‘Castaway Diva’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Among Woo Hak And Bo Geol Is Ki Ho?


The fifth episode of Castaway Diva has proved that the second lead syndrome it is going to deliver will be elite. While one of them is the goofy and protective kind of person we have come to love in recent years, the other is a distant and broody man who will always be a classic. But both of them are highly protective of Mok Ha, and there is no doubt that they will move heaven and hell for her. Also, there was an assumption that the mystery of the series would be somewhat one-dimensional, but it is proving to be way more layered than we could have anticipated. This year has produced Korean dramas that have either been too good or plain bad but mostly average. Therefore, it is pleasant to see at least the year ending with a great watch like Castaway Diva, and this is the recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

What did Bong Wan want?

Bong Wan had been following Mok Ha from the moment he received the note. He had to have suspected one of the brothers of being Ki Ho, because what other sense was there in following Mok Ha when she herself did not know where Ki Ho was? Bo Geol rescues Mok Ha and gives her an earful for being so reckless, but Mok Ha is defensive. Only she realizes the value that Ki Ho holds in her life, and it is not easy to give up on a person like that. He had quite literally fought against all odds to save her from an abusive situation, and the least the Mok Ha could do was try to meet him and find out if he was alright. If it hadn’t been for Ki Ho, Mok Ha would have long died, and neither of the brothers seem to realize that, despite knowing all the facts.

When Bo Geol is taking Mok Ha back home, he tells her that Ki Ho is safe. He doesn’t answer her as to how he knows this, and he makes it all sound like some sort of reassurance. In the previous episode, it had come across as odd that Mok Ha was slow to spot similarities between Ki Ho and Bo Geol. She makes up for that in this episode when she notices how he spoke in a similar manner to Ki Ho and kept telling her he would always be available to take care of her, the way Ki Ho used to do. In the meantime, Woo Hak sees Bong Wan and decides to follow him. He could be the key to the answers that Woo Hak has about his past, and the memories flashing in his mind are a clue that he is not as detached from Ki Ho as he would have thought.

Why does President Hwang help Ran Joo?

Before signing with Seo Jun fifteen years ago, Ran Joo used to work for the label started by President Hwang. Mok Ha recognizes him as being the music teacher of Ran Joo when she was still in middle school. Hwang had taken Ran Joo for granted because he believed that since he was the one to recognize her talent and give her opportunities, she would never leave his side. However, that had led to some bullying since President Hwang had to make personal sacrifices for the sake of his career, and he took out his anger on Ran Joo. She had gotten tired of that, which is why she had changed agencies. It is another matter that her choice was terrible, but she was in a difficult situation.

In the present day, after seeing just how terribly Seo Jun was playing the game, Ran Joo decides to seek Hwang’s help. Seo Jun’s company had been set up in 2007, and everything before that was owned by President Hwang’s company. Those are the albums that Ran Joo needed to sell, and she asked him to re-release them as she was getting popular again. But President Hwang wants to be a little petty first, and he asks her to perform at his daughter’s wedding the next day before he makes that choice. Ran Joo is once again in a fix since she cannot sing a complete song by herself. In her frustration, she takes out her anger on Mok Ha, and frankly, a lot of what she says makes no sense. But Mok Ha cannot give up as easily as Ran Joo does, and she decides to go to the wedding anyway.

Who among Woo Hak and Bo Geol is Ki Ho?

When Ran Joo sings, her throat doesn’t allow her to hit all the notes of a song. This is why she has given up on her career, but Mok Ha suggests that they can simply duet together, and Ran Joo should show up to prove to her former music teacher that his opinion doesn’t affect her life or her choices anymore. That encouragement is just what Ran Joo needed, and she shows up at the wedding, and President Hwang is able to save face in front of his family. After the function, he apologizes for his behavior in the past, and it is evident that Ran Joo also feels the guilt for her behavior. The fact that Hwang had acted that way with her taught Ran Joo that she could do the same in a similar situation because that is how the world functions. But that one apology was enough to help Ran Joo’s conscience act properly again.

On the other hand, Hwang had not just verbally apologized to Ran Joo, but he had also done the right thing. By refusing to act according to Seo Jun’s wishes, he had greatly helped his former protege. It was also good business sense on his part that he understood Seo Jun’s character and knew that helping him now would have no great benefits in the future. Meanwhile, Bong Wan is still looking for Ki Ho. It is not due to fatherly love or obsession, but simply as some form of revenge. That is why Dae Woong and the others are so keen on protecting him. Maybe Bong Wan had realized that Dae Woong was going to help Ki Ho, which is why he released those wasps in his car—the same ones he had caught that morning. That also means that Bong Wan is much closer to the answer than he was showing.

At the end of Castaway Diva episode 5, Woo Hak breaks into Bong Wan’s house, where he sees a photograph of him, Bo Geol, and their mother. It is an old picture and is proof that they are connected to Bong Wan. Bo Geol also gets there then, and he tells Woo Hak that he knows the truth. The possibility is the same as before. Woo Hak is Ki Ho, and he is being protected from his father. Or it could be that Bo Geol is Ki Ho, and he is keeping quiet to protect his brother and family from the man.

Final Thoughts

There is so much more to this story than meets the eye. Ki Ho had been in far greater trouble than anyone had realized, which makes it all the more important for him to meet Mok Ha and find happiness now. Maybe this week will give us the answers.

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