‘Full Circle’ Ending, Explained: Did Clarence Curse Mrs. Mahabir’s Family?


Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Full Circle, in a very twisted manner, told us the story of a man who felt aggrieved after his land was taken away from him and his entire life crumbled in front of his own eyes. Vengeance led him to invoke the supernatural powers that existed in the universe, as he desperately wanted the perpetrator to pay for their sins. Mrs. Mahabir’s family paid the price after the curse was put on them, and though nobody believed her in the beginning, she knew that the only way to escape doom was if that man agreed to lift the curse.

Mrs. Mahabir came into contact with a shaman named Mrs. Willoughby, who told her that she would have to sacrifice a life and do it in the manner in which it was prescribed, and then only could she close the circle and get rid of the curse. But things didn’t go as planned, and after Mrs. Mahabir’s men kidnapped the wrong boy, the law enforcement authorities got involved, and it all became one huge mess. The real faces of people were exposed, perceptions were shattered, truth came to light and there was complete pandemonium where nobody knew what was happening. The ghosts of the past once again came back to haunt everyone who had a role to play in the scheme of things. So, let’s find out what happened in the Full Circle Season finale and if the law enforcement authorities were able to connect the dots and find evidence that led them to the orchestrators of the entire facade.

Spoilers Alert

How Did Natalia And Louis Escape?

After Xavier was caught by Garmen’s men, he was brought back to the house and questioned as to where he had escaped and if he was in any manner trying to double-cross them. Xavier said that Inspector Harmony had tried to ask him all sorts of details, but he didn’t tell her anything. He told Garmen that Harmony already knew a lot about him, as he obviously couldn’t reveal the fact that he was Harmony’s point of contact inside the gang and the one who had been leaking information since the very beginning. To prove his allegiance, Xavier called Louis, asked him where he was, and put the phone on speaker so that Garmen could get all the information firsthand. Louis, unaware of what Xavier was up to, asked if Garmen could take him and Natalia back with him to Guyana.

Xavier, on getting the green signal from Garmen, told Louis that it would take them a sum of $60000 to have a seat in the private jet. At this point in time, Garmen had no intention of taking Louis and Natalie with him, and he had planned that once they got the money, he would get them killed. But Garmen was unaware of what was brewing in Xavier’s mind. Louis and Natalia, together with Nicky, went to meet Derek so that they could blackmail him to give them the money, but before any of that could happen, Aked, who had been tracking Natalia’s and Jared’s phones, reached the hotel out of nowhere. They entered into a skirmish, and Louis ended up shooting Aked in the restroom, though never had the intention to do so. Aked struggled for breath and then ultimately succumbed to his injury. Derek asked Natalie and Louis to leave immediately, and he called the police as he knew that with a dead body lying in the restroom, he didn’t have a lot of choices.

Natalia and Louis then decided to steal the expensive painting from Sam and Derek’s house, but things didn’t go as they had planned. Sam caught Louis, and he begged her to let him take the painting, and gave her the reason that he was the one who had kept Nicky safe all this while thinking that he was Sam’s son. Sam asked him where he stayed in Guyana, and when he gave the name of the Essequibo colony, something snapped inside Sam, and she allowed him to take the painting.

Louis and Natalie reached the place where they were asked to, and that’s when Garmen asked Xavier if he would be able to kill them both or not. Seeing the hesitation in Xavier’s eyes, Garmen took out his gun and went to shoot both Louis and Natalia, but before he could do that, Xavier attacked and killed him on the spot. Xavier told Garmen’s wife, who was waiting for him, that her husband had some urgent work that he had to cater to and that he would take the next flight. He asked Louis and Natalia to accompany the family, and he himself stayed back, probably to settle some scores. Xavier had resigned himself to his fate, and he probably didn’t have much to look forward to. Maybe he would have wanted to take revenge on Mrs. Mahabir for bringing them all the way from Guyana and coercing them to take part in her criminal activities.

Why Had Clarence Cursed Mrs. Mahabir’s Family?

The Mahabir and McCusker families were part of an illicit deal that happened in Guyana way back in 2002. Ranwell Mahabir had played a crucial role in amending the zoning laws so that developers and investors could buy a huge piece of land in Guyana and make a township there. This land belonged to the locals, and they never transferred their rights to these politicians willingly. Nobody from the government could object to the arbitrary zoning laws, as every person who had power was either bribed beforehand or was going to benefit from the upcoming project. A man named Clarence Joseph, the same man who played chess with Chef Jeff, refused to leave his land, and so to teach him a lesson, Ranwell got his grandson kidnapped. Clarence was defiant, and he was ready to put up a fight, but he didn’t know that he was up against some really powerful people. Ranwell got his grandson killed, and that was when Clarence put out the curse on the Mahabir family.

Harmony had been able to connect the dots after the raid at Mrs. Mahabir’s house. She got the news that Manny had been shot by Garmen, and that’s when she went to the apartment where Mrs. Mahabir was keeping Xavier, Louis, Mrs. Willoughby, and others who had been called from Guyana. Harmony coincidentally met Mrs. Willoughby there, who had somehow managed to escape when the raid was taking place. Mr. Willoughby told her the entire story and what Mrs. Mahabir had been trying to do ever since. Clarence had put the curse on the Mahabir family, and after much convincing, he agreed to lift it and forgive them. Harmony, in Full Circle season finale, asked Sam if she could give her the names of the banks through which the investments had been made so maybe she could put the perpetrators, who were still actively participating in all sorts of illegal activities, behind bars. At that moment, Sam didn’t say anything, as she needed to process what was happening in her life. On one end, she had gotten to know that her husband had another son, and on the other end, she realized that she and her family were guilty of destroying the lives of so many innocent and underprivileged people. 

Did Sam Give Harmony The Names Of The Banks?

In the end, Jared finally returned to his home, and everybody took a sign of relief. Derek confessed his mistakes and realized that he could not shy away from taking on the responsibility of his son Nicky and he knew that the boy should have gone through such trouble because he was not at fault there. Sam went to her uncle Gene and apologized for what she had done in the past. Gene and his wife forgave Sam, as they knew that anybody in her place would have done the same thing. Sam asked Uncle Gene if he had made a copy of the document in which the names of the banks and other details were given as she had burnt the original ones.

Luckily, Gene did have it in his possession, and in Full Circle‘s ending, he gave her the document but also told her that she was not obliged to do anything if she didn’t wish to. Sam told him that she was doing it for her conscience, and it was necessary for her to look her son in the eye and tell him proudly that she was not a bad person. Sam took that list and went to Harmony, probably giving it to her. Harmony told her that there was a possibility that she could face charges, but Sam had made up her mind to do the right thing. Natalia and Louis reached Guyana, and it seemed like they had a nightmare as they could have never imagined that they would face such conflicts in their lifetime. Mrs. Mahabir was still being interrogated, and probably with time, she would also give the FBI the information that they needed. It was greed that led to wreaking havoc in the lives of so many people, and in the end, we realized that nobody was actually able to benefit from it. 

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