‘Halo’ Season 3 Theories: What Does Spark Want From Makee And Master Chief?


Halo Season 2 ended on a pretty anxiety-inducing note, with the UNSC, the Covenant, Master Chief, and Makee converging on the Ring on the one hand, and on the other hand, the Flood unleashing its fury in Onyx and probably all around the galaxy. So, every hero and every villain in the series is essentially in the middle of a battle that spans centuries, and they have little to no idea what to do to save sentient life. But they have to figure it out very soon, or else Makee is going to initiate a genocide, or the Flood is going to take over the whole galaxy. Now, unlike the announcement of the second season of the show, which happened before the first season even aired, there’s no update regarding the third season of Halo. Therefore, what you are going to read is mere speculation and based on my excitement for Halo Season 3.

Spoiler Alert

What will happen to Kai?

Spartans don’t die very easily. Vannak wasn’t in his armor, and he took some kind of plasma grenade explosion on his chest. Riz took some serious damage while trying to rescue Vannak without her armor, and she survived. Master Chief went through hell without his armor and made a decent recovery. Kai was in her armor. So, her chances of survival are high. Yes, she was in a head-on collision with a massive ship, which caused a huge explosion, but I have a feeling that it didn’t kill her. Yes, her body was lifeless, but maybe she was just unconscious due to the impact. Maybe this is my love for Kate Kennedy talking, but I do hope that her character makes a full recovery so that she can help Master Chief in times of need. Or if she has had enough of this warfare and wants to retire like Riz, she can totally do that, too.

Will Perez become the leader of the Spartans?

Perez went through a lot in Halo Season 2. She lost her whole family. She lost her compatriots. She suffered a major injury. And she watched her mentor, Kai, do a kamikaze attack on a massive Covenant ship. Any one of those things will mess up the mind of a human being, and Perez has taken it all on her chin. But it is possible that she is at her breaking point and has two choices to make. She can either take the exit route or she can lead the Spartans. There is no shame in throwing in the towel. She has done a lot. However, I have a feeling that she is sentimental enough and that she has enough UNSC propaganda coursing through her veins to continue being a soldier. Yes, she has seen what this life can do to people who are twice her size. Sadly, I don’t think any other lifestyle will suit her. She has to keep fighting till she dies, and that is the tragedy of Perez’s arc. That said, I hope she finds a way to live a peaceful life.

Is Parangosky dead?

I hope she is, even though I like Shabana Azmi a lot. Maragaret became such a vicious character in the second season that it really boiled my blood. That is a roundabout way of saying the showrunner got the response that they wanted to get. But the rule of thumb when it comes to character deaths in shows and movies is that if you don’t see a dead body, then the character is probably not dead. Yes, Margaret was surrounded by Flood zombies, but do you remember Glenn’s death fake-out in The Walking Dead? If Glenn could’ve survived that, then there’s a good chance that Margaret could’ve survived the Flood-zombie attack, too. Shabana Azmi is too old to do zombie acting for an entire season. So, I don’t think that’s an option. She is either totally dead, or she will manage to get away from the zombies and reach Miranda. 

Can Miranda save Halsey?

We saw Miranda putting Halsey in a state of cryostasis, but that doesn’t mean Halsey is okay. Miranda has probably paused the spread of the parasitic entity until she comes up with a solution. Given how the zombies were roaming around the lab Miranda was in, I don’t think she can get out of there. She has the device that she stole from the caves, she has the spores, she has a semi-alive subject, and she has a bunch of scientific instruments. So, her whole arc will probably mirror the last act of World War Z, where she has to operate from that lab and come up with a cure before the zombies break into her lab or the parasite manages to bypass the effects of the cryogenesis and take control of Halsey’s body.

What is Soren, Kwan Ha, and Ackerson’s game plan?

Much like Master Chief and Makee, Kwan Ha is clearly a descendant of the Forerunners, and she is being guided by her ancestors. So, her journey totally depends on what that elderly spirit wants from her. I guess Ackerson is aware of some other UNSC outposts, and Soren probably wants to go back to the Rubble and spend the rest of his days with his son there. Therefore, there’s a good chance that all three of them might go their separate ways because they want different things in life. However, if Soren and Ackerson somehow get on board with Kwan Ha’s quest to find the rest of the Halo planets (yes, there is apparently more than one ring-shaped planet) and devise a way to bring an end to the Flood, maybe they’ll stick together and go on a journey to save humanity. There is a very slim chance that they’ll reunite with Master Chief, but if Kwan Ha’s pursuit to stop the Flood brings her to the Ring that Master Chief is on, it’ll be sweet.

What Does Spark Want From Makee and Master Chief?

As someone who hasn’t played the games, all I know is that the Forerunners were the race that laid the foundations of the world of Halo. They rebelled against the race called the Precursors by killing all of them. They imprisoned one Precursor called the Primordial. Then, the Flood happened, which caused the Forerunners to create the ring-like planets. Apparently, the Flood spreads as long as there is sentient life. If there’s no sentient life, then it will die. So, the only solution to stopping the Flood is causing a galaxy-wide genocide, and that’s exactly what the Halos do. Now, 343 Guilty Spark, or Spark, is a caretaker of one of the Halos. We see him for the first time in a primarily live-action show in Halo Season 2, episode 8, and his conversations with Master Chief were very vague. From what I could devise, the robot knows that Master Chief and Makee are integral to the use of the Halo planets, but it’s unsure if they are ready to do what needs to be done to stop the spread of the Flood. Master Chief isn’t a fan of genocide, and Makee is very happy to do so. Therefore, we’ll have to wait and watch if Master Chief decides to go for the genocide button or do something radically different that both saves lives and ends the Flood.

Is Riz going to make a surprise entrance?

In my opinion, Riz got a nice, nonviolent sendoff in Halo Season 2. Her injuries are grave, and a quick recovery looks impossible. Additionally, she deserves to spend the rest of her days peacefully in Aleria. However, if the whole galaxy is in danger and she learns that Master Chief needs an extra hand to save every sentient being in existence, maybe she’ll push through the pain, don her suit, and rush to Master Chief’s aid. As mentioned before, though, what you are reading here is purely speculation. I don’t have access to the contracts of the actors or the spec script for Halo Season 3, but I am excited about it and am looking forward to it.

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