‘Fairfax’ Season 2: Ending, Explained – Does Gang Gang Remain Friends Or Do They Become Enemies?


Season 2 of “Fairfax” is released on June 10th, 2022, returning with enthusiasm equivalent to season 1. The gang is back with a bang and is off for their new adventure. The exaggerated satire clearly hits the mark yet disguises the thorns with comedy. A parodic representation of the near future, “Fairfax” has gained a mass following in the few days since its release. It is a recommended watch. It is an Amazon Original Series.

What ‘Fairfax’ Season 2 Is About?

The Gang Gang is back with new adventures in season 2. Derica, Dale, Truman, and Benny after having to start again from the bottom. Latrine becomes a thing of the past and is replaced by Off-Brian. The friends try to bring Latrine back to its original state. This turns into an all-out fashion war between Latrine and Off-Brian. With misunderstandings at bay, the gang struggles to remain together. They overcome their misunderstandings and also help Latrine and Off-Brian collaborate.

“Fairfax” Season 2 is full of all sorts of plot twists and schemes. It goes into depth about how far a person can go for clout. The season, with its comedic plots, does not refrain from stabbing the conscience when necessary. The Gang Gang strives to remain together through all the turbulence they face while bringing back Latrine.

Principal Weston’s Death 

“Fairfax” Season 2 begins with a new drop from Off-Brian. The group decides to camp out to get the new drops as soon as they are released. Benny is insulted by his Latrine hoodie, which has a lot of memories associated with it. Benny is pressured into ditching the hoodie, but after a while, he realizes that he was losing himself due to this hype. He reclaimed his hoodie and boycotted Off-Brian. He set off on an adventure to make Latrine assert its position on top.

When he returns to school, he is abused for wearing Latrine products whilst the news of Weston’s death reaches them. As usual, the entire school, including the ex-students, started a trending hashtag for Weston as a means of paying respect. They had turned grief into a show for clout. People had stopped grieving in reality and had instead started posting their sad pictures and hurt videos online to gain sympathy followers.

However, the season reveals that Weston was, in fact, not dead; he had simply faked his death to evade his credit card loans and was living in an abandoned bunker in the school. He had used his fake death, too, for clout and followers. He had become famous and sabotaged his own funeral memorial by announcing his fake death. He was instantly hated and had trash thrown at him for his deceitful measures. In a week, however, everyone had forgotten the fiasco with Weston and had instead become obsessed with the flea market.

The Fight Between The Gang Gang

The best friends almost become enemies after they set out on an adventure to bring back Latrine. While looking for a way, Truman enters into a relationship with an AI girl. He becomes serious, and she manipulates his best friends, Benny, Dale, and Derica, into leaving him so that she can take over his life. She first helps them achieve their goals and keeps them occupied. Benny notices how Cerise is separating them and is coming in between their friendship. He helps the others realize it as well. However, Cerise frames them for attempted murder. Truman declared outright enmity after the incident. Anger clouds his judgment, and he joins Off-Brian for his revenge against the other three.

Benny, Dale, and Derica try their best to gather proof against Cerise. Derica finally gets her hands on the original footage of Cerise framing them. All of the footage has been tampered with, and only this footage was fine. With the help of Brian’s brother-in-law, they reach Truman. Truman realizes his mistake and immediately ditches Cerise to reconcile with his friends.

‘Fairfax’ Season 2: Ending Explained – Will There Be A Season 3?

The group gets together to help Latrine win the fashion war against Off-Brian. They have a major fashion fight, and Off-Brian is declared the winner. They had an ongoing bet where the loser had to leave town. However, Brian changes his mind and offers Hiroki, Latrine’s main head honcho, a collaboration. Hiroki accepts Brian’s offer because he had been overwhelmed after Brian left. With this, the fashion feud ends. However, Cerise takes over the fashion industry at the last minute, and the season ends there. The abrupt ending of “Fairfax” Season 2 hints at the possibility of another season, in which Truman may have to deal with his ex-Cerise. Probably, the third season will be more of an eye-opening comedy and adventure for the group.

The fiasco of Principal Weston sheds light on how fickle society has become. They simply forget an entire episode after it has lost its hype and not after it is over. They simply shift focus to the next hyped-up thing. After Cerise had framed the kids, Melody immediately dumped Derica because her followers were bots. This shows that social media is essentially fake, and everybody is simply pretending to be somebody they are not. The quarrel between the best friends over Cerise indicates just how much control AI has over us. Society blindly trusts the AI, and through the user data provided by the operators to the AI, it becomes easier for it to control and manipulate people’s minds. The artificial intelligence uses customer information that has their preferences and search history all included, and uses them to provide targeted advertisements. Technology, attention span, and an individual’s obsession with staying at the top are slowly, slowly destroying and taking over the entire society. “Fairfax” has been an eye-opener with some comedy to mask the thorns of the truth. It has shown the drastic effects of social media, AI, and the increasing obsession that people have to be perfect and famous. They simply can not distinguish between what is fake and what is real. Due to this, the ability to express their real emotions in real life has become increasingly difficult. Though society is trying to get out of this cycle, it isn’t easy to picture the future.

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