Real-Life Gabriel Montoya Vidal “Baby” In ‘See You In Another Life’: Where Is Baby Now?


Directed by Jorge Sanchez-Cabezudo and Borja Soler, See You in Another Life is the story of the terrorist attack that shook the entire European continent, and nobody could understand how such a security lapse happened. Based on the works of Manuel Jabois, the miniseries keeps Gabriel Montoya Vidal Baby at the helm of affairs and takes his standpoint into consideration. The character of Baby, played by Roberto Gutierrez (adolescent) and Quim Avila (adult version), is inspired by a real-life person, though some creative liberties have been taken by the makers in order to dramatize the narrative and spice it up a bit. Baby, from a very young age, got involved in the crime world, first because of his father and then later due to his own self. In a scene in the miniseries, we saw how Baby sat in the car while his father went out and looted a store. He had seen that kind of life since the very beginning, but still, one cannot use it as an excuse. I mean, I understand how difficult it could be for a child, but he always had the option of following the right path, but he went against the wishes of his mother and walked into his own doom. So, let’s find out how Baby got involved with the Jihadists and where he is as of now. 

Pili, Baby’s mother, got him a job at a construction site, but Baby not only stole from his boss and mother’s friend, Tenete, but ran away from there and never went back to work. Baby was not ready to work so much for so little, as he wanted to become rich and enjoy a privileged life as soon as he could. He didn’t feel any sort of moral turpitude when he engaged in petty crimes, which made it very clear that he had accepted himself as that kind of man. Things changed drastically for Baby when he met Emilio, and he committed the blunder of trusting in him and considering him his best friend. Baby shared a complicated relationship with his parents, too. He didn’t respect his father, as he knew the kind of man he was. Baby’s father, even after reaching the prison, didn’t stop his illicit activities. He used to peddle drugs, which Baby’s mother used to sneak in for him in prison. Baby realized that as long as he kept money on the table, his mother wouldn’t stop him from doing anything. That was the state of his family. Pili knew that her son was walking on the wrong path, but she had to feed the family, and she knew that if he didn’t do that, they probably wouldn’t be able to make ends meet. The family was a victim of their own circumstances, but then again, as idealistic as it might sound, they didn’t get the opportunity to walk down the right path. 

Just as it is shown in See You in Another Life, in real life too, Emilio asked Baby to deliver the consignment of dynamite to the Morrocans. Baby didn’t ask what it was that he was delivering, and he was a bit shaken when later Koala told him that it was not cannabis if he thought so. But Baby didn’t let it impact his mind, nor did he feel bad for what happened later. During the interview with Manuel Jabois, he told him he had no regrets whatsoever for what he had done. He said that he felt bad for the families of those who died, but his hands were also tied, and he didn’t have many options available to him. I personally do not concur with the viewpoint of this man, as no matter what other options might have been, he did have them at his disposal. He could lead a hornet’s life and work as a laborer, but he didn’t want to toil hard for his friend Koala. He was fortunate that he was a minor when he committed the crime, and he was in a country that had put a ban on capital punishment. 

Gabriel Montoya Vidal Baby was sentenced to 6 years in a juvenile center, and during that time, when the prosecutors came to him to testify against the other members involved, he intentionally gave wrong statements that caused a lot of trouble to people who were not involved in that capacity. Baby didn’t have any sort of vendetta against them, and he said that he just impulsively did it at that time without any solid reason. After completing his sentence, he was kept on probation for another five years. As of now, Baby has a wife and two kids, and he lives a quiet life in Aviles.

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Sushrut Gopesh
Sushrut Gopesh
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