. Their sister, Sang Yeon, had told Sang Un before dying that the sword used to kill a Bulgasal was a Bulgasal itself, which means only a Bulgasal can kill another. Hence, Hwal is the only person who can kill Eul Tae but doesn’t know how to do it because he believes that a Bulgasal is immortal.

Through Hwa Young, Si Ho hears the secret to killing a Bulgasal, but they always come in pairs, and to destroy them, both Bulgasals have to stab each other at the same time. To kill Eul Tae, Hwal also has to die and sacrifice himself. Si Ho isn’t bothered by it as she isn’t very fond of Hwal, but Sang Un feels uneasy about it. She runs to find Hwal and Eul Tae at the well, but an injured Eul Tae has already run off and escaped from Hwal.

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 12: Ending

Sang Un and Hwal drive towards the forest to find the injured Eul Tae. Eul Tae has lost so much blood that his body has turned wrinkled and grey. He is lying helplessly in the forest when Hwal finds him. He is repeatedly asking Hwal to help him and not Sang Un. Eul Tae tells him the real story behind their being the Bulgasals. Until now, we knew that Hwal was a human turned into a Bulgasal and Eul Tae was the original one, but what Eul Tae reveals completely changes the narrative.

When Eul Tae was sick as a human, he had asked the original Bulgasal to turn him into a Bulgasal as well, so that he could gain super strength. That original Bulgasal, who was none other than Hwal, had turned on him but had also taken a promise from him. He had asked Eul Tae to make him bulgasal again. To keep this promise, Eul Tae killed Hwal’s family and turned him into a Bulgasal. 

While Hwal and Eul Tae are conversing in the forest, Eul Tae’s hitman attacks Sang Un, who is waiting in a car. He stabs her exactly where Hwal had stabbed her when she was a Bulgasal. In her defense, she fiercely attacks the killer. She does that involuntarily, and the scared killer runs off to Eul Tae. A strange thing happens when Hwal brings the injured Sang Un home and Sang Un is treating her wound. She starts remembering her past life memories and feels a strong sense of power that is beyond her control.

As Sang Un remembers her past, she is turning into a different person, as if two spirits are living in the same body. Sang Un is no longer in control of herself and is getting dizzy. Hwal hears the noise and goes to check on her. Sang Un’s innocent eyes bear the look of evil, and she stabs Hwal. Did Hwal make a mistake by trusting Sang Un? Should he have trusted Eul Tae instead?

The mystery surrounding the real Bulgasal pair deepens as Eul Tae calls Hwal the real Bulgasal, and Sang Un also starts showing signs of monstrosity. Hye Suk has made a prophecy that if past memories are brought back, everyone will be killed. If Sang Un really remembers her past, will she turn out to be the real devil, disguised as an angel?

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