‘Extraction 2’ Ending, Explained: Did Tyler Save Sandro? Does Alcott Hint Towards A Third Film?


Directed by Sam Hargrave, Extraction 2 once again takes us on a deadly mission where our protagonist, Tyler Rake, fights the odds and saves the lives of innocent people. The franchise has taken much of its narrative from Ciudad, a graphic novel written by Ande Parks. We found Extraction 2 to be far better than the first film, as the narrative made much more sense, the characters were given proper motives, and additionally, the makers were able to keep the emotional core of the film intact amidst all the action. The action of the film still remains its USP, and it is a treat to watch Chris Hemsworth and Golshifteh Farahani exchange blows with Tornike Gogrichiani, who plays the antagonist, Zurab, and his gang of mercenaries. So, let’s find out what Extraction 2 has in store for us and whether there is a third film on the cards.

Spoilers Alert

‘Extraction 2’ Plot Summary: Tyler Gets Another Mission

Tyler somehow managed to survive the last mission. He had fallen from the bridge, but miraculously, he was washed ashore, and his men rescued him. He was immediately taken to Dubai and kept in the intensive care unit, where he slowly started recovering. After he woke up from his slumber, he found Nik Khan and Yaz, his trusted allies and good friends, standing next to him. Nik wanted Tyler to retire and not risk his life anymore, but she had her doubts about whether she would be able to keep him off the battlefield. Nik and Yaz took Tyler to a hideout in Gmunden, Austria, and asked him to stay there until he healed and figured out what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Nik wanted Tyler to get over his past and stop blaming himself for the death of his son.

Tyler had a lot of guilt for leaving his wife, Mia, and son when they needed him the most. He just didn’t have the courage to see his son inch closer to death. He had always been able to fix everything in his life, but during that time, he felt helpless. Tyler wasn’t able to stay away from the action for a very long time. A mysterious man named Alcott (Idris Alba) paid a visit to his cottage and told him that he had been sent there by someone he knew. Tyler didn’t even know the name of this man, and he told them to leave as he was not going to undertake any mission now. But that’s when Alcott revealed that he had been sent there by none other than his wife, Mia. Tyler finally had a motive to live. He knew what he wanted to do, so he immediately called Nik and told her that they were going on another mission. Nik was totally against it, but she also knew that once Tyler made up his mind, nothing could deter him from taking that path.

Who Were Zurab And Davit Radiani?

Zurab and Davit were brothers who were raised in hell. They had escaped from a war-stricken Georgia in their childhood and fled to Armenia to seek refuge. The fate of these two brothers was already decided, and they couldn’t live their lives peacefully in Armenia either. Soon, they realized that they couldn’t keep running from one place to another, and in order to survive, they would have to establish their own dominion. They were under the guidance of their uncle, Avtandil, and they slowly ventured into the world of crime. From selling drugs to killing people, they started indulging in all sorts of illegitimate affairs. Soon, they returned to Georgia, not as survivors but as legends who had defied all odds and conquered death. They started gathering ardent followers, and they called themselves Nagazis. Their gang was able to achieve cult-like status because they made the men working for them realize that they were a part of one big family. Soon, they had every politician and bureaucrat in their pocket, and they started running the country from behind the curtains.

Davit was caught by law enforcement authorities, and he was being held in the Tkachiri prison. Though Zurab was not able to bring him out of the prison because there was a lot of pressure from the American government, he made sure that Davit had everything he needed inside. Even his wife and children were kept in a high-security cell, as Davit had demanded that they stay with him. Zurab was not always like that, but it was the childhood traumas that had transformed him into a demon. He was tortured and abused by his father whenever he was not able to protect his brother from other boys. His father used to tell him that he needed to protect his brother at all costs, and those words were so ingrained in him that he couldn’t see anything else.

Davit’s wife, Ketevan Radiani, was Mia’s sister. Mia knew that she was being held against her wishes, and that is why she sought help from the deadliest assassin she knew, i.e., her ex-husband Tyler Rake. Ketevan was forced to raise her kids in that hell, and all she wanted was to get out because she did not want them to turn like their father. Ketevan wanted to give her son, Sandro, and her daughter a better life, and she knew that it wouldn’t be possible if she stayed there amidst such monsters. Ketevan was subjected to the worst possible treatment by her own husband; she was often abused and harassed by Davit, and she desperately waited for the time when her savior would help her escape her misery.

Why Did Sandro Betray His Own Mother?

Tyler, Nik, and Yaz made an intricate plan and arrived at the Tkachiri prison to rescue Ketevan and her children. It was not easy to enter the den of the monster and come out of it alive. But Tyler had been in such situations before, and he was not called the best in the business without any reason. Tyler single-handedly fought an entire army, and he made sure that he took Ketevan and her children out of the prison. The fight sequence that happened is probably the highlight of Extraction 2. Davit arrived just as they were going to escape from the tunnel, and it was in that moment that we realized that he didn’t mind killing his own wife if it came to that. Ketevan and Tyler killed the monster together and escaped from there. Sandro was confused about which side to take. He loved his father, and he had been brainwashed by the Radiani brothers since his childhood. He believed that he should stay loyal to them at all costs since they were his family, but what he didn’t know was that those monsters were not worthy of being trusted. They only needed them for their own selfish interests, but Sandro hadn’t seen the world, and he was unaware of their real intentions. Zurab got to know that a trained assassin had broken into his prison and killed his brother. He came out all guns blazing and tried to stop Tyler and his team, but they escaped and fled to Vienna. Sandro felt like he was betraying his own family, and he ended up committing a blunder that deeply disheartened his mother more than anybody else. He called Zurab, his uncle and disclosed all the information about where they were staying and who had killed his father.

Before Zurab’s forces arrived, Tyler and Sandro had a heartfelt conversation where Tyler told him how Ketevan never left his side and that he was wrong in assuming that she was the villain who was responsible for the death of his father. Tyler accepted that Davit may not have always been like that, but as of now, they needed to trust her mother because that woman had risked everything to save her children. He also told Sandro that he had left his son when he needed him the most, but Ketevan was courageous enough to not leave her children even when she was tortured and humiliated each and every day. Sandro realized that he might have committed a blunder, and he told Tyler that Zurab was coming for them as he had told him where they were staying.

Zuab arrived with his Nagazis, and they wreaked havoc on the entire place. What ensued was a deadly battle, and Tyler made a near escape with Nik, Ketevan, and her daughter. Sandro got influenced by his uncle, though there was a part of him that told him that he would have to repent for his actions as he was choosing the wrong side. Yaz Khan, Nik’s brother, died in the battle, though till his very last breath, he made sure that he fought valiantly. Tyler brought everybody back to his house in Austria, though he knew that the war was not over yet, and he now had a personal motive to take things forward from here.

‘Extraction 2’ Ending Explained: How Did Tyler Save Sandro

Mia came to see her sister, and that’s when Tyler and Mia also met after a long time. He told her how guilty he was for not being there in those tough times, but more than that, he regretted that the last image that his son had of him was of abandoning him to his fate. Tyler got a call from Zurab, who told him that if he wanted to settle scores then he should come and see him on the airfield at Saint George’s Church. At this point in Extraction 2, Sandro realized that his uncle didn’t care about him or his gang members. He was soaked in vengeance, and he only wanted to take revenge on Tyler, even if it meant burning the entire world down.

Tyler reached the church compound, and one by one, he destroyed every vehicle present on the airbase, so that Zurab was not able to escape. Zurab had attached a bomb to Sandro’s body, and he asked Tyler to make a choice if he wanted to save his own life or the boy’s life. Tyler had asked Nik to stay back, as he didn’t want her to get killed, but she arrived nonetheless because she too wanted to face the killer of her brother and avenge his death. Nik and Tyler were gravely injured, but they were able to kill Zurab, and save Sandro. The local militia arrived at the scene, and they were immediately taken to the hospital. Once their health stabilized, they were transferred to the prison. Mia came to meet Tyler in prison, and she told him that contrary to what he believed her son saw him as a hero, and when he left for Kandahar, he didn’t think that he was being abandoned, but he saw his father as a savior who risked his life to make this world a better place. It felt like somebody had removed a huge burden from Tyler’s shoulders, and for the very first time, he felt liberated.

Will There Be An ‘Extraction 3’?

A third installment of the franchise is definitely on the cards, as Extraction 2‘s ending left us on a cliffhanger and told us that there were many more things lined up for Tyler, which even he didn’t have a clue about. Tyler and Nik were stuck in prison, and they didn’t think that they would be able to escape so easily. Alcott came to their rescue and made sure that they were released. Tyler didn’t even know the name of this mysterious man and had no clue why he was helping them out. Alcott told Tyler that he would arrange for his release if he agreed to work for his boss. From how Alcott described him, we realize that his boss was a dangerous and powerful man who had the entire system in his pocket. Alcott had already arranged for the release of Nik, as he knew that Tyler wouldn’t agree to work for his boss unless and until he knew that his team was safe. We would see Tyler going on another deadly mission and saving the lives of innocent people. It would be interesting to see if something brews between Tyler and Nik, as it was quite evident that they cared for each other, and though they did not express it, their relationship went beyond just friendship. Tyler agreed to work with Alcott, and in Extraction 3, we would get to know what fate had in store for them.

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