‘Honeymoonish’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Noor And Hamad Fall In Love?


It was only after marriage that Noor and Hamad found out that they were completely opposite, but can that be a dealbreaker? Honeymoonish is a rom-com drama from Kuwait, where two unlikely strangers decide to marry each other not out of love but out of compulsion. Noor was devastated when she found out that her boyfriend, Youssef, married his cousin. It was all too sudden, and getting over him seemed almost impossible. She had revenge on her mind, and what could be the best way to get back at Youssef than to get married within a week? Noor had made up her mind, but finding a groom was the challenging part. But luck favored Noor, and she met a man who was equally desperate to get married.

Spoilers Ahead

Why was Hamad desperate to get married?

Hamad Saleh did not have marriage on his mind when he prepared to represent a German company in the local market. It was his passion project, and he had been working on closing the deal for quite some time now. He was stunned when his father, the CEO of the company, suspended the project. Upon talking to his father, he discovered that unless he got married and produced an heir, the deal would remain in limbo. He further added that as long as Hamad did not get married, he would not help him start his own company, and he would not allow him to inherit his wealth. To please his father, Hamad had to get married within a month, and to his surprise, he found a woman who did not think it was a mad idea. When Hamad and Noor met each other for the first time, they pretended to be quite the opposite of who they were. Noor pretended to be coy and presented herself as a simple-minded woman to impress her date. Hamad followed Wael’s advice, and he posed to be daring and a party animal. Even though they did not approve of each other, their situations compelled them to agree to the match.

Why did Hamad distance himself from Noor?

After their marriage, Hamad and Noor headed to Lebanon, where Youssef and his wife were also honeymooning. Noor wanted Youssef to realize what he had missed out on, and she purposefully chose the hotels where Youssef stayed. While Noor tried to figure out how to spend their first night together, Hamad learned about a shocking truth from his aunt. Apparently, there was a slight chance that Noor was his sister, not by blood but by her close relationship as a newborn with Hamad’s mother, who often used to babysit her. Since Hamad’s mother had passed away, the only way to find out about the possibility was by asking their neighbor, and until then, Hamad had to keep the entire information a secret from Noor. Needless to say, Hamad had no interest in getting physically close to Noor after the phone call, and Noor preferred to keep a distance from him.

Did the couple bond during their honeymoon?

Hamad gradually started to realize that Noor was not the coy woman she pretended to be. At a club, when men approached her, Hamad tried to drive them away, but it was Noor who ended up kicking them out of her way. He appreciated her strong personality, but at the same time, the couple argued over trivial issues, leading them to believe that they were not meant to be together. Noor continued to obsess over finding Youssef and showing off her new life to him. Even though Hamad and Noor bonded over the fun activities that Hamad had planned, Noor could not seem to get over her revenge plan. Hamad, too, preferred keeping his distance until it was confirmed that Noor was not his sister. Hamad found Noor adorable at times, and Noor appreciated his shy and sensitive nature, but both of them had too many things on their minds that constantly interfered with their romance.

On the day of their hiking trip, the couple finally had an intimate conversation that made them realize that they were attracted to each other. Hamad received his aunt’s call that night, confirming that Noor was not his sister. He was over the moon with joy, hoping to finally make a move on his wife, but when he returned to his room, Noor was fast asleep.

What did Youssef confess?

While Hamad tried to make an effort in their marriage, Noor was once again distracted after she found out that Youssef had shifted to a resort by the sea. She insisted that they too shift to the same hotel, and Hamad innocently agreed to it. It was at the resort that Noor and Hamad finally met Youssef and Aisha. Noor and Aisha used to be childhood friends, and Aisha had no clue about her husband’s or Noor’s past. Aisha invited them to her birthday dinner, and Noor happily agreed to it. When Hamad stepped away from the dinner table to receive a business call, Noor and Youssef finally got the opportunity to discuss their relationship. Youssef admitted that he was still in love with Noor and that he married his cousin only because his father had forced him to. Noor could no longer trust Youssef, but at the same time, she continued to wear the pendant that he had gifted her. Youssef took it as a sign that she was still secretly in love with him, and the fact that she worked so hard to grab his attention confirmed his theory.

Was Noor in love with Hamad?

Noor realized she had broken Hamad’s trust after Youssef confronted her about the pendant. She did not know that Hamad too had a secret reason behind marrying her, and she believed that she had failed him by constantly obsessing over Youssef. She realized that she had not allowed herself the time to grieve over the breakup, and it impacted her marriage. She always felt the need to be strong, and in the process, she refused to allow herself the time to get over her past. While Noor thought of ways to make her marriage work, Hamad received another call from his aunt, suggesting that her previous source was unreliable and that there was still a high chance of Noor being his sister. Hamad ended up spending the night at the beach to avoid intimacy with Noor. The next morning, Noor proposed they do something romantic, but fearing the worst outcome, Hamad agreed to tag along with Youssef and his wife on their yacht trip.

During the trip, Noor ended up falling into the water, and Hamad came to her rescue while Youssef laughed at her. She realized that she had made the right choice by deciding to marry Hamad instead of waiting for Youssef. Noor decided to direct all of her attention towards Hamad, and she got rid of the last remaining sign of her ex. She flushed off the pendant in the hope of a new beginning. Later, when Youssef proposed getting back together with Noor after divorcing Aisha, she rejected him, stating that she was better off with Hamad. Towards the end of Honeymoonish, Hamad’s aunt finally confirmed that Noor was not his sister. Hamad and Noor ended up having the time of their lives, dancing the night away at a party.

What led to Noor and Hamad’s divorce?

The next morning, Youssef confronted Noor once again, hoping to win her over. Noor reminded him that they were both married and that they must not hold onto their past. She wanted him to forget about their relationship and move on. She was a happily married woman in love with her husband, and she did not wish for Youssef to cause trouble in her life. Aisha saw Youssef and Noor together, and she assumed the worst. As it turned out, Aisha had learned about Noor and Youssef’s relationship from her friends, and she decided to confront Noor. Aisha shamed Noor, and Hamad overheard the conversation. During Honeymoonish‘s ending, Noor learned about the actual reason behind Hamad’s decision to marry her. Amal believed Noor deserved to know that she was not the only one hiding something in her marriage; Hamad too was equally guilty. When Hamad confronted Noor about her relationship with Youssef, she shamed him for having an ulterior motive behind his decision to marry her. The fight between Noor and Hamad got ugly, and Noor ended up challenging him to divorce her, and he ended up doing just that. It was the end of Noor and Hamad’s marriage, but the distance between them helped them realize that they had fallen in love during their honeymoon.

Did Noor and Hamad reunite?

After his son’s failed marriage, Hamad’s father decided to take matters into his own hands and decided to marry Hamad to his cousin Maryam. It was only after the marriage that his father would allow him to sign the contract with the German company. Hamad did not have much of a choice, but he could not deny the fact that he missed Noor. Noor, too, was completely heartbroken after their divorce, and everything she did in some way reminded her of Hamad. Youssef continued to try his luck with Noor, but that was not the route she was willing to take, and she rejected him once again. Wael and Amal helped Hamad realize that he was still madly in love with Noor. Even though he continued to obsess over her, he could not forget how hurt he was when he figured out that everything she did during their honeymoon was for Youssef to notice her. He assumed that after their divorce, Noor and Youssef must have gotten back together. Hamad was surprised when Amal disclosed that even though Youssef tried to get back with Noor, she rejected his proposal. She added that Noor missed him, and their divorce had left her miserable. While Hamad had to get married in two days, Noor decided to move to Beirut after Aisha badmouthed her and made her personal life public. Just a day before his wedding, Hamad realized that Maryam had a secret lover, and she too was marrying him for the sake of her family.

In Honeymoonish‘s ending, Hamad and Maryam called off their wedding to reunite with their respective lovers. Hamad traveled to Beirut to confess his love for Noor. Noor was surprised to see Hamad at her hotel; she assumed it was his wedding location, but deep down, she was hopeful. Hamad confessed how broken he felt when they parted ways, and over time, he realized that Noor was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to him. It was only with her that he truly felt alive, and he could not risk losing her. Hamad proposed to Noor for marriage, but before saying yes, Noor laid down a few conditions: they would not lie to each other from henceforth, and Hamad would always have to put the toilet seat down. Hamad agreed to all her conditions, as long as they could be together. Noor accepted his proposal, and at the very end of Honeymoonish, we find out that the couple was still very much in love and Noor was pregnant. This, in a way, confirmed that Hamad did not disappoint his father and stuck to his end of the bargain. Even though he did not marry the woman of his father’s choice, he did settle down and had a baby on the way.

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