‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ Season 2: The Realm Of Darkness & The Dragon Flame, Explained – Was Rosalind Evil?


The second season of “Fate: The Winx Saga” introduced a new realm—the realm of Darkness. Along with it, the blood witches pose a severe threat to Solaria. Bloom is caught between the chaos, where she has to deal with her past, fight the creatures attacking her realm, further discover the potential of the magic she was born with, and make difficult decisions to save the ones she loves.

The Realm Of Darkness: Explained

The realm of Darkness indicates the other side of the magical world that can be catastrophic. As discussed in Fate: The Winx Saga, it is a realm that is shut off from the rest of the Otherworld, and an incredible amount of power is required to open it. While Solaria is the realm of sunshine and light, the realm of Darkness is cold and gloomy. The two extremes are an obvious representation of good and evil in the world of magic. Bloom will play a crucial role in winning the war for Solaria now that the creatures of Darkness have invaded the realm. The dragon flame she possesses will play a significant role in destroying them. The creatures from the dark realm feed on magic, taking away the magical power of several fairies. Rosalind had always predicted a large-scale war, and the key to winning the war would be by having the dragon flame on their side. But the power that came with the dragon flame overwhelmed Bloom. Professor Dowling had always taught the fairies to control their power, but Bloom lost control when Rosalind confirmed that she was responsible for Dowling’s death. She started to fear her strength after killing Rosalind and decided to live in exile in the realm of Darkness.

The realm of Darkness consists of a dark entity named Shadow. Since the creature is the polar opposite of Bloom, there is a connection between them, which is probably why Bloom had a vision of him. The last episode of Fate showed a dark creature with human-like features entering the realm of Solaria. This creature could either be Shadow or Darkar, the main villains from the Winx Club animated series. We can only guess that Shadow remains in the realm of Darkness to greet Bloom, meanwhile sending a creature to Solaria to create havoc. Or, it can be Shadow himself who has entered Solaria to raise the dead Blood witches and use them to win his war. The presence of the dark entity is deadly; as he steps into the graveyard, the fresh flowers turn into dead ones. Without Bloom, it would be difficult for Solaria to fight against the dark. On the other hand, Bloom hopes to confront her birth mother in the realm of Darkness. She had been waiting for this day from the moment she entered Alfea and had learned that her birth parents were fairies. Her mother is equally, if not more, powerful than her. Her allegiance will be of great significance. If she supports Shadow’s cause after living in the realm for thousands of years, then Bloom might have to fight her mother as well.

Character Of Rosalind: Explained – Is She Evil?

Rosalind was one of the most powerful fairies in Solaria. She had a dominant personality and often took decisions without consulting anyone else. She was in stasis after the Aster Dell massacre, though later on, we get to know that the attack on the village was necessary. The fairies had attacked the village to destroy the Burned Ones, but as a result of the attack, several innocent people lost their lives. Though Rosalind later revealed that the ones who died were not innocent, they were blood witches. The blood witches were enemies of the fairies. They stole fairy babies to take away their magical power. They were known for summoning creatures from the dark realm. Rosalind wanted to destroy the Burned Ones as well as the Blood Witches in a single attack. But she did not disclose the truth to the rest of her team members, and that led to further confusion.

Rosalind was obsessed with power, which was why she maintained a healthy relationship with Bloom. She knew that by uniting with Bloom, they would be undefeatable. She considered Dowling to be weak and sentimental and chose to kill her to gain complete control over Alfea. She did not care about the well-being of her students and only focused on retaining power. That was the primary difference between Dowling and Rosalind. She had always predicted that a great war would come, and she needed the best fairies and specialists by her side. She studied the scrapers summoned by Sebastian and prepared to fight the blood witches. Her ruthlessness was further demonstrated when she knew that Bloom was supercharged after using the magic crystal yet chose to not stop her from meeting Sebastian. She wanted her to lose control instead of channeling her magic mindfully. Bloom was a teenager and turning her into a killing machine was Rosalind’s idea of success. Though her plan backfired, and instead of Sebastian, she had to face the burn. Rosalind cannot be labeled as someone completely good or bad. She wanted to protect the realm, but the methods she used were destructive and dangerous. She wanted to dominate the world by teaming up with Bloom, and she did not care if the war turned ugly.

The Dragon Flame: Explained

Whoever possessed the dragon flame would be the most powerful entity in the world of magic. Bloom was special. She had been left in stasis for a thousand years by her mother. She knew how dangerous power was, and she did not wish for Bloom to undergo the consequences of being born with a power that could destroy their world. The Dragon Flame was both a boon and a curse; it all depended on the amount of control the person who was born with it possessed. Sebastian wanted the dragon flame to open the realm of Darkness and communicate with Shadow, who could raise the dead. He wanted to revive those who lost their lives in the Aster Dell massacre. He wanted to be the messiah of the blood witches. By destroying the fairies, he would have complete control over the Otherworld along with Shadow. Bloom sacrificed herself to protect Solaria. After erasing Sebastian with her fairy friends, she decided to enter the realm of Darkness to close it forever. She did not realize that within the little time that the conduit was open, a dark entity had already entered their world. Bloom holds power to save her realm, but it will only be possible if she strongly holds onto her beliefs and does not fall for the traps laid by the dark creatures. The Dragon Flame can be used against Bloom if she falls weak but considering how she is the beacon of hope and light, she will hopefully find her way.


The introduction of the dark world, with evil fairies, ancient magic-absorbing creatures, and characters who want nothing other than destruction, “Fate: The Winx Saga” continues to hold potential, though the making of the series is not yet promising. Bloom is a young fairy who can be easily manipulated; therefore, her character development is crucial. We can hope that she will evolve and learn to face uncomfortable truths in the next season.

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