‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Does Daisy Go To Greece?


We have never facepalmed so hard over an episode. One might think that this episode is when Billy and Daisy finally face their feelings for each other. But we beg to differ. We believe that this is the episode when Camila finally decides to think about herself. We had pointed out a few times in our past reviews how Camila seemed to be completely dedicated to Billy and ‘The Six’ despite claiming to have ambitions of her own. She might claim that she moved to LA ‘with’ and not ‘for’ Billy, but it cannot be denied that anything and everything she did was for the band, her husband, and her child. One can say that it is a full-time job in and of itself, and we would agree. But Camila had failed to see that she was in a place where she was not valued. We are not talking about Billy when we say this, but the rest of the band members, even Eddie, for that matter. 

“The Six” have always claimed to be a family, and they have named themselves as such because they consider Camila to be a part of them. Yet they felt no responsibility towards her. When Billy was cheating on her when on tour, why did nobody tell her what was going on? Why did they protect Billy at her expense? That is because Billy held more value for them as the singer and songwriter. Their band wouldn’t suffer an actual loss if Camila left the picture. When she learned what Billy was up to, she gave him a second chance. She did not mention divorce even once. The reasons could be many, but it cannot be denied that the rest of the band members took her for granted. Additionally, Billy did step up after rehab to try and be a better father and husband, but it is clear that what he felt was responsibility and not love. Camila was as dedicated as ever and while Billy was responsible, it is in “Daisy Jones and The Six” Episode 6 that she finally decides not to fight for something she is better off without. She doesn’t leave him yet, but the facts are clear to her. We have never liked Daisy and Billy’s love story to begin with, simply because we don’t like the characters themselves. But watching Camila find her feet made us very happy. This is how that plays out in “Daisy Jones and The Six” Episode 6.

Spoilers Ahead 

Billy And Daisy’s Musical Love

We have often heard that when you know, you just know. Well, Billy and Daisy obviously knew, and apparently, everybody around them could also tell, though they never said it out loud. Daisy had said in “Daisy Jones and The Six” Episode 5 that the reason she wanted to join “The Six” was Billy. We know she did not mean it romantically, but it still sounds a certain way. As for Billy himself, he absolutely loves it when Daisy changes the entire song to accommodate a beautiful line instead—a move that would get one fired if they were working in advertising. Basically, the entire band is having fun with the flow of the creative process, and that means that all wrongs are forgiven. Jonah Hill, a journalist following the band, says that the songs sound as if Billy and Daisy are sending secret messages to each other, and Eddie laughs when he hears that. He laughed because he thought they were direct and not coded, and there is no other explanation unless you are living under a rock. But the duo doesn’t just share banter; they are also getting more and more comfortable with each other.

After Daisy takes a pill in front of Billy, they both decide to step out for a bit and go to the beach. There, it becomes evident to them that they can’t deny what they feel for each other anymore. To be honest, this scene was the first and only time we saw any chemistry between them. When Billy drops Daisy back at her hotel, he avoids going into her room. He claims it is because there was ‘temptation’ inside, meaning the alcohol and drugs, but Daisy thinks differently. We don’t fault Billy here; he owes it to Camila to be faithful, but we just can’t wrap our heads around how unreasonable Daisy is being. Love is a powerful emotion that makes one incredibly selfish, and Daisy has forgotten all about Camila. When she goes near the pool after Billy leaves, she finds Jonah there, and he says that he felt that Daisy and Billy were together when he heard their songs. Daisy denies it but asks what Billy has told him. Jonah tells her that Billy said that the chemistry was part of the act, and he doesn’t mind if people think they are together. That is enough to push a volatile Daisy off the rails, and she doesn’t show up to their recording the next day. When Billy looks for her, he finds her drunk out of her mind near the hotel pool. He has had enough, and it was probably his way of punishing her when he made her record her part in the song, again and again the next day. When an angry Daisy walks out, Billy follows her, and she confronts him, asking whether the feelings are all in her head. For all his restraint, Billy really doesn’t know how to keep things simple, and he kisses her. Later, the recording goes without a hitch.

Camila’s Crumbling Life

When Billy was writing the songs for their previous album, Camila was the first person he played the songs for. It isn’t long before Camila notices that he isn’t doing that for her anymore. Maybe it’s when she finds him smiling when talking to someone on the phone—probably a smile she hasn’t seen in a while—but Camila knows that Billy is falling in love, which means that he has fallen out of love with her.

A man shows some interest in Camila when she takes her photographs to the dark room. He backs off when she says that she is married, but upon noticing the photo of Billy and Daisy, he insinuates that they might be a couple. We don’t doubt that Camila has had that fear for a while. When she sees Billy and Daisy at the festival, she can sense the energy between them. When they both get into a fight, she photographs them, and later, she presents them to Billy, saying that she and him used to fight like that. She tells him point blank that if he loves Daisy, he should be honest, but Billy denies it. Either way, Camila is tired of not living for herself, and one night, she heads out and runs into Eddie, who is there with a girl. But he ditches her to spend time with Camila and tells her that he would choose her over everyone. We don’t think Camila has ever heard that, not even from Billy. When she comes back home, we believe that she has slept with Billy. This was her way of doing something purely for herself like everyone around her had been doing all along.

Episode 6: Ending Explained – Why Does Daisy Go To Greece?

At the previously mentioned photo shoot, Daisy and Billy get into an argument when the latter comes to know that Daisy told the reporter about his history with rehab and how he missed his daughter’s christening because of it. An angry Billy confronts Daisy, and they get into a fight due to the difficulty for Daisy to see him with his wife and child. Woe is Daisy, and we are rolling our eyes. Billy tells her that he kissed her only to make her sing, and he doesn’t sound apologetic because, apparently, it was a great recording. These two deserve each other. An angry Daisy leaves and crashes her car, but her heightened emotions have got her creative juices flowing, and she starts writing her song. How do people like her function?

The next day, she has the song ready, though Billy doesn’t want it going on the album as it is very personal; he is outvoted by his members. Later, when he meets Jonah, he asks him to keep his daughter out of the article, and the journalist asks him to give him something else. That is enough of a cue for Billy to throw Daisy under the bus, and he tells Jonah that she would often show up drunk to the recordings. Jonah writes the article, but before getting it published, he sends a copy to Daisy, who understands everything when she reads it. That is when she decides to leave for Greece to get away from it all. She has no fixed plan as to when she will come back, but she just leaves without telling anyone.

Final Thoughts

Love may or may not be the most powerful feeling in the world, but being with people who can be true to their emotions is definitely better. As terrible as Billy is, he is still believable as a person. We have met men like him, but why do writers think that the only way to give a woman a personality is to make her a manic pixie? The classic play between domesticity and desire through Camila and Daisy was not lost on us, and it is sad because we had started believing that we had progressed as a society to be able to look at women through a better lens than that. This is one of the reasons we rue the fact that Karen Sirko did not have more screen time. She is ambitious and complicated, and she has her priorities in order. She is clear that as much as she likes Graham, she doesn’t want to be ‘the girlfriend’ in the band, so she is keeping their relationship a secret. But Daisy doesn’t think that far ahead,” and that is why she is the protagonist. What did we say about needing to be a teenager to like this series? We can tell that this is how the rest of the episodes of “Daisy Jones and The Six” are going to be.

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