‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Billy And Daisy Learn To Work Together?


There is something to be said about the pacing of “Daisy Jones and The Six,” with the first 2-3 episodes covering years of the characters’ lives and the next few slowing down to cover a single week or a day. But that makes sense in a way because life changes at an inconsistent pace. It is the same for months, even years, and then one day, everything is different. Either way, in the previous episodes, we struggled to put into words why we found it so hard to like Billy Dunne. In “Daisy Jones and The Six” Episode 5, we will talk about it with some more clarity in the summary. As for Daisy, we really want to know how people like her function in their day-to-day lives. It is one thing to follow your heart, but completely another to break into somebody’s house and jump into their pool because you feel like it. But then, she was written as a manic pixie. Either way, this is everything that happens in “Daisy Jones and The Six” Episode 5.

Spoilers Ahead

Billy And Daisy’s Troubles Continue

Daisy Jones has joined “The Six,” and she is ready to start recording with the band. However, she has written a few songs for the album, as has Billy. We don’t think Teddy clarified who would be writing the songs or if it was going to be a joint effort when he brought them together. Daisy immediately says that all of Billy’s songs are about his wife and his child, and they are beginning to sound the same. The room is a bit taken aback by Daisy’s bluntness, but when she asks whether they had previously discussed whether there would be a theme or if anyone else gave any input to the song, the band members start speaking up. Karen says that she agrees with Daisy, and Eddie states that he would like to write some of his own bass bits. He also mentions that most of their songs are currently ‘pop’ whereas they identify their band as ‘rock and roll,’. Basically, Daisy says that the band should be everybody’s and not just Billy’s, and in the present-day interview, Eddie agrees that Daisy was the one who brought that change to their working system.

We would like to ask again: at what point did “The Six” become all about Billy? Why did the other band members never say anything to him if they so strongly agreed with Daisy? It is the lack of details like this that make us say that “Daisy Jones & The Six” has very little to do with music and everything to do with a love story. But coming back to the present, Teddy has had enough of their fighting and tells Daisy and Billy to go out and sort their issues. They listen and go to an Applebee because Daisy is hungry. Of course, she brings up how no one stands up to Billy, and this is a question we have been asking for a while now. It still doesn’t elicit a clear answer, but they both decide to try and work together. Daisy takes him to Teddy’s house and, quite literally, breaks in by looking for his hidden key. The rest of the day is just Daisy and Billy figuring out each other’s creative processes and trying to meld them together.

Graham, Karen, And Caroline’s Day Out

It is embarrassing that we only just remembered who Suki Waterhouse is. She is Edward Cullen’s girlfriend, but we are going to ignore our pangs of residual teenage jealousy and in favor of her intriguing screen presence. Why was she not given a meatier storyline? The camera loves her more than the other supporting characters, for sure.

Anyway, in “Daisy Jones and The Six” Episode 4, with some encouragement from Camila, Graham confessed his feelings to Karen, but she turned him down. Yet in episode 5, she seems interested in seeing if there was a possibility of something happening with him. But there is a surprise waiting for her because when she asks Graham if she can go to the beach with him, he shows up with the girl he has started dating, Caroline. Nevertheless, they all go to the beach together, and Karen asks Caroline why she is dating Graham. Caroline is a pre-med student who is studying to be a psychiatrist. On paper, she and Graham come from completely different worlds. But when she remarks that she is going out with him because he is rather nice and a good-looking guy, we guess Karen starts seeing him differently. Sometimes, you just need a fresh set of eyes for a life-changing perspective. When they get back home, Karen surprises Graham by kissing him. We can safely say that this seals the deal for them and takes Caroline out of the picture. It wasn’t persistence that got Graham the girl; instead, it was the perspective of a different girl, whom most would consider as being out of his league. Reminds us of when we said in some other article that dating is a sea of trash.

Episode 5: Ending Explained – Do Billy And Daisy Learn To Work Together?

When we saw Billy and Daisy giving each other feedback on their songs, we were reminded of our days in advertising. When Billy pointed out to Daisy that not everything needed to be written in metaphors, we remembered how our boss told us to learn to balance our messages. Maybe every creative process is an emotional one. As we gain insights from experience, it becomes a game of figuring out the best execution for it, which is what Billy and Daisy try to find common ground in. He questions her about her pills, and she makes a show of flushing them down the toilet. Daisy mentioned that she took them on the advice of a doctor, so does that mean she is taking the much-needed therapy because her level of pool-jumping and random dancing manic pixie behavior is getting on our nerves? But she is also insightful and figures out that Billy’s songs are based on the kind of man he wants to be and not on who he actually is. Seriously, that was the entire complexity of his character? He aspired to be a better man, and he measured that by the kind of husband and father he was. Billy Dunne is tiresome.

However, at the end of the day, Billy admits that he and Daisy are more alike than he thought. They go back to the studio with a fantastic song in hand. Of course, everyone is free to contribute now, and that adds to the beauty of the album they start making. Daisy and Billy have cracked each other’s code, and they are going to make an excellent album together.

Final Thoughts

When Billy and Daisy hugged at the end of “Daisy Jones and The Six” Episode 5, everybody in the room knew they were more than just two people who wrote a song together. But we realized that we would have liked their love story a lot more if we were at least a decade younger, maybe somewhere in our teens. Seeing Billy be the insufferable man he is, watching Daisy just do whatever she wants, which we know doesn’t work in a professional or even a personal setting, and finding that actual complex characters like Karen, Graham, and Camila are getting sidelined is making the series’ initially engaging pace lose its charm. We believe that we can ask that if this is all there was to the story, what sets “Daisy Jones and The Six” apart from anything else out there. Additionally, you cannot have a series based in the music world and not have good music playing in the background. With half the show done, we don’t think we are optimistic about what is to come next.

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