‘Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers’ Ending, Explained: Do Chip And Dale Rescue Monterey Jack?


After the cartoon series, the producers introduce a film, loaded with witty toon-based humor. “Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers” is a 2022 American animated action-adventure comedy that entertains kids and families alike. Chip and Dale are elderly and have outlived their fame. The plot encompasses the cast’s aftermath when Monterey Jack, a fellow actor, gets himself into some difficulty, and the two must save him from being bootlegged (the toon’s respected body parts are separated or changed).

The city accepts toons as fellow citizens. Cartoons, in the spirit of Space Jam, live like humans and have the same rights as their fellow humans. They attend school, live in homes, and coexist in peace and harmony. Everything appears to be well until Monty (Monterey Jack) summons Chip and Dale to be rescued because he has consumed too much cheese. After doing so, he is unable to pay Sweet Pete (an adult Peter Pan), prompting his buddies to join up with a suspicious Captain Putty, to transform their lives. Let’s witness how Chip and Dale rekindle their friendship and begin an expedition to save their pal.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers’ Plot Summary: Do Chip and Dale find a way to agree to help find Monty?

Chip and Dale met in elementary school and were good friends, despite their differences in stature and friendliness. Chip’s mother always encouraged him to try new things, which led him to sit next to Dale in the cafeteria, where they developed a beautiful, lasting friendship. During their friendship, as they grew older, they went to California and created the hit television show Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers. In the trailer, one day, Chip takes offense when Dale reveals that he has been offered a solo role in a spy series and walks away with a grudge for the remainder of the friendship.

Chip and Dale, who are now older in age and live independently, are introduced. Chip is still a successful insurance agent and still a toon character. Dale underwent special CGI surgery to improve his appearance, and he continued to appear on the Fan Con circuit alongside characters such as Tigera, Ugly Sonic, and others.

One day, Monterey calls Chip and Dale individually and admits to owning a large sum of money to a criminal named Sweet Pete (Adult Peter Pan) because of his cheese addiction. He informs the two of a criminal group that kidnaps cartoon characters, alters their appearance, and ships them overseas to make bootleg movies. To build an alternate toon industry, he has the altered characters appear in bootleg films in their new appearances and infringes on copyrights.

Chip, who has a grudge against Dale, refuses to participate in the probe. When Chip and Dale arrive to assist the police, who are led by Captain Putty and Detective Ellie Steckler, Monterey goes AWOL. Ellie admits to being a Chip N Dale fan and tells the two that while the cops didn’t stand a chance, if they wished, they could look into where Sweet Pete (r. Pan) is operating from.

Chip reluctantly joins Dale at Bjornson’s the Cheesemonger, where Monterey had previously purchased his cheese. They inquire about Sweet Pete. Bjornson, suspicious of their motives, brings them to Sweet Pete’s factory, which makes porta-potties from unsold toy stock in the uncanny valley area of town. When they encounter Sweet Pete, they learn that he is an adult Peter Pan, accompanied by his minions, Bob the Viking and Jimmy the Polar Bear. Sweet Pete quickly realizes the two are looking for information about his bootlegging operation. He makes a hasty attempt to apprehend the pair, but the chipmunks outsmart him with quick thinking.

When Chip realizes that he cannot lose his best friend when they escape into the toilet drain, Chip is worried he may have lost Dale when he sees a teddy bear shaped like Dale and approaches him. Relieved that he has not lost Dale, Chip concludes that he wants to do everything he can to help Monty. To find their friend, the two must travel a long and difficult route.

Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers’ Ending, Explained: Do Chip and Dale Save Monterey Jack in Time?

The narrative intensifies as the two suspect Sweet Pete of injuring Monty. They discuss what they learned with Ellie, finding that she has a sour relationship with Captain Putty as a result of his acting on a poor tip and storming Nickelodeon Studios, which ended in disaster. Sweet Pete is wearing a fitness tracker, Dale recalls. The legendary chipmunk pair break into a bathhouse to steal Pete’s tracker, with Ellie lending police equipment and keeping an eye on the situation from the outside. They follow him to a dock warehouse and discover evidence of previous toon kidnappings, allowing the police to conduct a thorough investigation.

The research led to the discovery of a massive working machine that disassembles toys and replaces or modifies them with others. The chipmunks become stuck in it by a stroke of bad luck, but they manage to evade the laser cutters. As they roll out of the far end of the belt, the two come across a trove of toon parts, including Monterey’s mustache, which makes them fearful that they may not have been able to save their comrade.

After a couple of days of holding back, Chip lets out steam and gives Dale a golden pog that he keeps to remind him of happier times. When the two decide to pay a visit to the police station, they catch a whiff of Monterey’s perfume and track it down to either Captain Putty or Ellie. They begin to believe something is going on and depart from the station, fearful that one of them is working with Sweet Pete. Dale and Chip go to the Fan Con and try to get Ugly Sonic to enlist the support of some folks he knows in the FBI.

Sweet Pete, Bob, and Jimmy arrive at the Fan Con by the chipmunks surprise. After a chase, Bob is apprehended with the help of Tigra and Lumière, but Chip is apprehended and brought away by Jimmy. Sweet Pete returns with Chip to the warehouse, where he can disassemble him and change his appearance. Ellie is tied up by Jimmy in the warehouse by Captain Putty, and we learn that Putty has been working with Pete as part of the bootleg ring, as well as setting Ellie up for the botched raid that nearly ended her career.

Sweet Pete has Ellie bound and demands that she phone Dale and get him to come to the warehouse alone to save Chip from being wiped. Ellie has an idea and decides that now is the best time to speak in code from a previous Rescue Ranger episode. Dale almost gets the clues wrong, but he quickly realizes Ellie is in jeopardy. He knows he can’t do it alone, so he asks Gadget and Zipper, who have married and grown an enormous family, to assist him in getting to the warehouse.

Dale uses a rocket firework to get into the warehouse while Gadget and Zipper fly the Ranger Plane. It gets trapped in the innards of the operational equipment by chance, preventing the machine from functioning. The firework then overloads the mechanism, causing it to explode.

The machine malfunctions, changing Jimmy into a fairy and Sweet Pete into a mash-up of different toon characters, each of which is distinct and more powerful than the previous version. Then, Pete chases Chip and Dale through the warehouse while Ellie battles Putty, indicating that this is also where the bootlegs (altered toon characters) were filmed. Pete is eventually lured to the docks by the chipmunks, who trap him using a tactic from one of the episodes. The FBI, led by Ugly Sonic, arrives near the end to assist Chip and Dale, who apologize to each other for their actions over the years.

But Pete throws a cannonball at Chip as the FBI prepares to handcuff him, Dale leaps up to block it and falls unconscious. Chip is concerned about his friend’s safety, but Dale awakens and reveals that he had front-pocketed the golden pog that absorbed the brunt of the bullet. Suddenly, that familiar cologne aroma returns, and they decide to move quickly, assuming that if the scent is still present, Monty is nearby. This scent leads them to the location of all the kidnapped toons, including Monterey, whose ears had grown to resemble Dumbo. Dale gathers the entire Rescue Ranger team and introduces them to Ellie. The Rescue Rangers have it in them still to save the day. 

Final Words

As we near the conclusion, Ellie has decided to start her own detective business, following in the footsteps of her idols. As the group departs, Dale suggests a reboot, but the others agree only if they first see the script. The film is a delightful story that will delight audiences of all ages while bringing smiles and warmth to their hearts. The cartoon series was a regular delight, but the film marked the beginning of something bigger for loyal fans. “Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers” is an entertaining film for children of all ages, as well as families who appreciate animated flicks.

“Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers” is a 2022 Animation Comedy film directed by  Akiva Schaffer.

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