‘From’ Season 2, Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is Jim’s Theory? What Had Happened To Sara?


The mystery thriller series From on MGM+ continues with its second season as episode 4 has aired, adding more probable theories about what the mysterious town actually is. As newcomers wonder what the purpose of their visit to the place is or reflect on their sheer bad luck in ending up in such a situation, Sheriff Boyd struggles with his own physical and mental problems. Last week’s episode 3 also showed that Sara has returned, and so drama heightens in that regard as well.

Spoilers Alert

What Had Happened To Sara?

From season 2, episode 4, begins with scenes from the past, when Kenny and his family had initially come to the mysterious town. With his elderly father being an easy and vulnerable target for the conniving monsters out in the dark, Kenny and his mother had to go through a scare during their first few days. Convinced that his brothers had come to visit him, the elderly father forcibly tried to open the door to their house, even pushing his wife away in the process. While this danger could ultimately be avoided, it was dangerous to keep the old man in a house where he could get access to the main door. It was for this reason that Kenny had decided to keep his father at the hospital clinic, with Kristi keeping a watch on him throughout the evening and night. At present, Kenny hurriedly runs to Sheriff Boyd and claims that there is something urgent that he needs to see.

This urgent matter is obviously the presence of Sara Myers in the basement of the church where Father Khatri had originally kept her imprisoned. Upon seeing the woman there once again, Boyd asks Kenny to leave them alone for a few minutes, and he then asks Sara about what had happened. The information about Sara’s ability to hear voices and her potential to ultimately guide them all out of the horrific place was still kept secret by the sheriff. The last time Sara and Boyd had seen each other was at the end of season 1 when the two had been out on an adventure inside the forest. Sara had told Boyd to step into the hollow trunk of one of the trees in order to save himself from the treacherous storm outside. Upon doing so, Boyd had then reached the strange well and the crypt where he met with Martin, but he had no idea where Sara was.

When he now asks the woman about what had happened to her, Sara says that she had been transported back into this very chamber under the church and therefore did not have any adventures of her own to report. Boyd also asks about how she got to know that stepping into the tree trunk would save her, and Sara replies that a young boy dressed in white had told her about it. The boy had apparently told her that they had made the place very angry and that the only way to escape the wrath would be to step into the tree. Sara also adds that she believes the young boy to be someone trapped at the place just like them and that he is very different from the voice that she often hears inside her head, which tells her to kill people.

What Is Up With Sheriff Boyd?

With Sara now back on the scene, Boyd immediately understands how difficult it would be to present her to the rest of the townsfolk. The last time Sara had been seen out in the open, it was right after she had killed her own brother Nathan after having tried to kill young Ethan because the voice in her head told her to do so. While most people do not know about her attempt to kill Ethan, Sara is a figure most hated by the people, for they do not want to take into consideration why she had accidentally killed her brother. At the church, Boyd and Kenny discuss this very matter, with the latter suggesting that Sara should be sent to the Box in order to punish her for fratricide. The Box was introduced in From season 1 itself as the town’s unique and makeshift alternative to capital punishment. The worst of criminals would be made to spend a night inside a small metal box outside on the town’s roads, without any protective amulet either. Not only would the criminal be killed by the monsters, but they would also experience the fright of being preyed upon throughout the night. In fact, there had only been one man Sheriff Boyd had sent to the Box at the beginning of season 1 when the man’s drunken negligence had caused the deaths of his daughter and wife.

When Kenny says that Sara should be sent to the Box, Boyd first tries to state his point about why the woman should be kept safe. He tells Kenny about how Sara is more connected to the place than other people, as she hears voices inside her head, and therefore they can make use of her powers to plan an escape. But when Kenny still wants her punished, Boyd has a sort of anxiety attack, shouting out that he does not want anybody else to be sent to the Box, and then falls to the ground outside the church. The things crawling under the skin on his right hand are also back. People come rushing in and take the man to the clinic, where Kristi checks him up. Boyd shows her a few spider bites that he had gotten during his time in the forest but then refuses to speak about the big and deep scar on his right arm, which the old and frail Martin had given him during the strange encounter in the dungeon-like place. Realizing that she will have no idea what has happened unless Boyd himself tells her, Kristi just suggests that Boyd keep the wound clean even though there is no infection in it yet.

Later that day, when Sheriff Boyd returns to his office, he hallucinates the dead Father Khatri being seated there as if the man were alive and very real. Boyd now talks about the confusing change in his body that he witnessed after Martin scratched him. Earlier, Boyd had started to notice an onset of Parkinson’s in himself, as his hands would sometimes shake very nervously. This was not too unexpected for the man either, as his father also suffered from Parkinson’s. However, after his interaction with Martin and ever since those unexplainable things or creatures started crawling under his skin, Boyd’s tremors and shakes were completely gone. The apparition of Father Khatri now tells Boyd not to tell Kenny about how Sara had caused the death of his father, as it was Sara who had kept the door to the medical clinic open. This matter had been causing guilt inside Boyd’s mind, and Father Khatri here happens to be just a projection of his conscience. Boyd ultimately does not tell Kenny anything about it directly.

What Happens When Kenny Learns Of Sara’s Involvement In His Father’s Death?

Toward the end of episode 4, Kenny returns to the church with food from his mother’s diner for Sara. The deputy sheriff now sits down with Sara and asks to know more about whatever has been going on. The woman claims that her strange act of killing her own brother was not something that she wanted to do, but then again, she cannot tell Kenny about the voices she hears. Kenny remains unconvinced about protecting Sara from the Box and the angry townsfolk and almost pleads with her to give him more crucial information so that he can change his mind. Kenny seems to take the emotional approach, as he tells Sara how he had always considered her a good friend and how his mother loved the woman. He also says that if there was anything honest about what Sara had done, then the townsfolk could also be convinced to keep her alive. It is now that Sara breaks down completely and confesses that she has something to reveal to Kenny.

This, of course, is the information that it was Sara who led to the monsters killing Kenny’s father. By the time Sheriff Boyd rushes to the church, and then to the clinic, Kenny has heard it all. Struck by grief and contempt that his father’s death had been caused by intentional actions of Sara, Kenny visits the spot where his father was found dead and ripped apart. Kenny had also figured out that Boyd had known about this all along and that he was essentially protecting Sara from him. Boyd has to confess to all of this as well, and Kenny lashes out about when the sheriff would have told him about any of this. Truly heartbroken and angered in equal measures, Kenny throws away his deputy sheriff badge and walks away from the clinic.

What Theory Does Jim Propose?

When Tabitha goes looking for her husband at the clinic, she learns that Jim had left the place some minutes earlier, and she tries to find him. Tabitha does eventually get to her husband, who is taking a look at their collapsed house, and there is clearly some thought that is bothering Jim. When the woman asks him to tell her everything, Jim comes up with probably the most interesting theory that at least episode 4 provides. In the earlier episode, Tabitha had told him that her ultimate finding was that the electrical wires did not really lead anywhere under their house, only dangling to one point under the ground, and therefore that there was no logical or scientific explanation behind the electricity in the town. Jim couples this thought with what had happened at the end of season 1 when he had established contact with someone through the radio communication that had been built by him and the townsfolk. For a brief second before the storm hit, Jim talked to a man on the other side of the radio who knew who Jim was and had even threatened or warned him that Tabitha should not go digging under their house.

As an engineer designing new rides and attractions at amusement parks, Jim cannot help but tie it all up with something common in his profession. As he explains to Tabitha, his professional work required him to create spectacular things and then hide the logic behind them, which would make them all the more magical and enjoyable for people visiting the amusement park. Similarly, Jim proposes that the entire town and the situation can well be just a setup to see their reactions and therefore create amusement, fear, and every raw emotion in the most twisted manner. Jim pursues Donna with this thought as well, as she was the only other person who had heard the radio transmission, and the woman admits that she does very well remember the words. But unlike Jim, who is quite hopeful about the fact that someone might be monitoring them, Donna believes that being part of a twisted experiment is a horrible thing that can only have negative consequences.

What Can We Expect In ‘From’ Season 2, Episode 5?

The theory that Jim proposes can well be the main focus of investigation in this season, just like the building of a radio tower to communicate with the outside world was in season 1. Going by the kind of show From is turning out to be, it is probably not in much hurry to reveal, or tie matters up, and so whether this investigation of Jim and others will ultimately lead to anything can be doubted. In the more immediate future, Sara’s fate can be revealed in the upcoming episode. Ellis and Fatima’s wedding is still to be expected, along with some ideas about what is happening with Sheriff Boyd. Episode 4 also has Donna forcefully remove Randall from the county house, for the young man who always had a problem with everything was now against sharing his things with others. As such selfish acts are against the rules and also against the dire situation of the time, Donna orders Randall to spend the night inside the bus on which they had arrived. What happens to Randall and how satisfying it might be to watch the death of this annoying character will hopefully be seen in the next episode as well.

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