‘Fatal Attraction’ Season 1 Ending, Explained: Who Killed Alex? What Was Ellen Hiding?


Paramount’s Fatal Attraction is based on Adrian Lyne’s 1987 film, but the series brings about certain changes in the narrative that make it even more thrilling. Though each and every character had quite a fascinating arc, Lizzy Caplan’s portrayal of Alex Forrest had the greatest impact on us, and we were constantly on the edge whenever she was on the screen. Her presence made us feel apprehensive, and moreover, we were never able to ascertain what was going on in her mind at a particular point in time. Caplan’s performance just elevated an already strong script, and what we ended up witnessing was pure bliss for anybody who is a fan of the genre. Her “Gone Girl-ish” aura kept the audience thinking about her motivations, and in the end, one was not able to decide whether she should be called a victim or a culprit.

Dan Gallagher had left no stone unturned to find out who was the real perpetrator, but the road to the truth was not an easy one. Dan’s life, after he was convicted, was turned upside down, and he was thankful for the fact that Mike still stood with him and gave him his unconditional support. More than anything, Dan wanted to prove his innocence because he wanted to show his daughter that he was not the devil she presumed him to be. He had lost 15 precious years of his life, and he didn’t expect anything out of the criminal justice system, but he didn’t want his own family members to look at him as a murderer. Beth had decided to meet Alex because she had realized that Dan was not able to control the situation and that Alex was quite capable of hurting her family once again. When Beth met Alex, she instantly realized that something was gravely wrong with her, and she believed that the woman was capable of going to any extent. Alex’s obsession was scary, and Beth had started confiding in Arthur because she didn’t know what else she should do. So let’s uncover the truth in this recap of the Fatal Attraction season finale and find out who killed Alex Forrest and whether Dan Gallagher was able to prove his innocence.

Will Dan Appeal For A Retrial?

After Dan’s petition had been turned down by the court, in the previous episode of Fatal Attraction, he was contemplating whether he should make an appeal to a higher court or not. Dan was tired of fighting to prove his innocence, and after collecting all the evidence, he actually believed the court would look into the matter, but due to some internal politics, the judge ruled against him and didn’t allow his case to be reopened. Dan was feeling a bit frustrated, as he felt like people didn’t want to believe that he hadn’t committed the murder of Alex Forrest because they had some sort of conspiracy theory in their minds, and they expected Dan to live up to it. Steve Scirocco, who had joined the law firm in which Dan worked as a paralegal, told Dan very excitedly that he wanted to know all about his case, presuming that Dan had murdered Alex Forrest.

Dan didn’t like it when people just assume things without the least bit of knowledge, and now, after thinking about the tedious process he would have to undertake to appeal against the judgment, he was a bit reluctant to go through the entire ordeal once again. Surprisingly, Beth called Dan over for lunch, as she felt sympathetic towards him. Beth knew that Dan had gone through a lot, and she felt that it was the least she could do. Dan felt nice sitting around people who, for once, were not just interested in knowing if he had committed the murder or not. Being around Ellen made Dan happy, and he had a cathartic moment when she hugged him and told him that he should not give up so easily. Fatal Attraction Season 1 never tells us whether Dan appealed against the judgment or not, but after the warm interaction he had with his daughter, we believe that he will fight for his cause, face all the obstacles head-on, and make sure that the truth comes to light.

Who Killed Alex Forrest?

Beth got very scared when Dan told her that her mother had not accidentally fallen in the pool, and he believed that it was all Alex’s doing. Alex had also taken Ellen for a stroll, and though she didn’t harm her physically, she made sure that the Gallaghers knew what she was capable of doing. Beth was not exactly on speaking terms with Dan at that point in time because of whatever had happened between them, so she started confiding in Arthur. Beth and Arthur grew quite close at that time, and the latter got too much affected by whatever was told to him. Arthur was already in a very chaotic state of mind as Julia, his wife, was suffering from cancer. He felt helpless whenever he saw his wife, and he knew that no matter what he did, Julia was inching toward her death with every passing day. Probably that helplessness agitated him, and he decided that he would not let Beth suffer, as, unlike his wife, there was a solution to her problem. Arthur entered Alex’s apartment, pretending to be a repairman, and he searched the house in the hopes of finding some incriminating evidence that would bring her insanity to light.

The ending of Fatal Attraction season 1 brought forth a surprising turn of events, and we realized that it was Arthur who had killed Alex Forrest. Arthur didn’t imagine that the blame would be put on Dan and that, moreover, he wouldn’t be able to save himself. He thought that when a man had spent years in the courtroom, he would find a way to prove his innocence because he had not actually committed the crime. But Arthur was wrong, and Dan was found guilty by the court. Arthur wanted to repent his actions, as he knew that whatever had happened was not right. He probably didn’t have any qualms about murdering Alex but felt guilty after Dan was wrongly convicted. Arthur even went to seek legal advice and told the lawyer that he was ready to confess to his crimes if the court released Dan. The lawyer told him that nobody would ever believe that Dan had not committed the crime, and additionally, Arthur wouldn’t be able to prove his guilt, and people would think that he was just taking the fall for his friend. Till the end of season 1, the fact that Arthur had committed the murder remained a secret, and he just couldn’t find the courage to tell Dan what exactly had happened.

What Was Ellen Hiding?

The end of Fatal Attraction Season 1 made us privy to a revelation that was probably even bigger than the whodunit that Dan wanted to solve. Dan’s daughter, Ellen, was suffering from the same mental disorder that Alex Forrest had. During the time when Alex had taken Ellen with her, she had said something that had a huge impact on the little girl. Alex had told her never to believe her parents blindly, and though they did love her, it was a fact that they were repeatedly lying to her. At that point in time, it didn’t seem that it would have such adverse implications at a later stage in Ellen’s life, but now, she was behaving in the same erratic manner as Alex used to. Ellen had already made sure that her friend, Stella, was terminated from the college, as she had informed the administration about her having been convicted of a crime in the past. Ellen, like an obsessive lover, had recorded her professor, Richard Macksey’s voice, and she was editing the recordings, taking bits and pieces from the words he spoke and creating a template in which it felt like he was expressing his love towards her. Macksey entered his room, and he was shocked to see Ellen sitting there. Ellen asked him if he was mad at her, and seeing her tone, her expressions, and the exact usage of words, for a moment, it felt like Alex had come back from the dead and was speaking those words.

Final Words

With the kind of cliffhanger that Paramount’s Fatal Attraction season 1 left us at, we believe that there must be a second season, though there hasn’t been any official announcement yet. It would be interesting to see what Ellen does and whether Dan and Beth are able to recognize the problem in due time and provide her with the psychiatric help that Alex was not able to get during her last days. Also, in case the makers plan on taking the story ahead, we will get to know if Arthur confronts Dan and tells him the truth before he makes an appeal in the court. Though there were a few hits and misses pertaining to the execution, Fatal Attraction, overall, is quite an intriguing series, and we hope that the makers come up with another season and show where life leads all the characters.

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