‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ Season 1: Ending Explained: How Was Bloom Special? What To Expect In Season 2?


With an underdeveloped script, stereotypical characters, and average visuals, “Fate: The Winx Saga” is a disappointment. We grew up watching the original animated series “Winx Club,” and the Netflix show felt like an unnecessary remake. The series deals with fairies, witches, monsters, and specialists. The Otherworld is closed off to ordinary people. The fairies possess powers, whereas the specialists are trained for combat. Bloom is the protagonist; she sets out to learn about her power at Alfea College for Fairies. She is a fire fairy and struggles to control her power. Unlike most fairies, she was not born to fairy parents; her parents were ordinary people living in the First World. The world is pretty similar to the Harry Potter universe, but Bloom is a rather annoying teenager who risks the lives of others to learn about her past.

Spoilers Ahead 

What Happens In Season 1?

Bloom lied to her parents and traveled to the Otherworld to hone her skills. The fairies use cell phones in this world, and she communicates with her parents, making them believe that she traveled to Switzerland for education. She shared her room with Aisha, a water fairy, who followed a disciplined lifestyle and always approached every problem rationally and practically. She always pushed herself to be the best. In the next room were Musa, the empath (mind) fairy; Stella, the sun fairy; and Terra, the nature fairy. She met Sky, the specialist, right after entering college. There was an undeniable spark between the two, but Stella was not in favor of the possible romance. Sky and Stella used to be in a relationship, but Stella’s lack of communication in the last two months made him wonder about the fate of their relationship. But Stella chose to get back with him as soon as college reopened, even though Sky had lost his interest. Stella was a princess; her mother, Queen Luna, was the Queen of the realm of Solaria. She supported Headmistress Farah Dowling, Professor Harvey, and Saul Silva’s endeavors in running the Alfea College for Fairies.

Season One of “Fate: The Winx Saga” deals with two crises: one, finding the birth parents of Bloom, and two, destroying the Burned Ones. When Bloom explained that her parents were ordinary people, Aisha found it hard to believe. She doubted that maybe Bloom was a changeling. A changeling was someone who was born to fairy parents but was left in another realm after birth. Right after learning that there was a possibility that her parents were not her birth parents, Bloom lost control of her actions. She was determined to find the truth, and to do so, she made some questionable decisions. The Burned Ones were ancient war soldiers created thousands of years ago. They were destroyed sixteen years back under the leadership of Rosalind, but they were now back and had unleashed havoc in their realm. When Bloom was upset and wanted to run to her parents, Stella gave her a magical ring. The ring possessed the power to help her travel to the First World through a getaway. It was while traveling from one realm to another that Bloom met a Burned One for the first time. Professor Dowling reached the right moment and helped her escape the situation and get back to the Otherworld. With her powers, she was able to destroy the Burned One. The monsters were back and had multiplied in numbers. The school prepared to fight and destroy them, but there was more than one problem at hand.

Who Is Beatrix? What Had Happened At Aster Dell?

Beatrix was a first-year student who possessed the power of lightning. She was desperate to learn about the school’s dark history, and to that end, she secretly entered Professor Dowling’s chamber. She searched thoroughly, but she could not find what she was looking for. After learning that Bloom was a changeling, Beatrix tried to befriend her. She sympathized with Bloom and showed genuine concern about her past. She expressed her interest in helping her find information about her parents, and Bloom was glad to have her support. Until then, nobody had shown an interest in discussing her parents with her. She needed answers, and for that, she could go to any extent. It was Beatrix who showed her how Aster Dell was destroyed by the fairies to kill the Burned Ones. Beatrix believed that she and Bloom lost their parents in the Aster Dell massacre and that the professors were responsible for their loss. Just like Bloom, Rosalind had marked Beatrix’s memory, making her believe that she was the one who rescued her after the village was ruined. According to Beatrix’s story, Rosalind was the empathetic fairy who cared to save their lives, and the professors were the evil ones who chose to destroy the innocent to get rid of their enemy.

Bloom started to trust Beatrix, and when Professor Dowling kept her locked in prison, she decided to free her. Dowling had reason to suspect Beatrix. She had proof that Beatrix had entered her chamber and murdered her assistant. She knew Beatrix had a greater motive, and manipulating Bloom was part of her process. When Bloom confronted Dowling about Aster Dell, she replied that it was under Rosalind’s command that she unified her powers with other fairies to destroy the Burned Ones. Rosalind made them believe that she had evacuated the village before they burned it down, but later, they came across several dead bodies. Dowling regretted that day even then, and it was after Aster Dell that she chose to never trust Rosalind again. She did not know who Bloom’s parents were but agreed to help her find them when the situation with the Burned Ones would improve.

With the help of her friends, Bloom reached Dowling’s secret room, where she kept Rosalind locked with magic. Rosalind was one of the finest fairies to ever exist, but she was brutal. Bloom believed that only Rosalind could help her find out about her birth parents since she was the one who kept her in the First World. With Rosalind’s guidance, Bloom freed her from the magic spell. From the moment Rosalind was set free, she started to control Bloom. She explained her actions in Aster Dell, the bodies were not those of ordinary people but those of blood witches who stole Bloom from her birth parents for her power. Rosalind destroyed them, knowing the threat they could pose later on. Bloom was special, and the Burned Ones were after her to destroy her, fearing the power she possessed. Though after some time, Bloom realized that she was being controlled by Rosalind, she ran away from her and chose to help her friends fight the Burned Ones.

How Did Bloom Fight The Burned Ones?

Once Bloom realized that the Burned Ones were after her, she decided to use it to her advantage. With the help of her friends, Bloom was able to reach the pinnacle of her magical power. Fairies in the new world did not have wings, but when Bloom reached her maximum potential, her fairy wings appeared. With each strike, she tackled the Burned Ones and destroyed them. She single-handedly managed the situation, and her friends were proud of her. She was an extraordinary fairy, and the ancient magical power of Dragon Flame burned inside her. It was because of Rosalind that the Burned Ones could enter and attack Alfea. She drew the power of the land to strengthen herself, and as a result, the barriers went down, and the Burned Ones entered. Meanwhile, Sky, too, learned about his father’s truth. Andreas was one of the best specialists to have ever existed, but he was also a bloodlust. When Silva tried to stop the fairies from using their power as they were about to destroy Aster Dell, Andreas fought him in disagreement. He wanted to abide by Rosalind’s commands, and he was ready to fight Silva to make it work. During their fight, Silva murdered Andreas, but by the time he reached the fairies, it was already too late. This revelation shook Sky to the core.

The next morning, Rosalind met with Professor Dowling. Her conversation with Dowling explained how the Dragon Flame was connected to the Burned Ones. According to a legend, it was the Dragon Flame that was used on the Burned Ones to create them, and it is what made them powerful. Bloom possessed the same power, which was why she could destroy them easily. Rosalind believed that war far worse than this was on the horizon, and they needed to be prepared for it. She discussed how she would change how Alfea functioned, but Dowling reminded her that she was still the headmistress and that she would not allow any negative change to take place in Alfea. Just as she was walking away, Rosalind used her power to lift her off the ground and snap her neck. She made Dowling’s body disappear. Rosalind replaced Dowling as the principal of the school, whereas Silva was accused of Andreas’ attempted murder and was arrested for the same, but as it turned out, Andreas had not died that day in Aster Dell. He stayed in hiding and took care of Beatrix after Rosalind found her in Aster Dell. Beatrix was brought up with the mission to free Rosalind from Dowling’s magic. Queen Luna supported Rosalind and Andreas since she was dissatisfied with the method Dowling used to teach magic to her daughter. She wanted Stella to be fierce, but Dowling prioritized safety over everything else. Stella had once lost control of her power and blinded her best friend, which was why Dowling wanted Stella to learn control, but Queen Luna was disappointed in her capability. Therefore, when Rosalind decided to take over Alfea, she supported the decision.

Meanwhile, after fighting the Burned Ones, Bloom went back to the First World with her fairy friends. She told her parents that she was a fire fairy and that she was swapped with their daughter after birth. She was responsible for burning down the house once, and her parents now realize what she went through. Even though Bloom did not know who her birth parents were, she was at peace with her life. She returned to the Otherworld with her friends only to realize that everything that she loved about the place had now changed.

Even though the first season was dull, the second season trailer looks promising. We will be introduced to Flora, an important fairy of the Winx Club universe, and we can expect Bloom to take charge of fixing all that has gone wrong with Alfea. While Beatrix is an ardent follower of Rosalind, will she continue to follow in her footsteps after she learns the truth? Rosalind is a character who cannot be trusted. While she is preparing the students for war, what is her real motive? Silva was Sky’s father figure; how does the arrest change his relationship with his absent father, Andreas? We hope to find answers and immerse ourselves in the Winx world with new characters and villains. “Fate: The Winx Saga” has a fair chance at redeeming itself with season two.

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