Gabin Society In ‘Celebrity,’ Explained: How Did They Destroy Themselves?


The Gabin society in the series Celebrity consist of a group of influencers who advertise luxury lifestyle goods and sell the aspirations of the high life. In a lot of ways, these influencers are our favorite kind since they show us the beauty of aspiration and the picture of the reward that is at the end of all our struggles. In any career, one aspires to reach the highest level of success. In the beauty and fashion influencer world, being able to advertise what the top 1% want has to be it. It not only means that they have the attention of that 1% and are a part of them but also that everyone else wants to be them. They are the most visible members of the elite, which means that the bulk of the jealousy is directed towards them. But that is what they want. The members of the Gabin society carry the desire for fame but absolutely no responsibility for it, and it worked for them until A Ri came onto the scene. She had a fashion sense that people were instantly attracted to. It was her ability to put together an outfit, a talent that others lacked, that became A Ri’s USP.

In Celebrity, the members of the Gabin society derived their sense of self-importance from the hierarchy of numbers on social media. They wanted to look down on others, and that is why they couldn’t handle that A Ri was rising above their ranks. Min Hye had always been jealous of A Ri because she was rich. In fact, we wouldn’t doubt that it was A Ri who was the inspiration behind Min Hye wanting to be surrounded by luxury goods. Therefore, when she came to know that A Ri was not rich anymore, Min Hye saw it as an opportunity for herself as well as a way to get petty revenge for her insecure childhood. Min Hye bragged about her family being rich, but that couldn’t have been the truth. Regardless, she had grown up in proximity to wealth, which means that she either went to a school full of rich kids or her father was employed in some capacity with them, which allowed her to be friends with the likes of A Ri. Her husband couldn’t have been any different. His relationship with Min Hye was simply difficult to watch, with him being insulted by her every second yet taking it all in for the privileges associated with her. Though he had money of his own from the sale of fake sports cars, the flash and the bling came from Min Hye. After all, her luxurious lifestyle had to include him as well. Min Hye got some likes and followers out of painting an ideal relationship with her husband. But when everything was at stake, both of them turned on each other in front of Tae Joon, and it was a disgraceful scene.

Then there were Yu Ran and Min Chan. It was so evident that he did not respect her or her work and constantly looked down on her. He never lost a chance to insult her, even when she was doing nothing but being a good wife. When he was caught in the end, he said that he did not plan on leaving behind his child, but he said no such thing about his wife. He called himself the head of the house, the person who had to be protected first, and therefore, everything that his wife did other than housekeeping, including her very existence, was of no consequence to him. In a way, it is good that Yu Ran is rid of him. She can finally seek a better partner and friends going forward.

Then came Angela, who spent as fast as she earned, which is why she had to do what she did. Her husband was rich, but he ran a tight ship, so she could not spend his money as indiscriminately as she liked. But she still had to be a luxury influencer and fake a lifestyle, so she resorted to soliciting her body for the money. It just hints at terrible money management: that she spent all of her income on just becoming flashier, and in ways that did not even guarantee more income but just a higher need to earn money that would be similarly wasted. Of course, we cannot forget Chae Hee. It felt odd that an influencer with a following like hers simply relied on her family’s influence for her pull in society. Why did she never brag about her own hard work? This meant that she must not have a real income of her own since we couldn’t imagine her approaching a brand for a collaboration. It was really sad that Chae Hee was made of nothing but arrogance, and that ended up costing a man’s life and, ultimately, the Gabin society’s destruction. Just refraining from this single vice could have made a world of difference to them all. There was also one person in the group who sold fake luxury goods, pretending that they were real ones.

The fact is that it wouldn’t have taken much for Gabin society to have stayed intact. There were already other influencers who were more popular than them, but it was only A Ri who was a thorn in their side. If only these people had learned to ignore her, they would have been fine. If only they had not gotten involved with BBBFamous, who had previously been against them and could turn the tables again, their entire empire wouldn’t have started crumbling. But they just did not do the wise thing and gave in to their egos and jealousies. They did not understand that this was exactly how Biniimom and Wang Ro La, who were previously members of their group, had destroyed themselves. If even one of them had Si Hyeong’s patience, they would have been in a much better place. Instead, they were backstabbing each other (Min Hye and Yu Ran) and just being nasty overall, leading to their downfall and jail time. One thing done right, be it Min Hye not making that post, Chae Hee not taking the drugs, or all of them not trusting BBBFamous, would have meant that they could continue expanding their empires however they saw fit, but that was just not to be.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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