‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 8 & 9: Recap & Ending


In Episode 7, Charles Boone finally found the book of the dead, De Vermis Mysteriis. As soon as he touched the book, Charles got visions of the end of the world. He was convinced that if the book fell into the wrong hands, it would bring death and destruction to the human world. Charles decided to protect the book from the vampire lord Jakub and his own undead relatives, Stephen and Philips. With the help of town sheriff George and minister Martin, Charles fortified Chapelwaite and awaited the undead army.

‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending

A significant portion of Episode 8 was spent in defending the fortified Chapelwaite. In Episode 7, Charles chopped off his uncle Philip’s head. The death of the undead gave a faint hope that these vampires were not invincible.

After Philip’s execution, Stephen ran away from Chapelwaite, and Jakub’s caravan surrounded the manor. Charles didn’t want to fight Jakub’s minion but wished to safeguard the roof until dawn. However, he was afraid that if Jakub’s army breached the tunnels inside the manor’s walls, they’d lose the ground. And the inevitable happened.

Jakub’s undead attacked Chapelwaite and infiltrated the tunnels. They sneaked all around the manor and attacked from all sides. In the end, Charles and his small group were cornered in the cellar with Vampire Mary Dennison. In an earlier scene, Rebecca roped the De Vermis Mysteriis on Mary’s body to keep the curse away from Charles. But when they were constrained in the cellar, Charles found out that the undead were retreating and the Worm Book was missing.

While the manor was under attack, Charles’ undead daughter, Loa, contacted Charles’ youngest son, Tane. To protect his family, Tane stole the book from Mary and handed it to Loa. In return for her bravery and loyalty, Jakub spared Charles and his family. Loa earned Jakub’s trust and traveled back to Jerusalem’s Lot with his caravan.

‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 9: Recap

Loa knew her father was a righteous man who would sacrifice himself to save the world from eternal darkness. While Jakub prepared a ritual to bring back his Worm God, Charles prepared an army to attack Jerusalem’s Lot.

Charles wanted more men and thus decided to convince the towners of Preacher’s corner to follow his plight. However, he knew that words wouldn’t sway them. Therefore he displayed Vampire Mary Dennison.

The horrendous sight of Mary Dennison struggling and burning under the open sun convinced Preacher’s corner of an unexplainable creature that lived among them. A few good men joined Charles’ troop to attack Jakub and retrieve the book.

In the meantime, Martin’s wife, Alice, approached him and invited him home for one last time. Martin shared his grief and the horrors of Chapelwaite with Alice. He even informed his wife that their children were preyed upon by Philip and Stephen Boone when they were asleep. But Alice didn’t bother digging up the past; she had already decided to take vengeance. She poisoned Martin and killed him. Later, she sacrificed herself and died under the same roof. When Charles arrived at the Burroughs’ house, he found Samuel Gallup grieving for his dead daughter. Samuel pointed a gun at Charles, blaming him for his loss. However, pained by misery, he shot himself instead.

George Dennison, The Town’s Sheriff

The two pariahs, George and Martin, suffered a significant loss after the death of their beloved love. In Chapelwaite, during the undead attack, Martin lost all hope and trust in God. He was sure that there was no way to end the upcoming evil. Charles knew that the minister could betray him or turn his back in fear. However, the fear ended with Martin’s death.

But for George Dennison, he was still holding onto his grief inside his grieving heart. George saw his wife Mary dying in front of the whole town like an exhibition of witchery. Charles had his doubts about George, and Episode 9 hinted that Mary fed her blood to her husband before passing. Like George said in the tavern, those who drank the vampire blood only turned into the creatures of the night once they were killed. Hence, if George drank Mary’s blood, the impact would be explored in Episode 10. The revelation might act as a pivotal turning point in the battle of the undead.

‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 9 Ending

Jakub began the dark ritual in Jerusalem’s Lot to bring his Dark God to the human world. Before the ceremony, he fed vampire blood to his “promised” ones and gave them vampire powers. While Jakub read from De Vermis Mysteriis, the promised lot strangled themselves in the woods to become the undead.

Charles’ was confident that his treacherous cousin could attack the people at Preacher’s corner. Hence, he requested the women and the children to take shelter in God’s sanctuary, the town’s church. He left the command to Honor and warned her of an uncertain attack. Charles, Rebecca, and a small group of soldiers ready to fight the evil left for Jerusalem’s Lot.

In his dark church, Jakub commenced the ceremony to raise the worm. As he read from the book, a dark solar eclipse appeared in the blue sky to wrap the world in eternal darkness. Will Charles be able to stop Jakub? ‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 10 will narrate the end.

Chapelwaite is a Horror Fiction Television series based on a novel written by Stephen King.

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