‘Glamorous’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?


Though undeclared, it is nonetheless a war between Glamorous and And Just Like That, so it makes sense that the former will have more than one season. Season 1 of Glamorous had plenty of flaws, but it had that one factor that was redeeming enough: entertainment. Season 2 might pick up where the first season left off, but since there is no official announcement yet, we expect some time to pass before we see the characters again, which means that there might be a lag between Seasons 1 and 2. Either way, there are some pressing questions and the beginning of new plots that need exploring.

We think that the first one would be Marco’s visit to a transgender specialist. When Marco started going out with Parker, it was his first experience with dating, and like most first loves, Marco was smitten and had trouble figuring out his boundaries or reading between the lines. This had him questioning how comfortable he was with his femme expression. We are not qualified enough to comment on whether Marco believes that he was in the wrong body or not, but it is highly probable that the cis-het perceptions around him had him questioning whether he had yet to discover something about himself. It would be interesting to see whether Season 2 of Glamorous is able to sensitively handle the issue and how much the LGBTQIA+ community approves of it.

While we are on Marco, it is imperative that we discuss his love life because he has done more of that than actually work for the company. We are going to assume that he is firmly over Parker, but there is romantic tension with Ben. Marco is not going to pursue that because he is working on himself. But we don’t believe that Ben will be the only suitor vying for Marco’s attention in Season 2. Someone or something will show up. Will Marco also hold off from pursuing them, or is it just Ben who gets this special treatment? Additionally, if we were not wrong, we suspected a hint of something between Marco and Chad in the first few episodes. As gross as it sounds now, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see something happen there. Maybe they will look together for a place to live.

Marco’s new place is terrible, but he doesn’t have options. As for Chad, he is trying to break free from his mother’s shadow, so he might move out of the house. But was he living with her, to begin with, in Season 1? Otherwise, there is no point in this whole thing. But it would be interesting to see what situation Chad finds himself in. As long as he is not working in the beauty industry, there is no telling how people will treat him when they are not currying favors with his mother. Chad has always been confident, but that is because he has not faced the rejection that people who work their way up do. Additionally, we have not seen whether he is truly competent or not. He is certainly not the most creative or even the best with numbers. Attitude will only get him so far, and Season 2 of Glamorous will really test Chad’s abilities.

Talking about Chad has made us think of Venetia. Throughout Season 1 of Glamorous, the only reason Chad and Venetia saw eye to eye was because they had the best interests of the company at heart. Yet, both of them let their personal feelings take over when it came to the actual creative or moral challenges of Glamorous. Though Venetia’s capability and good intentions got her rehired, it is going to be an uphill battle for her. She is not as privileged as her counterparts, and the job she is in is cutthroat. It is only natural that she gets insecure from time to time, but we want to see how she learns to rise above it.

As a Creative Executive, one of the toughest decisions to make is whether to continue chasing what one wants or to give in to the idea that “better done than perfect.” Venetia juggled between these two in Season 1, and in Season 2, with more power in her hands, will she continue with this dilemma or find the balance? We have to remember that we don’t know whether Glamorous by Madolyn is in the clear yet or not. It looks like they have found a way to sell out their inventory and cut their losses, but to stay in business, they need to churn out profits. Vendemiaire has their previous formulas, which they are certainly going to sell for a lower price. Will consumers’ concern for nature triumph over a superior price point? This is a dilemma that she would certainly face and have to solve. We also want to know whether they will simply let Vendemiaire get away with intellectual property theft. Maybe this dispute will cause Marco’s mother to make a comeback.

Finally, we come to the most pressing situation of all, which is the upcoming love triangle between Madolyn, Teddy, and Chad’s father. Considering how Madolyn and Hayes make it a point to avoid each other, it would be fair to guess that there are a lot of unresolved, volatile issues there. But at the end of season 1 of Glamorous, Hayes had himself shown up at the company. Is he looking for reconciliation, or does he want to cut some deals? And what will Madolyn’s proximity to Hayes mean for her budding feelings for Teddy? This remains to be seen, as does how the influencer is interested in Marco. The note she sent to Marco felt as if she was not just burying the hatchet but was saying something more personal. We hope we get the complete message in Season 2 of Glamorous.

As a show, Glamorous was pure fun. There is no merit in nitpicking on its faults, at least, not from us. All we expect from Season 2 is to keep up the fun and for Madolyn’s outfits to be better. She is the one who made SATC iconic, and her wardrobe cannot be such a disaster. As for the rest, with a few right moves, this show can be just as iconic as anything else, and we hope that the makers catch on to that.

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Divya Malladi
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